Dzamara was abducted: Moyo

HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister and Zanu PF politburo member, Jonathan Moyo has made a U-turn and broken ranks with fellow party and government colleagues, saying missing activist, Itai Dzamara could indeed have been abducted.


Missing activist Itai Dzamara
Missing activist Itai Dzamara

Dzamara, who is believed to have been abducted by suspected State security agents near his Harare home in March last year after staging a series of solo anti-President Robert Mugabe protests, has grabbed global attention with opposition parties and diplomats based in Harare accusing government of not doing enough to account for him.

In May last year, Moyo triggered a storm when he opined in a BBC interview that Dzamara, who disappeared without trace 15 months ago, may have voluntarily skipped the country’s porous borders.

“People disappear every day and you mention one person, but in fact, we have quite some porous borders. A lot of people cross borders without our knowing,” Moyo, who was Information minister then, said.

But on Tuesday, in response to questions from his followers on micro blogging site Twitter, Moyo said he regretted his statements.

“On Dzamara, while a lot has been said, including by me, the scary and indubitable fact is that he was abducted in broad daylight. So yes, it’s regrettable that I have said things that have unfortunately conflated and confused a missing person with an abducted person,” he said, adding he felt for the Dzamara family.

Contacted for clarity, Moyo, in an emailed response to NewsDay, said he was not apologising.

“No, I was not apologising because there’s nothing to apologise for, but I was explaining my BBC comments after I was asked to do so on Twitter,” he said.

“And my explanation was that I regret the fact that my comments conflated and confused the situation of a missing person with that of an abducted person. It is common cause that Dzamara did not go missing, but that he was taken away; that is, abducted in broad daylight and has not been seen since then. The distinction between a missing and an abducted person is important and I regret that my comments did not make that distinction clear.”

Moyo said Dzamara’s abduction was satanic and evil.

“Abductions by whomsoever are unlawful and they are inherently satanic and, thus, evil,” he said.

“Let me also add that the right to life subject to section 48 of our Constitution and the right to liberty are the most fundamental rights that each person must have in order to enjoy the other rights.”

The Higher Education minister, however, did not suggest who was behind the abduction.

Most government and Zanu PF officials have refused to acknowledge Dzamara’s abduction with MPs from the ruling party thwarting a motion on his disappearance introduced in the National Assembly by Kuwadzana East legislator, Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T).

Dzamara’s brother, Patson early this week released what he claimed were pictures of the missing activist, whom he said was being kept in State captivity by military intelligence, a charge the army has denied.

Meanwhile, Patson, in the company of his lawyer Charles Kwaramba, yesterday reported to Harare Central Police Station, where he had been summoned to explain details about the pictures, which he presented to the Press on Monday.

“We gave them the information they needed,” he said.

“They essentially wanted to find out where and how I got that photo. I provided that information to them.

“I asked them whether there was anything new from their end and it’s regrettable that to date they haven’t even made any headway and that remains one of the premises of our doubt in so far as their professed investigations are concerned.

“I told (investigating officer Assistant Commissioner Chrispen) Makedenge and his team that I don’t trust that they are acting in good faith. I still believe that they know what happened to Dzamara.”

Zanu PF activist, Energy Mutodi also expressed regret for posting information that the missing activist was hiding in Botswana.

“I wish Dzamara a safe return from wherever he is,” he posted on Facebook yesterday. “I also regret my post on March 14, as it later came to my realisation that it was a creation of one of our fellow activists Fidelis (Fengu), who desperately wanted to save the government from international condemnation following the abduction by suspected State security agents.

“Zimbabweans are suffering and it is evil to abduct, incarcerate or ill-treat anyone simply for demanding his rights and good governance.”

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  1. These are strange times. Very strange indeed. We have seen a million people march, now we see cabinet ministers admitting someone was abducted, ruling party members admitting people are suffering, war veterans saying government has failed….Ichooo!!!

    1. And Zanu PF Youths telling the President that his Ministers are CORRUPT!! Yes indeed, you can say it again “These are strange times”

  2. Moyo is only saying this now for he knows the architects of Dzamara’s abduction are in the Zanu Pf faction he calls the faction of successionists. Today moyo’s bitter political enemies are in zanupf than they are in the opposition, so the change of mind.

    1. i wholly agree with this sentiment. All it teaches us is that these people are dangerously selfish, he can only say that today because it may be from his opponents. we dont need these hypocrites anymore.

  3. sucessionists eliminated Dzamara not because they wanted to protect mugabe’s gvt, but because they were getting rid of what they viewed as potential threat that may jeopardise their obsession-inspired plan to rule zimbabwe after mugabe.

  4. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Ah! may be he realises that, he is likely to be a victim of of the same.It is encouraging to note that Moyo quotes one of the most important sections of the constitution which shields citizens against such inhuman barbaric practices by any organ of the state.The regrettable thing is that, his colleagues in Zanu pf are reluctant to respect the supreme law of the land, let alone to demolish some of the notorious provisions of the Public Order and Security Act, and Access to Information and Privacy Act which are now inconsistent with the new constitutional order.Their majority in Parliament gives them that unhindered territorial political space to eradicate all forms of pieces of legislation which infringes with the basic fundamental freedoms of the citizens.

