Clinton likens bellicose Trump to Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s money printing policies before the Zimbabwe dollar went bust in 2009 have been likened to belligerent United States Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump’s suggestion that the world’s biggest economy could print its way out of debt.


President R.G.Mugabe
President R.G.Mugabe

Trump’s main rival, Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, in her first economic speech delivered in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, tore into the Republican candidate’s policy prescriptions and described him as a “loose cannon and danger to the US”.

“Trump also says we can just print more money to pay our debts down. We know what happened with countries that tried that in the past like Germany in the 1920s or Zimbabwe in the 1990s, it drove inflation through the roof and crippled their economies,” Clinton said.

“The US dollar is the safest currency on the planet, why would he want to mess with that?”

Academic and political analyst, Ibbo Mandaza said: “It’s a stricture of massive proportions that should leave us ashamed. It speaks loud about the casino economy”.

Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono presided over the rampant printing of the country’s currency and called the traumatic period The Casino Economy, a book he later wrote.

Opposition parties said Clinton’s comparison of Trump and Mugabe’s policies was spot-on.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba and Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo were not available for comment.

At the height of the hyper-inflationary era, Mugabe’s government resorted to printing currency to fund expenditure, but it continued to tumble in value until the market rejected it, forcing authorities to accept the US dollar as legal tender.

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  2. Your headlines are misleading please. Please be professional.

  3. Trump and Clinton are deceitful Americans who benefited from the exploitation of Red Indians and Africans. Mugabe and the people he represents are victims of white supremacist policies. There might be similarities in the printing of money but the motives are very different. When Mugabe printed the Zimbabwe dollar it was to save his political skin but when Trump talks of the USA printing money his motive is to collapse the world socio-economic system including Africa. On the printing of money Mugabe is short sited and Trump is long sited and for Clinton I don’t know.

  4. We also know Hilary Clinton and Obama murdered Colonel Ghadafi. Bush Murdered Saddam. Other Bush and Clinton murdered Slobadan Milosevic….To prove you are a good USA have to murder some poor Arab President!

    1. Iwe T Biti, and who did Mugabe murder. Taura zvese

  5. @ Biti , i feel pity for your shallow reasoning. So you are suggesting African leaders do not murder ???

    1. I said nothing about African, Russian, Asian, Australian etc leaders etc

  6. ADF, if you you are an analyst I believe you should analyse village projects of market gardening only. You can not foolishly suggest that Zimbabwean challenges are a problem of white supremacy. Did white supremacy lead to vanishing of $15 000 000 000 from Chiyadzwa, is white supremacy leading to corruption in govt depts, is white supremacy leading us to buy maize in Zambia when we took the land but the farms are idle, is white supremacy stopping companies from investing in Zim when we have draconian indiginisation policy, is white supremacy leading to looting in state parastatals, is white supremacy leading to awarding of corrupt tenders at ZESA by minister Udenge, is it white supremacy that lead to the downfall of PSMAS, if the answer is white supremacy, then stop using their US$ FROM NOW YOU HYPOCRITE

  7. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Uyo ADF anotoda kuenda ku mental hospital. Haazive zvekuewawata. Ngaanoudza mboko muhotera kuti urikurambira ,mu hotera nekuda kwe white supremacy.

    1. @Ishe Nehoreka and @Linda Ndlovu for you to engage on this matter properly and for you understand where I am coming from with my analysis can you first read your history starting with European imperialism, African slave trade and the role played by Europe and America, the causes of World War I and World War II, reasons for the creation of the United Nations in 1947, reasons for the creation of the European Union and the role of NGOs in Africa.

      After you have read this background history then we can engage otherwise there is a big gulf between us with respect to our understanding of the African situation and the white supremacy operating framework.

  8. Chikomba chai Mhomz Vako

    Clinton was clearly likening Trump to Franz von Papen, not Mugabe. Jeez!

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  11. The printing machine is on again this time to produce bonds and not exports. We are repeating idiocy

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