British Embassy to stage Shakespeare’s piece


THE British Embassy in Harare will stage an outdoor theatre production of one of William Shakespeare’s finest comedies, Much Ado About Nothing from June 16 to 18, as its contribution to mark four centuries after the renowned playing this death.

BY arts reporter


The play combines elements of robust hilarity with more serious meditation on honour, shame, and court politics.

The event is part of an unprecedented global programme of events and activities celebrating Shakespeare as a global icon that will run throughout the year, exploring him as a living writer, who still speaks for all people and nations.

Shakespeare, often referred to as the Bard, is not just an iconic figure in Britain, but worldwide, with his plays having been translated into 80 different languages and performed all over the world.

The director of the production, Adrian Ellis, said the theatrical piece has been performed on stage and film many times over the years and is a favourite with audiences.

“The play Much Ado About Nothing in the 1969 setting, which brings colour and vibrancy to the production, is a comedy about love. It is also about observation, disguise and deception,” he said.

“The much that is done in the play is done in the name of love, but it is rarely done straightforwardly. Plots are hatched, devices are framed and masks are worn.”

Shakespeare remains one of the most popular playwrights and poets of all time.


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