Anti-Mujuru violence escalates

Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru

THE ruling Zanu PF party has allegedly upped its violent campaign against former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) supporters in Mashonaland Central province, where her party officials were attacked and had their property destroyed.


Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

ZimPF Mt Darwin ward 8 co-ordinator, Jefta Muchena, said he was attacked on Monday night by more than six gun-toting Zanu PF supporters, who pulled down his fowl run and stole 81 chickens.

He said the raid came after Zanu PF supporters held a meeting at Ruwani Primary School, where they openly declared they would target him.

“They were pointing a gun at me and pulled down the walls of my fowl run and took away 81 chickens,” he said.

Munyaradzi Chigumira, a ZimPF district co-ordinator in Mt Darwin, said party members were now living in fear of attacks from Zanu PF militias.

“Mt Darwin South constituency co-ordinator, George Zishiri was admitted at Mt Darwin District Hospital after he was dragged to a Zanu PF rally and publicly assaulted,” Chigumira alleged, adding the Kazai Primary School headmaster was also assaulted for associating with the opposition party.

He claimed most of the cases were reported to the police, but the suspects had not yet been arrested.

The latest attacks follow attempts by police to block Mujuru’s campaign rallies in most parts of the country, with the courts always coming to her rescue.

ZimPF Mashonaland provincial co-ordinator, Godfrey Chimombe confirmed the latest wave of violence against Mujuru’s supporters.

“We are building our structures for the convention in October and so, most known supporters like ward and district co-ordinators are being targeted for violence,” he claimed.

“People are also being attacked for attending our meetings. As I speak, several ward and district co-ordinators, especially in Mt Darwin district, have been assaulted because these are the known supporters of ZimPF.”

But, Zanu PF provincial chairperson, Dickson Mafiosi dismissed the ZimPF claims, saying the ruling party had no time to attack members of a “confused and non-existent party”.

“They (ZimPF members) are beating each other up because they are confused. We don’t have time for confused people,” he said.
“How can we beat up people who do not even have structures? They are divided because it is a combination of disgruntled Zanu PF and MDC members.”

He said most former Zanu PF members in ZimPF should just admit that they were finding it difficult to be part of opposition politics.
Mujuru, who was fired from Zanu PF for allegedly plotting to oust President Robert Mugabe, has thrown her hat into the ring to challenge her former boss in the 2018 presidential race.

ZimPF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said Zanu PF tactics such as violence, intimidation and coercion would not work because the electorate wanted change.

“People want a party that will bring food to their tables, which Zanu PF has failed to provide. So such tactics will not work,” he said.
The alleged attacks came as some ZimPF founding members were reportedly rejoining Zanu PF, accusing Mujuru of playing the party cards close to her chest.

These include former Harare Zanu PF youth leader, Jim Kunaka and Kudzai Saruwaka.

Kunaka confirmed his defection to Zanu PF on Tuesday.

“Our agenda is not based on forming opposition parties without direction for the sake of being opposite. We seek to influence those in leadership towards the building of a better Zimbabwe,” he said.

“I am appealing to the entire Zanu PF family to accept me and my colleagues. I have spoken to Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere and he has asked me to rejoin the party. I had intended to take a rest, but now I am going back to my party.”

Gumbo said Zim PF would not stand in the way of those who wanted to rejoin Zanu PF.

“Well, they have the right to do that and we will not stand in their way. In any case, most of these people were not paid-up members as yet, but sympathisers,” he said.


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  2. Mujuru used to win with +35000 votes in Mt Darwin, lets wait and see how many she will get!! Had she been fair and championed free and fair elections in her own constituency during her 3 decade long stay in Zanu, this would never have been an issue to her. She benefited from it (the violence) and now she should endure what she inflicted in opposition members in her then constituency.

    Good luck (I know you need it).

