‘Nikuv can help Mzembi win UNWTO top post’


OPPOSITION MPs have mockingly suggested that government ropes in shadowy Israeli security company, Nikuv International Projects Ltd — accused of rigging the 2013 general elections in favour of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF party — to help Tourism minister Walter Mzembi win the world’s top tourism post.



Zengeza West MP, Simon Chidhakwa (MDC-T) told the National Assembly yesterday that government should engage Nikuv to help Mzembi win the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) secretary-general’s post.

“Since the honourable minister has confirmed that Zimbabwe is in the race, is it possible that government engages Nikuv to help us to win the post since they have done well previously in election management and helped a certain party get favourable results?” he said, drawing applause from opposition benches, while Zanu PF MPs appeared bemused.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mabel Chinomona ruled Chidhakwa’s question was out of order, sending the Zanu PF MPs into ecstasy.

Nikuv, which deals with population registration, production of identification documents, , immigration and citizenship, agriculture, security matters and elections, has been accused of helping Zanu PF win the last elections through manipulation of the electoral system.

Mzembi had told the National Assembly that he had been sanctioned by Mugabe to stand as the candidate for the UNWTO secretary-general post, whose elections are slated for May 2017.

Meanwhile, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere came under fire from opposition MDC-T MPs after he claimed that the commission running the City of Gweru was appointed procedurally and its members had no criminal records.

Kasukuwere, responding to questions from Mkoba MP, Amos Chibaya (MDC-T) who wanted to know if the appointment of Mark Choga as one of the three commissioners was above board, at first claimed he was not familiar with the name only to make a U-turn after the MP presented evidence in the House.

“There is no one with such a name, unless you appointed him to be one of the commissioners. I did the appointment,” Kasukuwere said.

But Chibaya provided evidence suggesting that Choga was one of the commissioners along with Tsunga Mhangami and Parenyi Chomunorwa and that the commissioner had audited council books, where he was paid in excess of $223 000 prior to his latest appointment.

After the evidence had been tendered in the House, Kasukuwere pleaded with Chibaya to give him more evidence promising to rectify the anomaly.


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  2. Why does Mugabe think that Mzembi is suitable for this post? What has he achieved as Minister without Tourists in Zimbabwe? Right now Mzembi is presiding over a Ministry whose sector is dying. Which insane tourists would come to a country with a crisis of cash and tourists have to bring their own cash and get robed? If tourists bring credit cards they don’t work. Is this what Mzembi wants to take UNWTO? The fact that Mzembi was appointed by Mugabe as Minister he has his image tainted already. For sure, for Mzembi to win this UNWTO election he would need the help of NIKUV but their rigging tactics will not work at UNWTO. This is delusion at its best from a 92 year old man.

  3. ZPF is an illegitimate party and all their ministersite are illegitimate so Mzembi does not represent Zimbabwe because his party is illegitimate

  4. Using NIKUV is a good idea particularly on the backdrop that ZANUPF does not want their own to lose. The member asked a very good question. Mzembi should have been allowed to answer. Fair play madam speaker.

  5. I watched this parliamentary episode and indeed kudos to the opposition MPs, munodadisa. Parliament is indeed a good channel to make the executive account for their actions.

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