Local designer for SA Menwear week

LOCAL fashion designer Tafadzwa Moyo will join a list of designers set to showcase their work at the South African Menswear Week in Cape Town, next month.


Known in fashion circles as Taf the Taylor, Moyo will join Nkululeko Ncube of Ara Kani, who is also scheduled to showcase his designs at the major fashion show.

The fashion fiesta, which is held twice a year in Cape Town, aims to provide a world-class platform for menswear designers and brands to showcase their latest collections.

It is traditionally held in a series of shows over four days.

Moyo said it was always humbling and challenging to be part of the grand showcase.

“I never take any opportunity that comes my way for granted. Showcasing again at the South African Menswear Week SS16/17, alongside many talented African designers and another fellow Zimbabwean, Ara Kani, is really humbling,” he said.

“I have showcased before at the event, but every time it is a challenge to up my game and stay relevant.”

The designer started his career in 2005, enrolling at Danhiko Project, a clothing institute, where he pursued a four-year Diploma in Industrial Clothing Design and Construction. He then worked with one of the biggest fashion brand in the country, Faith Wear, before setting up his own fashion house.


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