Zimbabwe introduces bond notes

ZIMBABWE yesterday said it would soon introduce bond notes valued at $200 million among several other measures designed to ease an acute shortage of cash, amid fears the move was a subtle way of bringing back the long-discarded Zimbabwe dollar through the backdoor.


Announcing the new policy measures, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya said the new Zimbabwe bond notes would be in denominations of $2, $5, $10 and $20 and would be introduced in two months’ time.

“The Zimbabwe Bond Notes of denominations of $2, $5, $10 and $20 shall, therefore, be introduced in future, as extension of the current family of bond coins for ease portability in view of size of the USD200 million backed facility,” Mangudya said.

“The facility shall also be used to discount trade-related paper in order to provide liquidity for business trading operations.”

He said retailers and wholesalers would be compelled to have multi-currency pricing of goods and point-of-sale machines to increase the use of plastic money and also spur the usage of other currencies in the multi-currency basket.

Mangudya also introduced a tight cap on daily cash withdrawals with the public now only able to withdraw a maximum of $1 000, €1 000 and R20 000 from their accounts.

“There is no harm in bringing (back) your currency provided the fundamentals are right,” Mangudya said, adding currently, the fundamentals were wrong.

Local authorities, government departments and utilities will be compelled to use point-of-sale machines to reduce demand for cash as the RBZ has also introduced import priority measures to boost local production and stem imports.

Mangudya said with effect from today, 40% of all new United States dollar foreign exchange receipts from exports of goods and services, including tobacco and gold sales, would be converted by RBZ at the official exchange rate to the rand and 10% to the euro.

“The policy measure is designed to ensure that we spread the demand for cash among a wide range of currencies in order to mitigate against concentration risk,” he said.

He said RBZ has established a $200 million Stabilisation and Incentive Support Facility to cushion against high demand for foreign exchange and provide an incentive facility of 5% on all foreign exchange receipts, including tobacco and gold proceeds. The facility is supported by the African Export-Import Bank.

“In order to mitigate against possible abuse of this facility through capital flight, the facility shall be granted to qualifying foreign exchange earners in bond coins and notes which shall continue to operate alongside other currencies and at par to the dollar,” Mangudya said.

He said priority would be given to the importation of raw materials or machinery, strategic goods such as basic foodstuffs, agrochemicals and payment of services not available locally.

Asked what action would be taken against non-compliant retailers and wholesalers, Mangudya said the RBZ would use the Anti-Money Laundering Act to enforce the new regulations.

“We are working with banks and retailers. We want to ensure that we use the stick as a last resort. Right now, we want to use the carrot,” he said.

Mangudya said the balance of payments position had been deteriorating from 2011 averaging a negative of $2,5 billion per year. In the period 2004-2006, the negative balance of payments was $400 million per year.

The balance of payments is the difference in the total value between payments into and out of the country over a period.

Mangudya added that the new measures would go a long way in easing the liquidity crisis while curtailing import dependence and restoring confidence in the multi-currency system and banking sector.

The RBZ introduced bond coins in December 2014 provide loose change to Zimbabweans who were rounding off prices to the next dollar.

The bond coins already in circulation are in denominations of 1 cent, 5c, 10c, 25c and 50c.

Locals are still sceptical of their government and have often resisted attempts to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar which they blame for the loss of their savings during the hyper inflationary period before the switch over to the multi-currency system in 2009.

Zimbabwe has been going through a biting cash crisis since the beginning of the year as banks fail to meet the demand for cash. This has seen banks in the interim putting a cap on withdrawals.

Statistics from RBZ show the currency utilisation levels of the US$ have risen to the current 95% from 49% in 2009.

This has increased the demand for the US$ as other currencies in the basket were elbowed out.

So severe is the cash crisis that a survey by NewsDay yesterday showed that a number of parents were struggling to pay school fees and forcing families to reduce on groceries and borrow more money, leading into more debt.

