AMHVoices:Mugabe, Zanu PF not your property

For President Robert Mugabe to say the War Veterans Association is an affiliate of Zanu PF, shows how he is getting lost in one room. His view is of the real devil at work, of trying to privatise a revolutionary party and share ownership with his wife, children and clan in front of blind party followers, to shame the devil.

By Gandanga,Our Reader

War vets are the roots  of Zanu PF and the real original Zanu PF
War vets are the roots of Zanu PF and the real original Zanu PF

We war vets are the roots of Zanu PF and the real original Zanu PF. The party was born out of a military establishment. Meaning it was a military party. It existed operating from a number of camps. In the wild forests of Zambia and later Mozambique. It was made up of military personnel only. Any ordinary person who wanted to become a Zanu PF member was welcomed, vetted and transformed from civilian to military life. Its members who were freedom fighters are the ones who introduced Zanu PF to the Zimbabwean population in all fours corners of the country, they mobilised and politicised the population to support them and their party.

The greed for power and wealth accumulation has made Mugabe a dictator. He never fired a single shot at the enemy during the entire Chimurenga war, but now wants to take Zanu PF as his property.

If age is disturbing his mind, his wife should remind him of what she once heard that Zanu PF was formed in Rhodesia in 1963. It went on to be banned and failed to exist in Rhodesia, but was later revived in Zambia in the absence of Mugabe by thousands of freedom fighters who went on to free Zimbabwe from colonial rule.

Zanu PF will never, never, never be your property Mugabe. Be warned it is not a heritage from your ancestors. It is a party for the majority of Zimbabwean people.

Unknown or known to Mugabe is that we no longer respect him. He created hostility between his family and us war vets by allowing his wife to hold rallies around the country attacking us left, right and centre for no crime committed. He later joined his wife to continue assaulting us. It is known the world over that enemies do not respect each other, but they fight, so let us continue fighting.

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  1. I am not a fan of bob but there is a genaral misconception by vets that they formed the party. the party sent vets to moza and it is well documented. I like the idea of putting vets in thier proper place . At least bob is dealing with one big mess he created which was going to haunt zim for a long time even after he is gone.The party, no matter what angle you look at the issue from, is superior to war vets. Vana vemusangano. Of course they were used and ended up believing the lie that they are superior but its time up.

  2. The problem is you played yourselves too much into him all these years…its a marriage you cannot disown today!

  3. MWARI pindirai mumadaka ese aya, munoaziva isu vana vezimbabwe takazvarwa, takaona zviripo asi imi ndimi munoita kuti tione ISHE WANGU ITAI TIONE UYE MAKAKATANWA AYA NGAAVE PASI PEMAPAPIRO ENYU MUGOTICHENGETEDZA PAZVINOITIKA. Takumbira kuti muyananise varwi vehondo yakatiwira, tinodzimaidza mweya yose yevakafira nyika isa pfuka ichishaisa zororo kunesu vasina chavanoziva. TINODA RUNYARARO MUNYIKA, UTANO, KUGARISANA SEHAMANEHAMA UYE NERUDO PAKATI PEDU ZVISINEYI NEMAONERO EDU.AMEN.

  4. ma war vets maipururudzira mbwa muchiti ishamwari ndizvozvo munochemera ani indai munogeza kurwizi uko chupeti

  5. Well documented Jonathan Moyo. You never disappoint but always keep to your words: “Destroying Zanu PF within”. By the time the zanoids realise, it will be too late bcoz they will be out off office and you supporting the opposition if not a member(mission accomplished). Thus the work of the learned professor I tell you. Watch this space

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  7. Delusional thinking by whoever wrote this piece.
    Zanu was formed by the civilians and the military wing came later and it was called Zanla. Zanu remained a civilian party and hence led by civilians.
    The war veterans are an affiliate and that’s correct.

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