Makandiwa rebrands

UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has launched Brand Makandiwa, a feat aimed to celebrate his success.
The rebranding exercise was held at a colourful ceremony in Harare on Saturday and was attended by Makandiwa’s Ghana-based spiritual father, Victor Boateng, who spoke glowingly of his “son”.

by Staff Reporter


The function drew delegates from across the continent and local business executives.

The Brand Makandiwa, according to the brand managers led by Randy Bediako of Ghana, seeks to celebrate Makandiwa’s achievement through various products that will be released on the market, such as books and branded wares, among others.

Boateng said he was proud of his spiritual son, as his “legacy will live beyond his generation and his brand is beyond measure”.

“In this generation, it’s very difficult to get a man like Makandiwa, for me, Makandiwa is more than a brand, but a movement because he is a totality of perfection,” he said.

“Let us rise up and preserve what is ours and here it is . . . this is a movement called Makandiwa. I am here to challenge all Zimbabweans, let us rise and tell the world that we have a noble man, a man of principles, a man of love, a man of God, who is not just for us, but for generations to come,” he stated.

“It is starting as a brand, but in its totality, it’s a movement. This is a movement that we can’t match.”

The towering preacher told over 500 delegates that he was humbled by the honour that had been bestowed on him by his spiritual father and his church.

“Papa I love you so much,” he said before he praised his biological parents, who also graced the occasion.

Makandiwa took time to laud his wife, Ruth, saying she has stood by him even when there was no hope.

“All I can I say is God you are so wonderful and merciful . . . some of us are fearfully made, but she is wonderfully made. I understand I am not an easy puzzle to put together, but her ability, her commitment and her love is so amazing,” he said.


  1. Jesus refused to be called perfect, He said only the Father in heaven is perfect, makandiwa? never read of prophets such as Elijah, Isaia, Jeremiah, Daniel and the two Johns, the baptist and the ‘revelator’ having their brand/praise. or maybe that is where the fundamental difference lies, those were prophets & this one is a profit.

    1. There are different reasons why people form churches….mr Makandiwa is simply business. He is doing well. There is also different reasons why people go to church. .. sick to get healed, poor to be blessed and get rich unfortunately noone is getting this from mr makandiwa. The reason why pple shld go to church is to know true God and let him guide them in there life and find joy that only God spirit gives not money gives. That way we won’t serve God for our selfish ends like in lottery were we give God few dollars expecting winning millions from God. GOD will never be bribed by money to bless us as mr makandiwa would want us to believe, God wants us to follow his word bible ‘kuteerera kunokunda chibayiro (kupa mari mwari)

      1. You are very right Tsuro. My man of God Prophet Makandiwa is in the business of winning lost souls to Christ. That’s his business. And every business needs a brand name. So we have the Gospel according to Emmanuel Makandiwa in our era. Take time to cogitate upon this.

    2. Jesus said only God is perfect vana Makandiwa makutorasika manje

    3. perfection is relative. In terms of conduct, integrity etc basing on the standards of men of God under the sun, Prophet Makandiwa is just above. Like him or hate him, He is a totality of perfection, so humble yet so powerful, his teachings are just excellent, his miracles are all aunthetic, his prophecies are all accurate, his life so integral. Brand Emmanuel Makandiwa is the only resource we are proud of as Zimbabwe. And the whole world is beginning to realise this wonder God gave us. Thousands are flying into Zimbabwe every week to see such a great gift God gave us in Zimbabwe. Long live Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

      1. we? speak for yourself & members of your fellowship

        1. Let me help you Musa and Sanli2 on the issue of perfection.

          It is clear you err and make mistakes because you know not the Scriptures like what Jesus said (Matthew 22:9). If you read the following verse from the book of James you’ll discover that perfection is achievable. Before you criticize my Man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa first study the Bible please. Chikumbiro changu. If a person does not stumble in words the same is a PERFECT man. Look below.

          James 3:2 AMP “For we all stumble and sin in many ways. If anyone does not stumble in what he says [never saying the wrong thing], he is a PERFECT man [fully developed in character, without serious flaws], able to bridle his whole body and rein in his entire nature [taming his human faults and weaknesses]. ”

          The same bible says, ” be holy as God is Holy” (1 Peter 1: 15). God cannot tell us to be holy if it is an impossible task. He knows we have the ability to be holy and perfect that’s why He admonishes us to be Holy as He is. Please grow up in the spirit guys musatitambisire nguva panapa.

    4. In case you have never read, the bible describes Daniel as a perfect man…. there was no error nor fault found in him…. you won’t die by accepting the greatness and success of My Father… Papa Makandiwa.
      Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occasion nor fault; forasmuch as he was faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him.

