Zimra bosses up for swindling State of $110 000


Three Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officials yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court charged with criminal abuse of office after allegedly undervaluing import duty on motor vehicles and swindling the State of $110 000.



The parastatal’s human resources and administration director, Sithokozile Mrerwa (47), internal audit director, Clive Charles Manjengwa (52) and loss control director, Charlton Chihuri (40) were not asked to plead when they appeared before provincial magistrate, Tendai Mahwe, who remanded them out of custody to May 31 on $500 bail each.

As part of their bail conditions, they were ordered to surrender their travel documents and to reside at their given addresses until the finalisation of the matter.

Allegations against Mrerwa are that on different dates between May and August last year and contrary to her duties, she connived with Timothy Simfukwe, a director of Eftrade Ventures (motor vehicle dealer and importer), and Liberty Tinashe Mahembe of Vonlet Trading (clearing agent) based at Beitbridge border post to have her Toyota Prado declared as a second-hand vehicle when, in fact, it was imported as a brand new vehicle.

The State alleges Mrerwa connived with Mahembe and Simfukwe to have the vehicle imported in her name instead of Efrtrade Ventures, with the aim of exerting pressure on junior officers at Zimra Beitbridge border post.

The junior staffers are then said to have acted according to the counterfeit import documents, thereby, giving Mrerwa a bigger discount in import duty than was due.

Allegations are that due to her actions, Mrerwa prejudiced the State of $24 156,17.

On the other hand, Majengwa and Chihuri are alleged to have used the same method, resulting in them prejudicing the State of $32 825,18 and $52 985,61 respectively.

The State alleges Majengwa undervalued a Toyota Landcruiser, while Chihuri is said to have undervalued two Toyota Landcruisers.

Sebastian Mutizirwa is appearing for the State.


  1. haa mungataure zve $110000 chete here..those figures are for ZIMRA junior officers not these bosses..however,i advocate for lengthy jail sentences for these people so as to send a trong warning to would be offenders..

  2. such arrests should have started long back. Our government took too long to act on corruption. Asi better late than never. Keep the accelarator down. Hurumende isadzora tsvimbo nokuti gudo rabata kumeso.

  3. Hanzi Pasi akaresva kuti akatenga 2015 Toyota landcruiser V8 yaka delare kubordeer ichinzi i Toyota Raum. Vakomana Pasi aida kuita mushikashika ne Landcruiser? vanhu vebudiriro vanga vapinda.kkk

  4. Ndafara mhan. Chihuri ndeupi uyu. Loss Control Director???? Kurongerana mabasa zvakunoita. Tsotsi kunzi loss control director.

    Bringing the profession into disrepute. Border rose kuita animal kingdom. kkkkk.

    Ngazvinde. Plea case iyi. Muirase tione. Majaira stereki.

  5. In all government enterprises nepotism chete. Zvino rimwe gore rimwe dzinza rese richaenda mujeri.

  6. ”Sebastian Mutizirwa is appearing for the State” Aah ”Ngonjo”!!! Its nice see some of our footballers having a productive life after hanging their boots. Good for you man,

  7. The ZIMRA SAGA is too complex to solve. Problem is where can We (Ordinary Citizens ) report the horrible extortion we encounter every day??.

    Enda undoedza ku clear kamota kako from Japan nhasi chaiye ku B/bridge ke $3,000 and see what happens. Duty calculated (abt $3.300) and ypu pay everything but kana usati wadonhedza something NO cert. of Clearance – HAIBUDI!!!
    Kungotaurawo hangu

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