‘Sexually inactive’ hubby accuses wife of cheating

A HARARE man, who is allegedly failing to perform his sexual duties, has been taken to court for accusing his wife of seeking extra-marital sex.


Marian Mutasa told Civil Court magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi that Joshua Kufandirori was in the habit of constantly labelling her a whore because of his impotence.

Mutasa said this while making an application for a protection order against Kufandirori.

“Whenever I get home late from work, he assumes I would have been soliciting for extra-marital sex,” she said.

The court further heard that the couple has daughters, whom Kufandirori claims were being trained to be prostitutes by Mutasa.

Mutasa also said Kufandirori stalked her to her workplace.

In response, Kufandirori denied stalking Mutasa, but said their disputes emanate from the fact that he discovered her infidelity.

“I discovered that our church elder, who was tasked to help us resolve our marital disputes, was now in a relationship with her,” he said.

“That is the only time when I called her a whore.”

Siwardi then granted the protection order instructing Kufandirori not to verbally abuse Mutasa.

Meanwhile, a Harare man undergoing a divorce is accusing his brother-in-law of nearly paralysing him by continuously spraying toxic herbs in the house.

This matter came to light at the Civil Court when Clifford Nyanhogo made an application for a protection order against his ex-wife’s brother Francis Makanyisa, whom he said was in the tendency of insulting him.

Nyanhongo told the court that Makanyisa was also in the habit of using some herbs that smell very badly and make him ill.

“His herbs are very harmful. One morning I woke up with my nose bleeding and in one instance, I almost got paralysed,” he said.

The court further heard that whenever Nyanhongo confronts Makanyisa about the smell, he (Makanyisa) insults him.

“When I ask him what will be smelling, he says I am the one smelling,” Nyanhongo said.

He also said he was not comfortable with Makanyisa driving his children to school, accusing the latter of being an unlicenced driver.

In his response, Makanyisa said Nyanhongo was fabricating matters against him only because he was having disputes with his sister.

“He just wants to involve me in his divorce proceedings,” he said.

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi granted the peace order in favour of Nyanhongo.

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