  2. I remember when Makandiwa started his brand back in the days. My friend who was from ZAOGA persuaded me to go with him kwaMakandiwa. His argument was “… its not a church, its an inter-D…” but I told him “I am a Catholic”. After some time he altogether quit going to ZAOGA, and started going kwaMakandiwa full time. At the same time I noticed the name had evolved from UFI to UFIC. The “I” changed from “Inter-denomination” to “International”, whilst the “C” was conveniently smuggled and it meant “Church”… how times change!!! Now another re-branding! Well as for my friend, the last I counted was that he was at his second pentecostal church after leaving UFI(C), that was a year ago making it the fourth church in less than 10 years…. meanwhile Im still holding my rosary… Thank you Lord.

    1. @Kitsi hold on to Christ, not to a rosary

      1. Its all about Jesus.

        On point Christian.

      2. And Christ came from where?

      3. @Kitsi is only indicating where he is praying at /from /in

      4. You are 100% correct; only Christ

  3. Ha the hustle for money never ends. Hanzi “seeks to celebrate Makandiwa’s achievement through various products that will be released on the market, such as books and branded wares, among others.” So he’s now selling himself? How selfless of him! Always looking for other ways to withdraw money from his congregation.

    1. son of UFIC _ David Sango

      Mari inotobviswa muChurch Cheesecloth. Offering is Biblical. It’s a Biblical principle. Ever since i started paying my tithes to this man you criticize i have experienced promotion upon promotion. And i’ll keep doing it.

      The bible says, “Let him that is taught in the Word communicate (share, give) every good thing with his teacher” (Galatians 6:6). Tinoita zviri mushoko raJehovah.

      You lack understanding and common reasoning that’s why the principles of the Bible vex you. Even God says, “Come let us reason together. ” (Isaiah 1:18). Add a little logic and reasoning and these things will make sense to you.

      Even in schools, people pay school fees for the teachings they get. Why not pay my offerings for all those deep teachings that he teaches. Some day i’ll give him a million bucks.

      King solomon gave God thousands of cattle, he would slaughter them and just burn them to God. Nowadays we give money not animal sacrifices. Study the word please.

  4. hold on to your rosary!!! There is nothing wrong in changes in ministry as long as God approves of it.

  5. To God be the Glory

    All glory MUST be given to God the Creator, not mere mortals like Makandiwa. Philippians 2:5-11King James Version (KJV) He and his followers should learn from the example of Jesus. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Philippians 2:5-8)

    1. Son of the Prophet

      Shame !!!!!!on you my friend read the Bible (1)with Godly inspired Holy Spirit,(2) Judge not (3) God uses Great Man of GOd like Prophet Makandiwa tirenge tifarire hupenyu wakanaka. and more over complete and understand the scripture kwete kunyangira Bible My brother

  6. Please children of God hold on to Christ not rosary.

    1. What Kitsi is trying to say by holding on to the rosary is holding on to prayer/to Jesus/’to God. A rosary is just a guide in prayer. Kitsi, hold on to it. Be consistent with Jesus and with God. If you are not of Catholic origin, you wont understand a rosary. Kitsi, dont listen to other things that will bring your spirit down. As a Catholic family, we steer away from controversy by not criticizing other denominations that we know, for sure, came yesterday but take a lead in trying to destroy this body.

      1. Kkkkkkkkkkk zvakaoma holding on to the Rosary !!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk daseka

  7. MAKANDIWA IS A BRAND. preacher,businessman,father, philanthropist,farmer. in all these he excells beyond match. Hate him or love him. coming out of Zimbabwe. The guy is simply amazing. Lets not hate but lookout facts as they are, Men like him are rare to find

    1. Ngonidzashe Taengwa

      @Liberty Zuze, thank you fellow brother for enlightening these people what the man of God Prophet Makandiwa is partaking on. They think he is benefiting from the offerings @ church yet its all wrong ideologies, he has many ways he is getting money from just like any other citizens so stop criticizing what you don’t know or a curse will befall on you by touching the anointed one of God

      1. curse? whom are you trying to scare?

    2. @Liberty Zuze what exactly do you mean? Is he now a product for sale? Please educate me. I thought for a Christian the branding necessary is at baptism where we clothe Christ and share with him the three titles, the common priesthood, the kingship and the prophet. What is he re-branding into again? Please educate me am lost. Like Kitsi I will hold on my rosary and am proud to be a Catholic.