“There are workmates of mine using some banks which are limiting withdrawals to $200 a day. The result is that
they have failed to pay school fees for their children, cover up some credit and settle debts. Some of them ask for cash advances for bus fare from our bosses who deduct the amounts from their salaries at the end of the month,” said a man who preferred to be called Joshua, a security guard in Harare.

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  1. zim dollar radzoka zvakare by the back door. They will keep on printing the bond notes to fund their corrupt activities.

    1. pick-pocketing the poor

  2. Gideon Gono’s ghost has risen to come & haunt poor Zimbos once again, we are surely headed for the graveyard never to return this time

  3. Zvatanga nxaaaaaaa!

  4. Apa school head wepaFrancis Aphiri school Masvingo adzinga vana vechikoro vasati vabhadhara fees. Ivo vabereki vari mumitsetse yemabank . Vamwe vadzidzisi varikumaruzevha vanozokwanisa kumira pamutsetse paweekend kuti vatorewo bonus asi vana vatodzingwa chikoro kare. VaDokora huyai vanhu vaye vatanga!

    1. Dokora is the wrong person to call.

  5. its clear zvinotoda tsvangirayi izvi

  6. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    The glaring reality is that very soon we would have nothing in the shops.The 2008 scenario is with us we like it or not.Very soon those bonds coins are going to flood banks,the next step would be printing of notes,after the dealers would had mopped all the foreign currency from the banks.Mugabe is taking the population for granted,The patience of the population is being stretched to the limit for the second time.The reintroduction of the Zim currency is being re introduced behind the back door when the reasons for its withdrawal have not been fully addressed.

  7. Mapostori kwakumberi.Makamboporofita zvekuti Mugabe achatonga in 1924 zvikaitika.Ndanga ndichiverenga kuti makaporofita kuti ZANU ichahwina 2013 elections MDC yodyiwa zvikaitika .Makataura nezvezim dollar nhasi zvaitika.Saka pliz tiuzeyi kuri kuenda nyika tavakuda kuziva nekuteerera manje

  8. Haa Zanu matadza kutonga nyika.Mwari dai matinzwirawo tsitsi Jehovah wehondo Farao uye atanga.

  9. ZanuPF admit It That you have failed. You have just perfected the mobile money and plastic money to make more efficient and reliable or make it more affordable. The reason why we are not using mobile money is because it is too expensive. ZANUPF thank you gain for destroying our nation.

  10. ZanuPF admit It That you have failed. You have just perfected the mobile money and plastic money to make more efficient and reliable or make it more affordable. The reason why we are not using mobile money is because it is too expensive. ZANUPF thank you gain for destroying our nation. Maone my fellow Zimbabweans

  11. Mwari pindirai.

  12. That’s the right way forward. Taizosvika kupi neUS$? In fact, vakatononoka.

    1. Chipas go back to school you cant see beyond your own nose.

  13. Knowing Zimbabweans the USD in the informal sector is NEVER going to find its way into the banking system. Since our “prophets” predicted flowers and roses, 24hr shopping like New York and as usual completely missed, let me make my prophecy…

    All businesses are going to keep whatever USD they are generating and not send it to the banks, this will worsen the situation and the bond notes will be all that is available for ALL transactions as the USD will be mopped from the people. By December this year we will be completely using bond notes and the situation will be exactly like 2008.
    Good luck.

  14. you are a fool chipas. is it because you and your zanu chiefs will be the only ones having a hand in the remaining us dollar. do you think mugabe will be using these bond monies. how many zanu thiefs will be using these. not even the the guy who is introducing them will ever hold them in his hand. these bond things are for you the useless povo of zimbabwe. zanu always believed in povo and will always increase the number of povo like you. and there will always be happy to have millions of stupid people like you

  15. Unless they state a certain percentage of bond to usa per every transaction .Like a mixture of 30% bond 70% usa per every transaction.
    The rest is history

  16. machakachaka



  18. ma bond aya awunza bondage

  19. At first they used to say bond coins where to easy changes when buying now why introduce higher denomination for what we dont your worthless bond coins Please Zimbabweans lets unity and finish this useless gvt once and for all.lets not be used by these robbers.

