Manyenyeni wins case, arrested

Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni

LOCAL Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere lost his battle to keep Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni on suspension, after the High Court ruled the Mt Pleasant councillor could resume his duties.



Manyenyeni was suspended by then acting Local Government minister Jonathan Moyo after an initial suspension by Kasukuwere over charges of disregarding procedure in the appointment of James Mushore, as Harare town clerk expired after 45 days.

However, Manyenyeni’s joy was shortlived as members of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) pounced on him as he left the court house on criminal charges yet to be revealed.

Sources close to the developments told NewsDay Manyenyeni would be charged with criminal abuse of office.

“He is being held at Avondale Police Station and will be charged with criminal abuse relating to several incidents at the city council,” NewsDay heard.

Before the arrest and in her judgment, Justice Lavender Makoni barred Kasukuwere from suspending Manyenyeni again pending the determination of a Supreme Court challenge on whether or not the minister has powers to suspend mayors.

Addressing journalists before being arrested by Zacc officers, Manyenyeni said: “It was the judiciary on trial, not me. We are forced to waste time on processes like these instead of concentrating on working for people and the court has now blocked the minister from any further circus.”

Manyenyeni’s lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku, confirmed the ruling, saying his client was now free to go back to work.

“She (Justice Makoni) has stopped the minister from suspending the mayor until the Supreme Court determines the first matter because the minister appealed to the Supreme Court, as you are aware, and we appealed to the same court after the first judge had held that the minister had powers under section 114, notwithstanding the position of the Constitution, which did not allow the minister to suspend (the mayor),” he said.

“The judge has ordered that the mayor be allowed to go back to work and continue with his duties as councillor and as the mayor of Harare. So, basically the effect of this judgment is that he is now back at work and will not be suspended again until the Supreme Court determines the matter.

“It also means that the minister cannot create new grounds (for suspension) because the second application we made to the court was based on the minister purportedly acting in terms of new grounds that has also been thrown out of the window by the judge and she is actually basically restoring the rule of law.”

Meanwhile, the MDC-T has condemned Manyenyeni’s arrest and detention.

“It is patently clear that the unlawful arrest and detention of the Harare mayor at Avondale Police Station has been occasioned by the malevolent and grossly malicious machinations of Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere,” MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said in a statement.

“Kasukuwere is on a Zanu PF-inspired mission to totally decimate all the MDC-controlled urban local authorities, as the bankrupt and clueless Zanu PF regime gears to rig the harmonised elections that are scheduled to be held in 2018.”

He said Manyenyeni had done nothing wrong or criminal in the manner in which he has been running the civic affairs of Harare.

Kasukuwere could not be reached for comment last night.


  1. Zim is reversing back to the stone age at an alarming pace, how can zanupf afford to waste precious time on such petty political games? What a backward party the are

  2. ZANU, kasukuwere in particular don’t forget those hu rise or rule by the sword will fall by sword. Tiri kukuona zvedu.

  3. Our problem in Zimbabwe is political and as long as Zanu..continues to govern this country we are heading nowhere. ..We have the head of a party commissariat as minister of local government focused on frustrating the current elected council so that Zanu..parcels out unserviced stands on unplanned land to gullible youths all in the name of empowerment so that they harvest votes in… At the same time blame the council for not doing a good job.. Tiri..kuona..zvedu..but mayouths…ngwarai..munokwidzwa..dhenge..yemashanga..naKasukuwere….uyu

  4. The treatment of Manyenyeni is exactly the treatment that even the President was subjected to during the liberation struggle.Once one was acquitted by the magistrate,only to find members of the Special Branch waiting for him/her out side the court and would in no time slap the hapless nationalist with a detention order condemning him/her to indefinite incarceration in prison or with spurious fresh charges arising out of the discredited Law and Order Maintenance Act.It’s unfortunate that we find the very government with its members who were once subjected to those kinds of injustices now applying the very repressive measures against their own fellow citizens.

  5. I think we, Zimbabweans, have been trodden under by the ruling party for too long. Should we allow such arrogance to continue unabatted? As citizens of Harare we cannot just be led to the slaughter house like sheep.

  6. What a waste of taxpayers’ money,all for the sake of flexing political muscle,when the ordinary man in the street has nothing to put into his mouth.This circus must surely end in 2018!

  7. Kasukuwere azviwanza so. Pese pese kasukuwere. Kuita mbiri isina kunaka. Remember you are tarnishing your family forever. Denga richanetsa.

  8. As a Zanu -pf i fee las a party we can never win the urbarn voters with these way , resdents will always know that it is zanu pf that meddled in council affairs thus why we have poor services , let the MDC council fail for its own capacity rather than being a catalyst ….. hameno thus my thinking Tyson , these antics have been implored over and over again time for game change guys

  9. It was better to remain under Rhodesian rule than we are under ZANU PF.This party has taken us 92 years back.They talk about non-existent sanctions.Smith had sanctions imposed on his government but managed to overcome then using ZISCO STEEL returns.Mugabe says he is under sanctions yet we now have diamonds and platinum.Look at the $15BN that is still unaccounted for.Our deficit and future budget could have been well taken care of by this and many other stolen millions. Sactions,if at all there are there were never going to hurt us.Julius Nyerere told this man Robert Mugabe that you have inherited a jewel please keep it that way but Robert and his government had other ideas.

  10. When shall these leaders engage themselves in real public service other than this regular political witch-hunt? Unless otherwise, it will take long for the country to overcome it’s economic yoke, if ever.

  11. Shame, shame,shame to the anti-corruption commission. You have shown us that you are an extension of Zanu pf.You have lost credibility Go after those fingered in the Auditor General’s report and arrest them now as you did to Mr Manyenyeni

    • Makomo. . This should let you realise that never trust anything that is a creation of anyone in Zanu Pf. If I am corrupt don’t think the word corruption seizes to exist in me. To me corruption means anyone who is opposed to my corruption, wayiona. Saka ACC iyo Rega kut arising chayizvo zvainofanira ku mirira once you know Where it came from.

  12. Anti Corruption is now ANTI OPPOSITION, Tangai masunga iro zi minister reku Energy rakaita corruption iri pachena. Ko Parirenyatwa muri kumusiirei ne 100 k yake? ko iye Chombo wacho naiye Tyson muri kuvasiirei vari kungoita madiro ne Land mu Harare? Nxaaa You are a partisan bunch of fools. Tiri kukubatai manje manje, imi vacho for the same corruption kekekeke Zim circus

  13. zimbabweans , its time we stood against this evil regime , pasi nacho chihurumende chinodzvinyirira vanhu, pasi pasi pasi nacho

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