Muzenda‘s son confronts Mugabe

THE late former Vice-President Simon Muzenda’s son, Tongai, reportedly broke down in tears on Saturday when he met President Robert Mugabe and bared his soul over his alleged political persecution by Zanu PF hawks linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction.

By Tatenda Chitagu


The drama occurred when Mugabe flew to Masvingo province at the weekend and met the warring factions in a closed-door meeting at Triangle Country Club.

Sources at the meeting confirmed that the Gutu West legislator, who for long has been linked to the G40 faction, wept before Mugabe and lamented the death of his father.

“He was emotional while explaining that he and Paul Chimedza were denied maize by (Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai) Mahofa to distribute to his constituency,” a Zanu PF insider told NewsDay.

“He said: ‘it is hard to lose a father. Some people who want me expelled from Zanu PF were actually officiating at my wedding day, but now they have turned swords against me simply because my father is no more’,” Muzenda reportedly told Mugabe.

Contacted for comment, Muzenda was evasive over the issue, saying: “That was a private meeting and everything discussed there is not meant for media consumption. That is why you were not allowed to attend. I cannot comment on anything about the meeting.”

The ruling party is torn between two factions — G40 which is linked to First Lady Grace Mugabe and another group said to be loyal to Mnangagwa.

Mahofa declined to comment on allegations of politicising food aid and denying Muzenda and Chimedza’s constituencies’ access to government-sourced food aid.

After the five-hour-long meeting with legislators and the provincial executive, Mugabe failed to douse the factional fires as both factions dug in to their positions.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo later said that dates for a follow-up meeting would be announced in due course.
Most of Mnangagwa’s loyalists were reportedly barred from the weekend meeting.

Earlier, Mugabe had a one-and-a-half hour briefing with Psychomotor minister Josaya Hungwe, Mahofa, Chombo, Tourism minister Walter Mzembi, Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora and Chiefs Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira. After the meeting which ended after 6pm, Mugabe uncharacteristically left in a huff without addressing the hordes of Zanu PF supporters gathered outside the venue.

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  1. Chaichemwa ipapa pakazara vanhu chii? Haunyare? Avawo nekuchembera kwavo ngavachigara pasi. Gore riye vakadonha pazere vanhu…chasara kuzviitira pakazara vanhu.

  2. Shayadzamugabe

    Kkkkkk. Haana brain. These zanu addicts dzinofemba

  3. Kkkkkkk stupid anofunga ndiye chete Ana Baba vakafa zvino anofunga zvakareva chinhu kuna Mugabe asi aifunga kuti Mugabe achati chihuya ugare mu government house yaigara Baba vake stupid cry baby wakanonoka kukura mupfungwa mufana Dzidza kugara ne vamwe zvakanaka kwete kuchemera Mugabe kamudara kanokurwisanisai marema vanhu ve kumasvingo

    1. to hell G.T.Maumbe… your comment was good but when you scolded the whole Masvngo fraternity you lost it

      1. Nothing wrong with what Maumbe said…he is telling you dim wits to wary of Matibili coz he is the architect of those divisions. Remember Muzenda V Zvombgo? Hungwe V Mavhaire? KD Shumba V Chadzamira/ V Amasi Nenjana…out of all these conflicts Matibili was the only winner. Vhura meso wezhira!

        1. so do you think vanhu vese vekuMasvingo vane chekuita neZANU? Kwana handiti. why didnt he say vanhu vezanu vekuMasvingo. Why insult everyone?

    2. Tichaona Mafungo

      GT Maumbe you are a moron. Why are you insulting people of Masvingo?

      1. Hatisi marema here kana tichigwisaniswa se is it mvuu ne nzou nashuro magen’a. shuwa kupisirana dzimba nokuti Kasukuwere ati tirovane. Vurema bguri pachena let’s look for a way out of this humiliation.
        Anyway that’s my own opinion.

  4. Can some one tell me if Mugabe is aware he is still the president of Zimbabwe. All he does is work on his party issues while devoting zero effort to national issues.

  5. Supporting (and then relying on ZPF for support) is an illness.

    This is why it is full of liars, hypocrites, thieves, gangsters and murderers. Only such can be comfortable with this kind of life.

