Mujuru not yet off the hook: Moyo

ZANU PF politburo member and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has warned that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru could still be dragged to court for offences she allegedly committed during her tenure as a government official.


Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

Mujuru, who now leads the opposition Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) party, was stampeded out of Zanu PF and government at the tail-end of 2014 on a litany of charges among them corruption, extortion and plotting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe.

However, she has denied the charges, and told her party supporters at a campaign rally in Harare last Saturday that she was hounded out of the ruling party and government over her anti-corruption stance.

At the weekend, Mujuru dared her rivals to prove the graft allegations levelled against her.

“Up to this day, we have not gone to jail, neither have we been stopped by police at the numerous roadblocks that we go through on a daily basis. Everything they said about me was a lie,” she said.

But Moyo, on Twitter, took a pot shot at Mujuru, saying her past criminal activities would subsist until the law has taken its course.
“The whole world knows that’s a lie,” he said.

“Mujuru did not want corruption exposed. Have you forgotten her Chinhoyi audio?”

Moyo was referring to a February 2014 speech made by Mujuru at the Zanu PF women’s league conference in Chinhoyi months following the explosion of what became known as the salary-gate scandal.

Mujuru at the time said the anti-corruption fight then and the salary-gate scandal were meant to destroy Zanu PF from within.
ZimPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire yesterday accused Moyo of misinterpreting Mujuru’s speech.

“He (Moyo) should have picked Mujuru’s speech in its context. What Mujuru meant was that there was a danger that the anti-corruption fight could be used by those in power and influence in political battles,” he said.

“Now, given the events in Zanu PF in the aftermath of the February 2014 speech, it could be argued that Mujuru was actually vindicated.”


  1. Ko imi vana Jonso muchasungwawo rini???? Nxaaaaaaa!

  2. Jonso you are also not off the hook as war vets still want you out of Zanu on genuine charges of deserting the war not the trumped up charges against Madam.

  3. Ford Foundation wants Jonathan Moyo for fraud. He also swindled Wits University. Why does he present himself as the spokesman on these issues?

  4. Mujuru should ask how Museveni has dealt with his former personal physician and now main rival Kizza Besigye.In November 2014 Besigye was arrested on charges of treason. This was just before the November 2014 elections. Ever since he has been arrested by the government before or after election time. Jonso means it. vachanyura muchitokisi mai ava. Nguva yach haisati yasvika.

  5. Is Jonso off the hook on the alleged fraud in Kenya?

  6. Gutsa mushaiwe

    No one is clean in zanu pf , raise your hand if you are clean. So its not wise to try and colour a black pot white the black will one day show. Why cant they keep quiet and provide solutions to the economy problems.

  7. Newsday can u do us geniuses a favor?we don’t want to hear abt Joyce pliz akutodawo kuita mari nesu uwo.corruption mujuru utori a professional panhau idzodzo we know that.

  8. Jealous beholds black race

    jealous vanhu vezimbabwe ndiro rinokubayayi. kutaura zvisina maturo about mujuru kurwadziwa nemanumbers that she is attracting at her rallies. both zanupf and mdct are in a shock, so the vitriol against her. ndokusaka vanhu vatema tisingabudirire. tinofara kana mumwe akatsikirirwa, akasumuka zvorwadza

  9. Mai Mujuru vakanga vari number 2 muzanu. Imomo muzanu munobiwa kudero munorovesewa vanhu munobiwa maelections. Mai Mujuru Havana kutiza vakadzingwa. Saka zvifungireivo kuti mabasa ezanu vakanga vasingamadi here.

  10. This is ridiculous – Jonso must refer to a “solid” offence not a speach. Stupid

  11. Varume bete i bete if you push it out from Highfield to Borrowdale hariite ishwa.

    ndanyarara hangu

  12. Deluded Jonathan Moyo

    moyo jealous rakubaya. last time you were chased away from zanupf you tried to form your own party which never took off from the ground, and when you came back pleading on your knees, you started preaching your experiences as wisdom- kwanzi its cold outside zanupf. now joice has done her own thing outside zanupf and is proving that she has the numbers, causing you to run stiff scared like a headless chicken. the issue is, joice has succeeded where you failed saka zvorwadza. apparently 70% of what you calling zanupf today is actually ZPF wake up from your deep slumber “Mr. strategist”.

  13. Jonathan is right. mai ava vaiva against kubudiswa kwe corruption including salary gate mu public media. hatidi president vakadaro.

  14. Zanupf has failed and its there for everyone to see, u shld use your proffesorship to solve the current economic turmoil in the country right nw rather than spending time uchitaura zva Runaida who is nolonger zanu,

  15. Jonathan Moyo you are also not off the hook you are a fugitive in Kenya wakaba mari ukatizira kuno

  16. newewo Jonathan wakaba mari kuKenya you are also a fugitive hanti ndosaka usingaendi ikoko

  17. Moyo une shanje. zuro uno waiti mjuru haana support uye kuti ZPF iri mubepa chete.ko komendawoka maererano nezve attendance dze 2 rallies idzi so far.Nyarawo murume mkuru kani. Taurai henyu zvamunoda bt Joyce i”brand” murikuzvionawo mega.Ane support yema O vets plus she is a crowd puller .Runaida ,zvirikuitwa najonso masaini eshanje.