  8. kikkkkkk, brethren, I am still holding on to my rosary. kikkkkk. It simply means “I am still a Catholic!!!” Simple minds…. kikkkkkkkk

    1. Its all about Jesus.

      all the same kitsi hold on to Jesus, God. its not about a church but your relationship with God.

      1. There is nothing wrong with saying I am catholic in as much as some say vanoenda kwamakandiwa.I am catholic and proud of it and I shall forever hold on to the rosary.To us catholics a rosary is simply a guide to prayer.

    2. A rosary is a guide to prayer.If you are not catholic you wont understand it but to Kitsi I say for sure hold on to your rosary.Us catholics do not have time to gossip and rubbish other churches but to hold on to rosary and pray.

    3. Kitsi you are an enlighting one.Keep holding on what you believe in.I know the rosary you are talking about is not that physical rosary but ever lasting Christ.Am not Catholic but happen to buy the principled manner you have educated the rest.You stay put on what you believe, unodzoreka.Mavato habatsiri.Some had their families destroyed by these brands coming up.

  9. I love you Prophet and Prophetess Makandiwa, you are indeed most amazing. You are God’s vessels of Honor. Zimbabwe lets celebrate such gifts, they belong to us nhai, why cant we celebrate each other, basa kungo shora nezwakanaka its now muropa kugara munhu achingonyunyuta…..

  10. Surely He is insiring people and changing lives. His influence has gone far Prophet Makandiwa surely is a movement.

  11. Magaya ReBrands his pay off line to..

    1) The most trusted name in Bond news
    2) We know Bonds
    3) Bonds we need
    4) If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a BOND
    5) Anyway you please it, BOND it
    6) Bond the antidote for Zimbos
    7) Magically Bondilicious
    8) Shouldn’t your wallet be filled with a Bond?
    9) Pardon me, do you have any Bond Notes?
    10) Come alive! You’re in the Bond generation

  12. UFIC and Roman Catholic Church are the same.@ Kitsi do you know the origin of the Roman Catholic Church, its doctrine and beliefs?

  13. Well done Prophet. You are indeed an inspiration to me and my family. I love you so much

  14. Shingi Chirume

    This Makandiwa thing is all about marketing and making bucks. Christianity is a secondary thing to these people who hero worship Makandiwa.

  15. If u cant beat them join them and enjoy the good life along with them.

  16. The most staightforward preacher i have ever seen. No scandals at all. This is an honest man indeed. We thank God for such people. Africa should learn to praise their own not all this pull him down syndrome. What i have noted with Makandiwa is that he lives what he preaches, he is not a public media person, he is not hungry for publicity. You can only hate him if you haven’t met him. Vakuru vane huMwari ava.

  17. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John3:30

  18. I have no problem with Makandiwa but I have problems with people who have made him their idol and God hates Idolatry. Yes he is good but he is human and the way we make him perfect leaves a lot to be desired. But I still believe he is a good preacher with some hiccups here and there though his followers will refuse this but its a fact sometimes his preaching especially when he preached about tithe and also about another preacher which he said he was to give a car but was stopped by his wife, here it was gross heresy. If he looks back to this preaching and read about Grace he will erase that from his library.

  19. Wow!!! This is good, an inspiration to us Zimbabweans. You make us stand tall

  20. We thank God for giving us such a great Prophet. I am proud to have him as my spiritual father. Long live Baba!


    Well done Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, we thank God for you. Your love
    is amazing , it cannot be explained .



  22. well done Papa , wish u the very best

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  24. Let’s say you hate Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, but you claim to love Jesus so much. You have all the bible verses to support your hatred against Prophet Makandiwa.

    Unfortunately, you cant love Jesus and hate Makandiwa after you read Mark 12 verses 30-31, ”

    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

    Now, dont lie to us that you love Jesus!!!

  25. If you hate Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for whatever reason that pleases you, then you are a murderer yourself:

    1 John 3 vs 15, “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer…”

  26. What sort of bulldust is this in the so called church??? This is so far from what the true gospel is it is heartbreaking. Where is he message of the cross? This is all about man and NOT about Christ! the nub of all evil is the elevation of man: (Art Katz) Come on guys wake up. We as the church in Zimbabwe need serious repentance. and @lambotique this is not about hating anyone: it is about Christ and Christ alone and NOTHING of man! we are supposed to die to self!

    1. you dont understand the message of the cross. The message of the cross is prosperity in short. So when we start to prosper thats the msg of the cross, not poverty and crying in church as you think. The message of the cross is this: Jesus died so that we could be prosperous Spirit, Soul and Body. Prophet Makandiwa is prospering in all facets thats the good example of the message of the cross. Read your bible well.