  5. Yes these are strange times indeed but what goes around comes around. .. We are gravitating towards reality as suffering hits every vulnerable zimbabwean…. No more freebies for the overzealous Zanoids..hangers on

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  7. The most important thing is that Professor Moyo admits that Dzamara was abducted. This is very significant coming from a senior govt official. Its hard for genuine ppe in ZANU to sleep well these days. This is a barbaric act. I curse those who have this innocent man. Disgraceful!!!!!

  8. He knew that from day one.he is a flipflop.changes stories to suit his tricks.Everyone knew he was abducted .moyo was hiding smething ,he may even know the culprits n is not saying now.Everthi g he does n says is designed for political grandisement.This is the fellow who banned CNN n BBC.Now these agencies are screening n ardvetising vic falls frm Zambia.Zambian scuptures are thanking moyo for the cnn coverage,wth our artist going to zambia to showcase their arts to cnn.An idiot full of sound n fury signifying disaster.

  9. If CNN n BBC were not banned by moyo,political coverage wuld be we have liers n lying news fudgers,who have no competition ,no morals,all bcoz of Moyo s grandstanding to please the president.Bt when in trouble he runs to the same BBC for mouthing.No other party likes him.Noone likes him.he is 2 faced.lies thru his clenched teeth,straight faced,wthout a blink.A minister.Animal farm character.

  10. Being professor’s comments showed wickedness and heartlessness.
    I dont know what is wrong with politicians. we have another Moyo called Khaya. He just utters words like a vomitting creature, which vomits and chew the staff. How can you be so careless about someone
    who has been taken away.
    We see rubbish in our days.

  11. And how does Moyo know that it was not a staged abduction…does he now know something that the rest of us dont know?…he speakth too much this prof

    1. But is it not strange also that Dzamaras brother was sent a picture which he says is that of Dzamara and he rushed to the press to reveal the finding?instead of going to the police first with your finding,even if you say the police are doing nothing about Dzamara.It took the police to summon this Dzamara brother to come and provide information in regard to the picture.Yes we are living in strange times indeed.

      1. i think its a security move, get as many people as possible to see it such that the police are on the spotlight and cant jus dismiss the nyaya or worse still tell him to delete e photo, coz of Media tarisa uone zvakuitika, even anaProf vakungohumana

  12. Patson ngaabatwe omamiswa nema CID kuti ataure akamupa ma photos, not just telling us about millitary intelligence involvement because millitary yakakura. Whoever gave him the photos is the person the world is looking for and has the key to all answers.

    1. Hapana zvamunondiita

      U r an idiot, kumamisirwei? Hv u eva lost a relative in such a way? Kwana. He hs 2 b given answers 2 where hs brother is

  13. By team Lacoste prof? They are trained to kill. Team G40 experts in stealing

    1. You are full of hatred . So far it i the team Lacoste people being killed. So waht makes you think they are the ones who abducted or killed Dzamara? Use your brain.

  14. Louis Jacobsz

    Its a #strange strange world we living in Master Jack# anyone remember that song

  15. Strange for sure.The worst mistake those people make is to say something and expect everybody to believe them.welcome to 21st century guys,we share the world.

  16. cant put my finger on it but something is going on here. the criticism is getting worse and louder I feel and I feel the VP guys are going for the kill. something tells me that they are waiting for a moment to pounce and tell the old man to go or they will force him out

  17. yaaaaaah makutya kubatwa saka makutanga kuda kuttipa masorry sorry . hatina kupusa iwe Jonathan I wouldn’t be surprised if you are part of that group yakamutora. usada kuita maZimbabweans mapenzi takasvinura and you will be the first to leave your seat soon. I think hudyire hwako hwakwana silly man kutipisa hasha. nxaaa! you even destroyed the zbc industry ndiri kukuona hangu chichaputika soon and I will be there,

  18. Moyo the nut proff. is just proving to be what he is a nut, the pain he endured during his loss of his daughter taught him a lesson as I was one of those who openly wrote that its same to Dzamara family, his daughter was not dead but sleeping somewhere with other zanoids.


  20. The hallmarks of terrorism and the consequences of having to face justice one day is now entering into the consciousness our hard-headed, cold-hearted, bloody and murderous politicians by the hour.

    There is nothing that makes one so insecure as being in power today and then be powerless in a few years’ time when one is older and vulnerable to sickness, senility but facing jail. Nothing. Even the billions in cash will not help (e.g. Panama Papers – Messi could be jailed).

    Its crunch time, fellow Zimbabweans. Those who were (or pretending to be) blind, deaf and dumb to ZPF’s cruelty and ineptitude, are now turning.180 degrees. Strange times indeed.

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  26. Mugabe must go & all the truth shall unravel

  27. haward bashoma


  28. rosemarywoods

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  29. Kwanayi

  30. Zanupf yehumhondi nehuwori vakauraya zimbabwe , asi zvichapera vanoyenda chete kana ivo kuurayana

  31. Murambiwa Munemo

    ZanuPf inoda kuti vhara kumeso nenhoroondo dzehondo kunge ndivo vakarwa vega. Situation of Zimbabweans transitioned from bad worse with the victory of ZanuPF in 1980. Is it not that strange the said liberator is more of an oppressor than Smith?

  32. Mr Moyo and Mudoti might have realised that with the intra fighting within their party either of them might fall victim of the same fate which visited Dzamara.
    It has dawn on them that it might not end with Itai but anyone can be abducted by the same system they supported, celebrated and defended.

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