  18. Who is he to speak on those issues? Is he the Prosecutor General in this country? That tribal crazy baldhead thrives on illusions and his attitude is quite disgusting to say the least.

    1. Spot on!Moyo is neither a spokesperson for government nor of his dying party ZANU PF,so he should just shut it.

  19. jonso zimhazha wazvinzwa

  20. Nothing meaningful comes from Mrs Jonathan Alum Mpofu nee Moyo

  21. Zvinenge zvakangonaka vakasungwa and then we get to hear all the corrupt activities of all as she expose everyone. I think she knows everything considering her former position. Vaiita vese.

  22. Mujuru at that time was against the fight aginst corruption..Its a matter of public record..I was shocked when i listened to her speach then..Lets not try to make her a clean politician..if she was corrupt she must be exposed..that she is nolonger in zanupf is neither here nor there.I think on this one Jonathan Moyo is correct

  23. Mujuru is for those who think we need a messiah to save the country. Most of us don’t. She is, and was corrupt during and after her time in Zanu pf. Let’s not let our hatred for Zanu blind us to self evident truths. Mujuru is rotten! We deserve justice.

  24. true,she was very corrupt.Mawarire it could have been better to apologise than that cannot fool all people all the time.endai munorima,mafarms makapihwa.kuda kutonga rakutoita kunge basa.makazvitadza kare.

  25. Whilst not siding with Mujuru, it would appear the case of Jonso is a matter of education given to a wrong person.

  26. Cde Magamba Tichatonga

    As usual Prof you can cook up the charges against her like you have always done to everyone. You once said this but I wonder what is the delay, I can smell a rotten rat here. As for yourself Prof, what have you done, whats the economic solution? Lock up Mujuru and bring food on everyone’s table! Oh dear Professor my foot!

  27. Kkkkkkkk kkkkkk mazimba haaaya

  28. I wonder if the comments had come from Mugabe or Mnangagwa or chinamas, mutsvangwa or other politician from the north wud you guys be insulting him lyk u r doing Moyo? The verdict is stil out

  29. Hachiputse Ukama

    He who is without political sin should cast the first stone at her!

    1. The Jury is out

      Amen. Preach on brother!

  30. The Jury is out

    While she may not be without sin it is ironic that the would-be stone throwers are now using this a their ace if all else fails to stop her party gathering momentum. Mr Moyo when you finally decide to drag her to court could you pleeeeez add a u-haul trailer to carry your other cronies as well. She will not be the only tainted one. We have enough atrocities committed by Zanu PF to clog our courts for the next 5 years.

  31. Ko iwe Jonso tell us about your involvement in the 10million dollar deal from zimplats together with Tyson meant for indiginisation so we can see for ourselves how clean you are. Big mouthed idiot

  32. poor Moyo busy planning to arrest Mujuru but too ignorant on how to run the economy. despite your education you only got into office to arrest your perceived enemies while the country is burning: food shortages, treasury is now dry, civil servants no pay, pot holes everywhere in the high ways, widespread poverty, unemployment over 100%, disease, farms dry and the list is endless. You make children sing for nothing everyday while their future is bleak. You are happy because you are a well fed pig, stupid, useless, greedy leaders only there to serve themselves. Minister of higher education. What higher education when your own children are learning in South Africa. Why are you afraid bring them at local universities or college. Your reason is good as mine. You know the poor education standards you have set. One day you will repay this you greedy, blood thirsty Nebuchadnezzars. people are suffering but you do not want to see this.

  33. Jealosus Mawarire should teach himself one of the most important lessons in PR..when to shut up and when to spin. His record as spokesperson for Mujuru has been an unmitigated disaster..All he does is make ordinary bland situations WORSE. If anyone is KILLING the Mujuru brand it is this guy..why cant the bosses at ZimPF not see this glaring mess? He should easlily have commented on other issues not respond to idiotic agendas like this one..Just one question..where did this guy learn his PR?

  34. Moyo and others in this confused government are busy blaming sanctions for past 20 years. so what is you business there. Kujaira kunyepera zvichembera kumamisha uko. munoti hatione nhaika. when in fact you are the ones causing our suffering. Rimwe zuwa zvamunitsvaga zvichaitika chete. How can our poverty be a temporary phenomenon for the past 20 years. Crazy leaders.

  35. tokuzivai mazanu ndiani opposition president asina kumbosungwa? surprisingly they don’t go to jail remember tsvangson treason charges. but ana Moyo musavhaire henyu the end is now near, watch out

  36. Rubbish,your zanu pf is stinking rotten you prof of lies moyo

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