AMHVoices: Zanu PF will not fight corruption

The exposure of corruption will help the ordinary Zimbabwean citizen to recapture their rights.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Rest assured though, it is a tough battle. The forces of evil will be hard to overcome. Do you think President Robert Mugabe’s family and his cronies want to stop enjoying the fruits of corruption?

My friends, Mugabe has been milking the system at the expense of the povo for two if not three decades.

We are dealing here with frightened people who do not want to be exposed with their hand in the cookie jar.

Corruptionforce puts this concept to all Zimbabweans that the country is being run or held to ransom by the elite, people connected and are beneficiaries of the Mugabe mafia — his cronies including top brass in the army, air force and police.

Well my friends it’s time we say enough is enough! We must move to rid this country of this cancer as accepted by Zanu PF. Corruptionforce in no way condones corruption. Corruption robs younger generations of a future.

There will be much violence and intimidation by Zanu PF to protect their gravy train. Mugabe will go to extraordinary lengths to protect his turf as any mafia godfather would.

Corruptionforce says to all Zimbabweans, violence, murder and intimidation is to be expected from Zanu PF. It is their way. So how do we beat this evil force? We must be like Muhammed Ali when he fought George Foreman. We must use the rope-a-dope tactic that is, we must absorb this coming violence like Ali did when fighting Foreman. Then when elections come in 2018 we must deliver the knock out blow like Ali did to Foreman. We must legitimately and non-violently vote Zanu PF out.

However, as one of the tenets of Corruptionforce is the rule of law we suggest to all those Zimbabweans that when violence etc. is delivered by Zanu PF you record all the details. If possible use your cellphones to photography the perpetrators so that in future the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

Once the elections are held then all those involved in violence can be brought to justice.

We already know of violence and intimidation in Mashonaland West.

Remember Zanu PF history confirms its violent and murderous ways. Since the Gukurahundi massacre Zanu PF has been murdering civilians. The culture has continued with the murder of innocent civilians on the diamond fields and others.



  1. Its amazing how we Zimbabweans keep on pinning our hope on a dead horse called elections. .How many times have we had elections and how many times has Mugabe lost them and still getting away with it..I think it’s time for something very different. ..This election thing is a wastage of time. ..let’s act now…Mugabe is not going anywhere in 2018.Forget it …mugabe will go through Iron and Blood.

    1. Rigayi Ikonomi

      It’s time for a new strategy!!!

  2. You dont think the government has put up spirited fight against CORRUPTION and LOST? Having admitted defeat all they can do is just watch it do as it pleases. Next is an announcement, that ..’we di our best but this corruption thing CANNOT BE DEFEATED. Please do not ask us to resign..How many times can we do this having resigned ourselves to this corruption thingy?”

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