SRC okays Zifa dissolution

Zimbabwe’s supreme sports regulatory body, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has okayed the dissolution of Zifa and the establishment of the National Football Association of Zimbabwe (Nafaz) as the new football mother body.

BY Kevin Mapasure


The debt-ridden Zifa was dissolved last Saturday a development that led to the birth of the new organisation, also led by Philip Chiyangwa.

The SRC wrote a letter to Fifa urging the world governing body to register Nafaz and allow them to enjoy the rights that Zifa enjoyed.

Acting SRC director-general Joseph Muchechetere wrote a letter, which was also signed by Chiyangwa, throwing his weight behind Nafaz.

“This communication serves to confirm that Zifa has successfully filed a court application for voluntary sequestration and surrender of itself (Zifa) with the High Court of Zimbabwe under HC5941/16, in accordance thereto of the Insolvency Act chapter 6.04 in that Zifa is unable to meet its obligations and debts and that it cannot continue to exist,” the letter dated June 11 read.

“In this regard a Master of Certificate was issued by the Master of the High Court dated June 10 2016, therefore, the SRC, in line with the Sports and Recreation Commission Act 25:15 of 1991 will begin the process to strike Zifa from the register and consequently begin the process to register Nafaz hereby represented by Philip Chiyangwa as its inaugural president.”

The SRC confirmed to Fifa that they had resolved any issues pertaining to the dissolution of Zifa and the birth of the new body.

“It is our interest to confirm that the SRC and on behalf of the government of Zimbabwe, will recognise Nafaz as a football governing body with rights, responsibilities and duties to affiliate with Fifa while internal administrative process are underway to confer the full status of Nafaz in line with the SRC Act. In line with the above the SRC and Nafaz hereby duly request Fifa to accept the transmission of the membership rights within Fifa from Zifa to the new Nafaz.”

Zifa’s debt which is estimated to be around $6 million is one of the main reasons why the body was dissolved.

Some of the creditors include its office staff as well as several coaches that were not paid at the time they worked in various national teams.

The mother body was also failing to access its grants from Fifa as all its accounts had been garnished by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority over a $500 000 debt.

Last week, Chiyangwa told NewsDaySports that the previous administration had misled Fifa into believing that it owned properties which Zifa had no rights to. Some of the properties include the Zifa Village where Fifa sunk in millions through the Goal Project.

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  1. If FIFA allows such to happen then they are an accessory to slavery, serious how can one sweeping in an office be involved in looting ZIFA.

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