  27. Ngonidzashe Taengwa

    Thank you Papa for such a great achievement. i am proud to be one of your sons and we will keep on supporting this MOVEMENT. thanks grand pa for showing up again, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  28. Thank you Prophet Makandiwa for making us see a real man of God in you. You are our role model. Most preachers are now inspiring to be like you. Indeed you are inspiring people and changing lives. We love you!

  29. Ukaona uchivenga chakanaka chaitwa nemumwe,uri muroyi!!

    I’m proud of you man of God.You are a great inspiration to this generation.May our dear Lord grant you mooooooooo!

  30. Bosingwa Chelsea

    Looking for revenue streams…I sure his followers will buy…Shame!

  31. @MIDI please dont lie to us that the message of the cross. your cross you describe is it the same one that Our Lord says we have to bear daily so that we share in eternal life. No your cross is different far from the Lord’s which is self-denial, sacrifice and putting others first before ourselves. Read your bible again – The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but for those on their way to salvation it is the hope of eternal life

  32. If your father says father to Jesus then uri muzukuru wa Mwari #just_saying

  33. I don’t see what the fuss is all about but, I know religion has the power to make people docile and sometimes blind from reality. When a nation is plunged into man-made poverty and misery people tend to go into overdrive to find answers outside the natural world instead of confronting their problems head on, they seek magical interventions because of different reasons among them fearing the unknown. The most religious countries are poor and from Africa, the bible they use was once a weapon for colonisation, not that there is anything wrong with the bible but the interpretation can be poisonous, even the bible forbids worshiping individuals but poverty, misery and mental oppression dictates otherwise. It’s a difficult thing to notice you are under oppression when you live under the same roof with the oppressor who occasionally gives you a few goodies when and how he sees it fit. A lot of money will be offered and someone will cash in and defend it with a verse when the poor is succumbing to starvation just to impress an individual, you got to be alive to seek eternal life so live first and know your rights.

  34. No man is perfect upon this earth. I don’t trust these people a bit and will never waste my hard money on these day light robbers masquerading as churches.

  35. Please educate am lost here I thought you only re brand necessary is at baptism when you clothe Chris who is ‘the priest, the king and prophet’.These three you clothe them in Christ at baptism. what is this re-branding again? And re-branding into what?.Kitsi you are alright , we will hold on to the rosary. Be proud to be a Catholic.

  36. Everyone is trying to emulate Christ and Brand Makandiwa and Brand Christ is the same because Jesus says, dwell in me and I will make a dwelling in you me and my father. I am happy that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is not ashamed to call himself a brand as he lives a perfect life which noone can dispute except those who are jealousy of his success. Have you ever heard him being involved in any sort of immorality or evil? We need more man of God with such Brand names. I am proud of you Prophet Makandiwa. You were sent by God to show forth the praises of him who has called us from darkness into his marvellous light. Jesus says, we are the light of the world and you really has lighten up Zimbabwe and the whole world. We love you Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. We will stand up with you in all your success.

    1. Sure vanhu vachaparara nekusaziva “Brand Makandiwa and Brand Christ is the same” , Une sure @Daughter, Kristo ndokubva abva ayenzwaniswa nesu vatadzi nekuti Bhaibheri rinondiudza kuti kunyangwe Kristo akava munhu sesu akanga asina rutadzo pamwechetewo munhu wese akaberekwa nemunhukadzi mutadzi anofanirwa kuitirwa nyasha naiye Musiki, that what the Bible says. We can never be at par with Christ. May be he is branding into something not Christian

  37. How can someone join UFI? How are u baptised to be a menmber?

  38. Ko mukadzi waMakandiwa haana ring???? Saka achiri kubika mapoto. Ndicahtosvikawo ipapo beoz heyi, akafitira kunaka mukadzi uyu. Makandiwa nekuperezeka kwake uku, handifunge anogona kunyatsomurova nayo

    1. Language not only in bad taste, but culturally unacceptable only serves to portray a person with a personality disorder. Am tempted to even consider your preferred pseudo name- Chimhitsa-You can’t be a normal person.

      1. @ Obert Maseko and what gives you the idea to think that you are best qualified to distinguish a normal person from an insane? In case i am lost, where do we have this list of “culturally unacceptable” things and those that are acceptable and whose culture???? Your culture OR my culture? I was merely saying what i was thinking. Are paid to defend this so called Prophet? Well tell that prophet of yours to that his wife should have a ring on that finger otherwise we will not stop saying what we think because of stupid people like. He must lead by example and stop kubika mapoto!!!! By the way it takes one insane person to know one

  39. @Chimhitsa.ukawana nguva ukwane.

