ZimPF targets Zanu PF strongholds


Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) Chitungwiza co-ordinator Marakia Bomani, has said his party was targeting Zanu PF strongholds in rural areas as urban voters had already rejected the ruling party since 2000 when the opposition MDC-T snatched its first parliamentary seats.



Speaking to NewsDay over the weekend, Bomani said ZimPF was aware that Zanu PF was prone to using violence “as their policing tool” and that his party was peace loving although it was not going to be a stroll in the park campaigning in the rural areas”.

“Zanu PF has lost the plot. I strongly think the only way forward for Zimbabwe is ZimPF and as a political party we should put all our efforts to campaign in the rural areas, which happen to be Zanu PF’s strongholds,” he said.

“Some of our members are going to risk their lives especially in the rural areas where I think we should stop fearing Zanu PF.

We know that Zanu PF is very good at making people that don’t support it miserable. But this is the price we should be prepared to pay.”

Asked how they were going to penetrate the rural areas given recent reports that ZimPF party leader Joice Mujuru has already faced fierce resistance from State security agents, Bomani said: “How did Zipra and Zanla forces remove the Smith government? They had to sacrifice their lives.

“Please don’t get me wrong, l am not saying we should start a war or civil unrest. What l am saying is all Zimbabweans are aware that (President Robert) Mugabe’s government will use any means necessary to stay in power.

For this reason alone, we should be prepared for the worst (and) this includes some (people) dying in order to free Zimbabwe.”

He said while he was fully behind calls for the opposition to unite, his greatest fear was that the opposition was spending too much time fighting for positions.

“This is causing opposition parties to break away. What we need right now is go back to the drawing board. Remember, Zanu PF is busy campaigning and bear in mind we are less than 24 months away from next election.”


  1. Zimpf this is yo best chance.Urban population will vote MT.Bhora Musango team is already out there in rural areas campaigning for ZimPf.The team will ensure that Mai JM will be the next president.This is the only way to remove Cde Mugabe.The war vets and the generals are all in support of Mai Mujuru.They think that if Tsvangirai is to win the elections,he will not recognise the war veterans.So it ws agreed that it is better to convince Zanupf supporters to vote Zimpf. early election is possible because 180 Zanupf MPs will dump Zanupf fo Zimpf before the end of August.Mugabe will not have option but to dissolve parliament and call for fresh election.Zimbabwe this is our chance to remove Mugabe.We are all suffering.

    • Whats the real diference btn Zimpf and ZanuPf? coz those guys actually never left the ruling party out of their own free will but were “booted” out.

  2. One thing fo sure MT need to do much in rural areas.The last election ws rejected in rural areas and even some in Hre also rejected him.What surprises me is that Mai Mujuru is yet to address any political rally but pple already talking about her.It seems she is popular than Makoni,Biti,Mangoma,Madhuku and Dzinemunhenzva.Why is it so?

  3. Zimpf elective congress is on the 7th of Oct but Mai Mujuru is all over in the media both local and international.Why?Is she popular with the electorate?Wht are her chances for winning the 2018 elections?For answers,join her live on Zifm today at 1930hrs

  4. If 24 months are inadequate for proper campaign, why are procrastinating Mr Bomani? Start campaigning right now?

  5. Zpf is an technical fault in huge Zanu pf aganst frustrated MDC. We desire You Mujuru to fight on in the rurals we(mdc) failed dismally .as for you Bomani we say keep on soldering

  6. Strategy is whatt you have Bomani and yr party. Progressive zimababweans support you and your call for unity. its not about numbers fisrt but strategy first.

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