  3. if u were attacked for real it seems to me they didn’t finish the job cz wy u still breathing?u mujuru supporters are the whoriest of whores wy nt join mdc?coz mujuru is a former zanu pf bigwig and you’re fools if u believe there’s a change of heart in her.

  4. surely some of you who are being attacked once did that to mdc members and because you did not apologies to them these things will come on you even harder. your sins will find you out. for me that is where i think mai mujuru and the rest are making mistakes. apologies to mdc and other parties for the wrong you were involved in while in zanu and your party will become strong . i see how you are some of you so against mdc already.

  5. In Mash Central the language is the same.My Joice,my choice and my voice.Why shld i vote robert mugabe?Lets see who is going to win in 2018.Violence is not going to stop the pple to vote Mai Mujuru into power.Kunaka Jimmy knew it very well that he is not welcome in Zimps.

  6. This era is coming to an end. You cannot run this country as it were your father’s estate. nxaaa. I hate this group of criminals and killers. Kasukuwere will be history when this era ends.

  7. Isu chembere tashupika.Makore ose aya taivhotera vaMugabe nekuda kwamai Nhongo.Nekudaro pakadzingwa mai Mujuru takabva tavateverawo.Mdc ibato revarungu hatinei naro.Tinovhotera ivava mai Mujuru

    • Muri off topic gogaz. Vanhu veparty yenyu vakapisirwa dzimba ne hama dzenyu dziri ku Zanu PF. Varikungoita zvamaiitawo pamaive ikoko. MDC yapinda papi? Ndiyo yakonzera kupisirana misha here? Vote yako ndeyako.

  8. marombe ma killer vana so called jimmy kunaka mu cio. you thrive on violence this is why we have no room for you in our dignified party. you had overstayed and we wont miss u. go and be used by tyson.

  9. I think one of the most effective ways of fighting violence e.g. Zanu PF sponsored violence is by recording the names of the perpetrators and ensure you send this to as wide an audience as possible. If you are able to take pictures discreetly, do so and share them on social media. Let’s use technology to beat the murderous vampires. The so-called police are useless, we’re on our own. Send also the dates and names of the so-called police so that we know which ones are promoting violence by not acting against it.

  10. all the spooks like Kunaka are flushing themselves out before Joice finishes off Bob. Amai is no fool, she is briefed.

  11. JIm Kunaka can spin RINGS around himself as much as he likes but the END for him is here. No matter how many tricks he plays on himself and others there appears to be NO WAY OUT for him..He is a known criminal and he has to prepare to meet his ‘comeuppance’ in one form or another but meet it he WILL. If anything Kunaka has self destructed to the benefit of People First..Next one in line should be one Didymus Mutasa. Once this one trick minded monster does ‘a Kunaka’ then People First will have washed itself squeaky clean! This is a self correcting phase in the birth of the party! I say more Vim to them!

  12. Black people do not know anything bout governing. Some think being able to string some sentences in colonial English is the qualification to govern. What a bunch of morons.
    Afro-American Pastor James Manning said – “We got a problem, black people got a problem, you can train a black man to be astrophysicist, physician or lawyer but you cannot train a black person to understand the world, black people never built a boat which was seaworthy, not one, Not one monument in Africa, black people built nothing, no great cities, no sewer system, black folk do not know how to run no nation. Black people do not understand the world. Nigeria produces oil every year but the children are hungry, pot-bellied with bare feet.”

  13. Kana ari Chimombe wandinoziva ataurwa munyaya umu ndanyara zvikuru. Kujoina zanu (masqerading as a new party called ZimPF). ZimPF is a zanu pf faction. Let them kick each other.

  14. Sender you have said it as it should be said. Alas, blacks are just blacks. The scramble for power not for the right reasons but to be able to do just as they please. Not to develop their nations but to loot from them and enjoy the loot in those same countries they blame for having colonised us . 36 years maiteyi besides talk shows.

  15. Stop crying foul ZimPF members!It’s now tym to taste your own medicine!!Ndimi makazvitanga!Feel the pinch!

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