Grace likens Zaoga founder Guti to Mugabe

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday made security agents and sound engineers run after she complained about the poor sound quality just before stammering through her prepared speech at the official opening of the ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries-owned Mbuya Dorcas Hospital (MDH) in Harare.


Eunor Guti (right) admires President Robert Mugabe’s grandson Simbanashe Chikore (in her hands), while First Lady Grace Mugabe (left) and her daughter Bona look on at the official opening of the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls, Harare, yesterday
Eunor Guti (right) admires President Robert Mugabe’s grandson Simbanashe Chikore (in her hands), while First Lady Grace Mugabe (left) and her daughter Bona look on at the official opening of the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls, Harare, yesterday

State security agents moved behind the public address system controls and started giving sound engineers instructions after Grace expressed unhappiness over the echoes coming from her microphone.

“I don’t like the microphone, it’s making echoes,” she said, sending her contingent of security officers into action.

Grace stumbled through words such as “casualty” and “indigenisation” as she read her prepared speech, but later became animated when she started speaking off the cuff.

Turning to Zaoga leader Ezekiel Guti, Grace said he was in many ways like her husband, President Robert Mugabe.

“When I look at you every time, you remind me of my husband. You are such a neat person, very well presented and a very meticulous person and you always glow, you glow because of the thoughts you carry in your heart,” she said.

Although the First Family is renowned for seeking medical attention outside Zimbabwe, after touring the medical facility, Grace said it had world-class medical equipment.

MDH, which has two wings — one for medical health care and the other for spiritual healing, a first of its kind in Zimbabwe — was mooted 50 years ago in the mind of Guti as he preached at Harare Central Hospital.

MDH opened its doors in 2012 and has a state-of-the-art laboratory, A-Grade intensive care unit, maternity ward and paediatric ward.

Health deputy minister Aldrin Musiiwa said while government had moved to accept traditional medicine, it was yet to incorporate spiritual healing into the health care system.

Grace, who arrived amid tight security, was accompanied by daughter Bona Chikore.

Also in attendance were Bona’s husband Simba Chikore, together with their child Simbanashe, who appeared in public for the first time after Bona’s recent return from Singapore, where she had gone to give birth about two months ago.

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  1. Of course if you shout into a microphone there will be echoes.

  2. apostle guti is one person i always admired but the politicians who kill and destroyed are now begin entertained in this Godly thing. i am sad. where are the John the Baptists of today?

  3. yuhwii

  4. Douglas Gapara

    congratulations ZAOGA for having the nation at heart. building a hospital for the public is no Joke. Thank you Baba Guti for dedicating your life to the development of our nation.

  5. Son Of True God

    point of correction. this hospital was built thru tithes of all members, l wonder why all glory is going to mr Guti. most of these members thought they were giving God not campaign spring board for politicians. hospital is good cause. but what is the Scriptual basis of inviting politicians to open it and not Jesus ? in yr sermon mr Guti, u claim to heal all diseases so whats the point of hospital ? churches dont believe in miracles they take money and build hospital but its members believe money come miraculous from God. what churches are doing is opposite of bible teaching , see what mr Guti is doing can u imagine Jesus inviting King Ceasar to open a hospital or Jesus would he built one when he heal all diseases

    1. @ Son of True God//Eh…excuse me, when we contributed money to build this hospital..we knew what it was for and we were more than happy to do so, we are even more happy now that the hospital is up and running and we can proudly look at it and see our efforts of improving the health system being fullfilled..Baba Guti never said He heales people, but He says that come to Jesus and you will receive your healing. the Bible tell us to respect the authorities of the land and remember that this hospital is built on the local authority land and it falls under the Ministry of this land and it serves everyone in the land, so there is nothing wrong in inviting the relevant authorities to be part of this. Jesus officially opened this hospital long before it was even constructed. People prayed and prayed for this have no idea what happened behind the scenes, what you only see is this opening happening today.

  6. Thank you God through your servant baba Guti, your children are taught to use their hands to work. Even when the economic situation is negative, Zaoga will continue to prosper because congregants are taught to work talents, build amenities to help the nation and at the same time using those business skills to feed own falimies . Hamuna nzara mumba mamwari. amen.

  7. Yes,Grace’s husband and Guti are pretty similar;
    1.They are both very old men
    2.They both do not want to relinquish their posts
    That’s as far as the comparison goes.

  8. ‘Son of true God’ you are entitled to your own opinion but the truth is; baba Guti has never claimed to heal all diseases. If you listen carefully, he always says , God/Jesus heals. It is god who heals; In ZAOGA, people are taught to use their hands to work. If you really know about Zaoga you will have testified that people are encouraged to start small businesses and work. Money towards building the hospital is not from tithes but from working talents (matarenda). We never fail to build a hospital or a university because we are taught to work. we are actually discouraged from laziness or expecting miracle money. There is my dollar in that facility but its not like i expect personal benefit. Noone is forced to contribute but only if your heart wills. And that hospital is now a national facility so you cant ignore national leaders BUT IT DOESNT MEAN THAT THE CONGREGATES SUBSCRIBE TO PARTY POLITICS Everyone has his preferences

  9. son of true God

    1 corinth 5 vs11
    ‘ but I did tell you not to be mixed up if anyone who goes by the name of brother is a libertine or overreaching or an idolater or abusive or drunken or grasping, not even to eat with the one who is like that’ (Byington version)
    compare behaviour of our leaders with above scripture

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  11. Guti is just as old and old as mugabe.

  12. Kanenge kanodawo chembere kakadzi aka!

    1. waaaal kwaaaaaaah wandiuraya

  13. Feel sorry for Guti kufananidzwa na Bob. Shame manhingi

  14. KKKKK but honestly was it suppossed to be the headline ‘Grace likens Zaoga founder to RGM’ ? The main issue is about the official opening of a state of the art hospital and the attention of the readers has been diverted to a trivial and false statement. Lets celebrate love when we come across it. Love for the people being exhibited by the people of god.

  15. Guti akatochonywa naGrace mai Guti vachi smiler, she doesnt’s know Dr Stop it well, havabvi mutwudhara twune mari yekubira vanhu.

  16. And Simbarashe Chikore, what does he really do in life, apart from being in the first family’s entourage wherever they go? Has he left his alleged pilot’s job? Just asking.

    1. hahahaha

  17. May God continue to bless the Apostle of God for the great work, mentorship and leadership that has seen ZAOGA continue to prosper in all their endeavours before enermies…Leading by example by submitting & respecting the authority of this land.. Now you Zim people instead of congratulating ZAOGA and Ap. Guti you have chosen to criticise but know this..This wont stop Zaoga and Guti from prospering in these tough times whilst you remain the poorest and sour!!!

  18. whoever wishes Guti to step down must as well wish his or her dad to step down from and get a new father. M not a follower of Guti but I do understand he was not voted to the position. Train your eyes to see good things even if they may be surrounded by thorns. If you dont agree its fine as well coz true haters do hate even if they aren’t hurt. condemn a person with facts. if we had many people like Guti our nation wud b beta

    1. You have said it all! I shall not speak.

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