  40. What is the purpose of rebranding?Already this means he is already developing a cult of personality around himself .Very soon songs are going to be written,his name and maybe face appearing on a variety of items,watches pens,cups,clothing and even pens.There is no way someone declares himself successful in Christ,only maybe until his last day on this world.Many people fell in their last days because they thought they were greater in their journey.You made a choice to be the servant and no servant shall be greater than the Master. Only the Master will celebrate the success of his servant.Rambai makashinga kusvikira machibata.

  41. all the pple attacking makandiwa it’s only because they never came close to the man. I used to be like that also because of hear say! That man is changing lives & communities for good. Chinoz akaita seachachema ndirimo mu City Sports achitenda zvakaitwa naMakandiwa ku bhuhera. Harare City Council yakauya ikati hatisati tamboona such an initiative& h humility from a person of Makandiwa’ s status the list is endless. These days it’s easy to know who makandiwa is follow him on his christtv & u will forgive urself.

  42. Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians,for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the scriptures everyday to see if what Paul said was true(Acts 17:11. NIV). This does not happen when cult of personality is being practiced.

  43. Izviwo zvana Papa zvenyu izvi chenjerai kunamata vanhu

  44. Church dzemazuva ano ka idzi.Munhu akangonzi Prophet zvese nemukadzi wacho ava kutonziwo Prophetess havo voenda kunze kwenyika kunotsvaga Papa vavo hanzi Spiritual father
    Sangano rototanga kuvadeedza kuti Grandpa hameno

  45. Lets closely look at the implication of the rebranding.
    What was being rebranded? What was the former name being rebranded? Rebranding- what does it mean?It means changing the corporate image or something, e.g. a company, organisation or name ?
    I hear that Makandiwa is an expression of the “totality of perfection”. Really?

    So the branding is THE MOVEMENT of whatever that church was to the image of an artistic idea of “the Makandiwa movement”. The brand is Makandiwa, not Christ. You literally can see two personalities competing for accolades here ( Jesus and Makandiwa).
    What is a movement ??? It means a group of people working together to advance their political, social or artistic ideas. Could this be the culmination of an artistic achievement
    It means the Jesus brand has been rebranded to Makandiwa. Since he is a totality of perfection, he is worth to be worshipped.
    There is something in a name. A lot of thought is put into coming up with a name. Imagine calling out for a conference or gathering to launch or a brand called “MAKANDIWANA”. A man born of a woman, conceived in sin but a totality of “perfection”?
    The Lord just before he left said: ” Upon this Rock , I will build my church, and the gates of hades shall not prevail- that s the brand of the name of Jesus’s church. Gates of hell/hades CANNOT —

    pliz someone tell me something here, am lost with the branding thing

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  46. My Father, my Father, the chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof…
    May God keep you going my Father, you are indeed a fountain of hope and knowledge, wisdom oozes from your mouth. EMMANUEL MAKANDIWA – Inspiring people, sharing Life.

    Long live Prophet of God, you are indeed the best man of God i have ever seen on earth.

  47. Tawanda Kandemiri

    Well done to the great Prophet of our Time for the brand Emmanuel Makandiwa surely you Inspire people like me

  48. May the God of my father appear to you. Long live Papa and congratulations.

  49. Congratulations Baba and Mhamha for such a great achievement. You a such an inspiration to our generation. Keep on leading us. With you, we will make it in this life.

  50. teamProphetMakandiwa

    congradulations my Father and Mother Prophets E & R Makandiwa, Long live the Prophets of God. We need more leaders like you.

  51. In case you have never read, the bible describes Daniel as a perfect man in whom was no fault nor error found…. you won’t die by accepting the greatness and success of My Father… Papa Makandiwa.
    Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occasion nor fault; forasmuch as he was faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him.

  52. son of UFIC _ David Sango

    I agree Eddy. So was Job. The bible states that he was upright and blameless and he abstained from evil (Job 1:1). Therefore perfect people exist.

  53. Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders. [1][2] Often, this involves radical changes to a brand’s logo, name, legal names, image, marketing strategy , and advertising themes. Such changes typically aim to reposition the brand/company, occasionally to distance itself from negative connotations of the previous branding, or to move the brand upmarket ; they may also communicate a new message a new board of directors wishes to communicate.
    Rebranding can be applied to new products, mature products, or even products still in development. The process can occur intentionally through a deliberate change in strategy or occur unintentionally from unplanned, emergent situations, such as a ” Chapter 11 corporate restructuring,” ” union busting ,” or “bankruptcy.” Rebranding can also refer to a change in a company/ corporate brand that may own several sub-brands for products or companies.

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