    When a grown man starts crying like a 6 year old you start questioning their upbringing.

    1. Iwe Tongai Muzenda unoda kumamiswa unochemera Mugabe unoti achamutsa baba vako here wake up mupfanha iwe .

  6. When I read the read the headline I thought maybe he was crying for a very worthy cause. Weeping at the state of the country’s economy. Ndatoti pane zvisvinu ini. Nothing but just bootlicking with tears. Shame shame. Your father was a brave man in some ways not you. Tibvirepo iwe Marujata. Coward!

  7. Fight your own battles and carry your own cross to mount calvary. Murume mukuru anochema baba vane 13 years vafa haunyare.

    1. kkkk…anodawo chance yeku loota sezvirikuita vamwe.

      1. Akapuwa mukana kare kuMidlands uko. Akasiya avharisa Zimalloys ikozvino ochemera mabagwe emukomondera. Next elections pliz dont elect this baby boyz vajajaidzwa nevabereki. We want real man who can stand on their own

  8. When I saw the headline, I honestly thought he was confronting Mugabe on this sick economy issue…..Maiweeee!!!!!

    Zirema remunhu

    1. ..thot he was fighting in the corner of the electorate nyamba kuda kudzorerwa mu gvt. Shame on you Tongai. You don’t give a care about anyone. Kungo kwira vakadzi vevamwe chete

  9. Yeah, he didn’t confront Mugabe. He actually wept in front of Mugabe. Hey ND, doing something in front of someone is not called confronting. Got it?

  10. Disappointed! From the headline, had thought this son of a gallant hero had redeemed himself by taking the geriatric to task for the misrule which has caused suffering to millions!

  11. what i find interesting in the story is the clear admission here that food is being politicized. it used to be MDC supporters being denied the said food aid. now it is the factions of the same party. sure renemanyanga hari putirwi!!!

  12. Ahhh sure akajaidzwa mhani. Hw can he confront mdhara with such stupidity. He is not worried about the state of affairs in the country! All he is worried about is akwaniswe mumusangano agoonawo access yekuloota!

    Then guys let’s focus on issues of the story. It’s unfortunate that some people end up making blanket comments! I understand the emotions. Asika as much as possible let’s avoid creating hatred netwunhu twusina basa. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Who is making us suffer? What efforts are there? Is there any hope? Todii?

  13. Fatalencounter

    I am yet to hear a standing member of ZANU denouncing Mugabe and his policy not a day after their fall from grace.Mujuru has ZANU in her system do not trust her

  14. Janana wa Bikaz

    How can a full grown man cry for such a stupid cause?Ukati vana vako vana baba nhai iwe Tongai?You are a disgrace to the people of Masvingo and Zim at large.Kuchema because you are being denied mukana wekuba?Hausvodi tibvirwe kumhepo,poverty stricken people are enduring the hardships that you and your party have caused,wawakamboona achichema ndiani?Iwe wotosvimha misodzo kuti kwahi i am being denied the chance to loot.Benzi remunhu.

    1. What a misleading headline which is even full of lies. Whoever gave your reporter that story is someone who is jealous of the work that Tongai is doing in his constituency Gutu West. For your own information Tongai haana kana kumbochema mumeeting iyoyo yakaitwa kuTriangle chaakataura ndechekuti vanhu vaidya mundiro nababa vangu ndivo varikumurwisa nhasi uno. The majority of people in that constituency like their MP and work with him so well. The biggest problem is the Resident Minister in that province who by all means blocks whatever project Tongai comes up with. Zveavo vanoti Tongai ashaiswa mukana wekuba ndivowo avo vasina zvavanoziva nekuti Tongai is a hard working man. What a pity kuti you publish falsehoods kuti mungosvibisa zita raTongai.

  15. THE late former Vice-President Simon Muzenda’s son, who is late here?. Chirungu chakauya neship? Lol

  16. Memory don’t lie. I am from Gutu West myself. Since he was elected, he never had a single meeting with the electorate. He is actually being more linked to ZimPF than the purported G40.

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