Chiundura Moyo opens up on Kereke Inofa piracy


VETERAN author Aaron Chiundura Moyo has spoken of his heartbreak following the discovery that hundreds of cheaply reproduced copies of his latest publication, Kereke Inofa, have flooded the streets where they are being sold for a song by vendors.


Moyo, who was speaking during a writers’ workshop in Harare, said he was earning peanuts from his work, while pirates were lining their pockets after selling his books.

“It is very disturbing. If you go down the streets you will see photocopies of books I have written being sold by vendors,” he said.

“My recent book has lost value and I wonder where do they (vendors) get those books? I am earning peanuts, yet someone is getting millions of dollars from my sweat without my consent or the publishers’.”

The workshop, which was held under the theme, Unearthing Zimbabwe’s Talent, was meant to skill upcoming authors in the art of writing.

Moyo said piracy was a cancer that threatened the viability, of the book industry and should, therefore, be condemned.

“The police should arrest these culprits and legislators should come up with harsh anti-piracy laws for the book industry to enjoy its existence,” he said.

Zimbabwe Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association (Zana) chairperson Edwin Muketiwa Msipa called on writers to play a role in the fight against piracy.

“Let’s work together as writers to fight piracy and come up with a multi-spectral approach. I am saddened very much to see Kereke Inofa in streets,” he said.

During the workshop upcoming authors were given useful advice needed to endure challenges in the industry and they took time to explain what motivated them to write their books.

One of the participants, Makanaka Nzeke, said she wrote her first book, Single Ladies, after realising there was life after divorce while, Chenesai Njara penned I Am a Prayer Giant to teach teenagers how to pray.

“The young generation need to know God and the importance of prayer before they are corrupted by the world,” Njara said.

Other upcoming authors Pride Mawedzere, Prince Phillips, Stephen Mutsago, Believe Ndoro, Johannes Mupisa, Tatenda Zvenyika, Munashe Soka and Admire Daitai also participated in the workshop, a brainchild of former Miss Universities, Rairo Gunguwo and RCG Image Consultancy in partnership with Events Management Company.


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