Chamisa warns minister over Parly ‘interference’


PARLIAMENTARY Portfolio Committee on Information Communication Technology chairperson, Nelson Chamisa yesterday warned ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira against interfering with its processes by querying why suspended NetOne chief executive officer, Reward Kangai had been called to give oral evidence.


Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira
Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira

Kangai appeared before the ICT committee on Monday to give oral evidence on why he was suspended as NetOne CEO.

Mandiwanzira appeared before the committee months ago and gave oral evidence about corruption at NetOne, saying he was instituting a forensic audit and was leaving no stone unturned to get to the bottom of all fraudulent deals.

But Chamisa said the committee was playing its oversight role and could not be questioned for giving a chance to people involved in the $248 million NetOne base station tender saga to give oral evidence.

“In terms of the Constitution, Parliament must be open to the public, and when we invite people to give oral evidence, the committee will have made that resolution on the basis of the Constitution and Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders,” he said.

“We hear oral evidence from all relevant parties in order to have a complete story. We need all interested players to speak and all stakeholders have a right to be heard. In fact, Parliament cannot be stopped from investigating an issue because there is a forensic audit taking place, and we are also looking forward to the forensic audit.”

In a statement, Mandiwanzira insinuated the committee was trying to pre-empt the auditors by inviting Kangai to give oral evidence.

“I am aware that the Parliament hearing and other activities that I have ignored are meant to pre-empt the audit report and intimidate the auditor. These cheap efforts shall not succeed,” he said.

But Chamisa warned such utterances by Mandiwanzira might constitute contempt of Parliament.

“The minister (Mandiwanzira) is the one who came to Parliament and raised these issues about Megawatt and Bopela (Group of Companies) and that is why we invited Kangai. In fact, the minister’s conduct is now bordering on contempt of Parliament because he cannot veto committee hearings and cannot supervise Parliament. It is Parliament that supervises the minister because he has to account to the public. The minister will have his day and, for now, he must not try to intimidate the committee.”

Mabvuku-Tafara MP, James Maridadi (MDC-T) yesterday raised Mandiwanzira’s statement in the National Assembly, saying it constituted contempt of Parliament, but Deputy Speaker Mabel Chinomona ignored the point of order.


  1. Mandiwanzira has a habit of intimidating people to get his way. Nelson Chamisa is right in going about his parliamentary duties as an upright MP.

    Why should a minister force a CEO to pay 4 million to a company with which he is business partners with?

  2. SUPA is scared of something, he has a case to answer. He is corrupt, he recently instructed NetOne to engage TarCon to do their Access Roads to base Stations, and dropped all companies that had WON tenders because he is a shareholder in TarCon

    Corrupt Minister!!!

  3. Oral evidence or not will not change what happened on the ground which the audit will be expected to expose.

    • Audit does not tell you that minister is choosing suppliers which did not win tender and thus more expensive. Netone is the only mobile company in the world loosing money. Ministers should not interfere with running of companies, they do not belong to them. All Zim parastetals are loosing money due to interference by ministers.

  4. Reward Kangai is a true civil servant. He is a chartered Engineer in Telecommunications an MBA and over 30 years work experience. He has dedicated his life to this industry and is a workaholic. From ensuring that there is coverage across the country over the past15 years. He is committed and wholely loves his work…..Then we see the newboy Supa coming in as an opportunist bulling his way through to suck every dollar from an enterprise he wants because he wants to become rich.

    I m laughing because Supa is hard at work trying to suppress News to the Zimbabwean people. Rinamanyanga hariputirwe Supa. You were elected by the people to serve them not steal from them.

    Kangai you are bold. May the Lord continue to guide and bring you favour. Enough is enough Supa.

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