  20. Gilbert Wozhele

    There is no harm in bringing back your currency provided the fundamentals are right. This makes sense in the economic sense. if we can have practical economic view we should embrace this with positive mind. what is important is to make sure that we are still be able to trade internationally after having all the changes.

  21. Gilbert Wozhele

    There is no harm in bringing back your currency provided the fundamentals are right, lets embrace the move with positive, this is practical economics. If the move will allow us to remain competitive on the international trade, it will be okay.

    1. The Reserve Bank Governor has lied to us just as Gono and the whole of ZPF have. Time and time again. How dare he try to justify anything. If Mangudya was hald a real man he would stand up and tell us exactly why our balance of payments is out of kilter and because he hasn’t I will: It is because Zanu PF have failed in everything, plundered everything, misgoverned everything and oppresses anything dissenting to their evil ways. etc etc. It is time Zimbabwe…..Zvakwana! Simuka Zimbabwe

    2. But Mangudya admits that the fundamentals are wrong so what?

    3. Mukanya waSvosve

      But the fundamentals are not right. So why do you call this practical economics? Do you know economics at all?

  22. So how will we do it. Does it mean one has to open a Rand account, a Euro Account and a Bond Account. How are they going to mix them in one account? Just asking. Vanoziva tiudzeiwo.

  23. royal sheikh

    Please niggas, spare us. f**k this country.

  24. What failure, even the poorest country on the planet with the dumbest finance minister & central bank governor knows how to at least manage their own currency. Anyway with a 92 year old president at the helm of the nation, these are the end results

  25. Just wanna know what will happen if I want to go and shop in SA but have these bond things….

    1. You will be chased out of the country!!

  26. Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results! Nothing new on this and Zimbabweans already know the results ~ shortages of basic commodities, the black market and NHAMO!! Can’t imagine how this will end considering the current drought! We import even the simplest of products matches, razor blades, sweets etc can u imagine Mohammed mussa accepting these bond notes? how will he restock without forex. Kudzokera ku Egypt the land of captivity uku! Let me take this opportunity to welcome Zimbabwe back to HELL! Makorokoto

  27. Smith akamuka kwaakafa anotiseka kuti saka ndizvo zvamakarwira hondo here kuti mutambudzane

  28. Back to 2008 Era

    Mangudya has pressed the wrong button here, what happens when one have excess bond notes in hand and have to go and buy outside the country, he goes to the bank to convert his bond notes to US dollars, the bank tells him they have no USD, the only option is Vakoma ve change money, those boys vanenge vakuti Bond totora ne 1USD as to 1.5 Bond or what whatever he may deem necessry. Ipapo ma1 anenge atanga manje. ho ho ho

  29. They can print their bond notes but I personally will not touch them!!!

    1. ucharishandisa chete…vakomana vakatotora ma USD vakaviga kuma offshore accounts…igore rezvihuta iri…

  30. Rand riya raitukwa rakuchishanda manje…vanhu vaisema vanhu vanoshandira joni vachiti rakawa…tichaona kuti chakawa chii…but Governor matirwadza…nemanakiro anoita USD ka…mxm

  31. Huyai timbodzosa vanenjere vana Tsvangirai ava… Gay 40 featuring the whore, supported by the fossil havangazvigone izvi. Hazvisi zvekugona kutaura izvi ndezvekugona kufunga.

  32. tazomama manje

  33. Tawanda wezhira

    Hey you people, why can’t we look at the positive side. These currencies will be used using the official rates with no complications, and as for the bond notes, they will be equivalent to the USD notes. If we surely, look at this positively, it will ease the whole of our transactions. While it is good to question things, I think it’s very bad, very destructive, very retrogressive to criticise everything just for the sake of criticising.
    Of course, there is a lot of mess in the government but at least governer is providing solutions to the unending cash demands.

