Another video rant at Mugabe


A FRESH set of videos, this time by disgruntled local businessman calling on President Robert Mugabe to solve the country’s economic and political problems, have gone viral, as the Zanu PF government struggles to deal with a growing anti-establishment sentiment.



Following hot on the heels of cleric Evan Mawarire’s #thisflag social media campaign, Kadoma-based truck business owner, Edson Matombo has released two videos urging Mugabe to stop his globetrotting and find solutions to the country’s problems.

Matombo yesterday said the country’s dire political and economic situation has driven him to record the videos.

“The situation, my brother, is very bad and we all need this corrected. We are being harassed by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), but where is the money going? They are also not prepared to return our rebates. It’s bad for business and we need solutions,” he said.

Like those before him such as missing journalist-cum-rights activist, Itai Dzamara and Mawarire, Matombo said the country’s
feared Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) was already harassing him.

“I was invited to CIO offices here in Kadoma yesterday (Monday), but I told them I would report today (yesterday). They agreed, so I will go today. I am not scared. Our country needs us to speak out against these ills,” he said.

In one video that has attracted 29 000 views on Facebook, Matombo calls on Mugabe to sack “your lazy ministers”.

“We do not want to talk to your representatives because they are liars. People are angry at you because of these ministers,” he says, showing what appears to be a transport yard littered with broken down trucks.

“I am sorry if you feel insulted, but this is how I feel.”

Mugabe has been in and out of the country since the beginning of the year, attracting the ire of opposition parties.

“Stop the incessant travels and come to the people. We want to tell you our problems. You should stop flying all over the world, including China, and come down to us,

so we can show you. I am a black businessman, who wants to contribute to the development of his country, but we have no money. We want to talk to you now and not wait to see you during campaigns. Your ministers only come here when they want support for their campaigns but disappear soon after,” he said.

Matombo urged Mugabe to fire Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, the President’s nephew.

“Mr President, what do I do with all these engineers? This is a black owned business that has come to a halt and our workers spend
days on end just sitting. Your ZimAsset policy has stalled. That other guy, who is talking about #thisflag may have differences with you, but I am speaking here as a businessman, who has been affected. We are being let down by your lazy ministers, especially the Indigenisation minister, we are tired of their behaviour,”he ranted.

After years of living in fear of Mugabe’s regime, many Zimbabweans seem to be emerging from their cocoons and are urging the 92-year-old leader to call time on his half a century long political career “for the good of the country”.


  1. MATOMBO..patronage yako to the president haabatsiri…the ministers and the president all have failed..dont call the ministers lazy,whilst sparing the one who appointed them to office..who is always out of the country-#mugabestopglobetrotting

    • Its very clear that this Matombo guy is pro-Mugabe and pro-ZANU PF. He just happens to be someone in a predicament and is crying for help. If a ZANU MP or Minister were to offer to bail him out, he would go with the flow.

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    • stop advertising, This site is not for that. Its for serious discussion on the plight of our once beautiful country

  3. Zimbabwe needs to do away with culture of laziness, corruption, violence against one another based on divergent political views. Let all ghost workers be flushed out, give drugs to hospitals, revive our once flourishing agriculture, revive our manufacturing sector, promote SMEs, reduce unnecessary imports, promote regional exports. Stop culture of threats and fear among yourself. Fear God and know that Zimbabwe is a beautiful country that belongs to us all

  4. We want zim to work stop critcising Matombo. He has done something. What have you done?

  5. Mugabe is on a mission to earn as much money as possible through allowances. They know very well that there will be no ZANU PF government, come 2018, otherwise there will be no country to talk about after all.

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  6. Zimbabwe is a cursed country. Oh God, where are you? Hear our prayers! For how long shall we keep on weeping crimson tears. What sin did we commit? Please tell us God.

    • WillaRd, Do not curse our lovely Zimbabwe for therein lies the future of our children & many generations to come. The country is not cursed, it’s a blessed country with criminals for leaders and cowards for citizens. We do not have a government in Zimbabwe but a mafia Kingdom.

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