    1. Critical Ally

      Kikiki can you buy goods in South Africa with your bank paper, dont be stupid enuf to fall for this. Are you going to buy goods in the shops and expect the shop to refill the imported stock. The next thing is that shops are to run dry Papa wake up wezhira and smell the shit Zanu PF is cooking

    2. Nhaiwe Wezhira, pauchada kuinda Joni wakuda maRands kana ma USA, uchaapihwa here kana kuti uchapuhwa bond paper iwe wakadepositer maRands. Pafunge

  34. its time we leave zimbabwe to the real owners you continue to ravage the poor and hardworking for thier own gains ……where has the money gone full stop????????they can have it to its fulliest, let them have it all, isu ngatibaye… zvakwana

  35. Critical Ally

    inonzi keep them Busy strategy. imi muri busy kuita Majokes ezviuta ivo vari busy kuprinter Bond Notes (paper) Zim Dollar Reloaded, Munovadini. With a 92 year old President what else do you expect. Back to 2008 era

  36. Critical Ally

    Hey will you still be able to use your master card?

    1. Tawanda weshira

      Why not, handiti bond notes are just for easing the cash crisis? They just represent the value of USD amounts in your bank account

  37. these papers will bank roll zanu 2018 polls campaign -remeber to do good always tomorrow is another day count today

  38. heya Rand radhakwa murikutambura kuJoni zvino zvadzoka zveh I was in Harare last month ndikashainirwa nemaRands angu. The reality is Zimbabwe yakadhakwa economic weather yeko haitembeke ehe kuSA leadership ndoyakadhakwa but pakubata finance kurinani kubva 1994 havasati vambochinja currency madii kumbotraya maRands pamwe crisis ingambopera coz 2008 yakuuya futi zvekare or GNU coz Zanu yatadza.

  39. true mudara herby. its all about how to cheat people so as to win the already lost election. remember the stolen diamonds by their “minister of finance” orbet mpofu during the gnu to bankroll the 2013 election, and now they are doing the same to prepare for the 2018. remember gono did it for them in 2008 and we are paying for it now. its serious that we can live under these people who have no conscience in the name of zanu

  40. This is just a ploy to fund the ZANU campaign and to fatten the pockets of their cronies. To hell with the povo and their poverty. Cry my beloved country

  41. Nhamo Yatanga Chihuta

    Nhamo iya yatanga,this is the beginning, even takuenda ku hyper inflation era, Va Gono vakatanga ku printa ma traveller’s cheques, then bearer. Now that the rich have looted all the monies they are introducing trash to us kuti ivo vagokwanisa ku financer their evil ways, remember elections are juss around the corner and real money is needed for campaigning, nhamo iya yatanga, tichaponderana USA iri, we are always in the receiving end!

  42. Pakaipa ,dont call them bond notes ,but rather come to point ZIM$$ ,for the reasons for bond coins ar completely different from these notes . Notes are as a result of a failed economy while bond coins somehow to easy change problem

  43. Whats the logic of having a bond notes that represent US dollars that don’t exist? This is how the USD black market is created. Its going to be back to square one 2008 style, some people never learn

  44. Great news lets celebrate this. Pamberi nemabond notes. Always kushora isn’t we did the same when bond coins wr introduced but now we use them. Look at the bright side and lets walk expecting. Zimbabawe will never be the same lets celebrate what we have. Shandai nesimba hapana munhu anofa nekushanda. Let love lead. #zims_new_generation Those asking about visa cards, shopping overseas etc hanti ndobasa reExchange Bureu, dzidzai and understand this before commenting.

  45. Pliz pliz ndapota.regai kutipa zim dollar!mangudya,mugabe,chinamasa,muri vakuru tinozviziva.tiregerereiwo.once u introduce,nyika ino yafa.remember,the fundamentals are so where are yo combined reasonings?dnt just focus on 2018:for once,focus on yo country,pliz!

  46. 2018 asvika maDzimbabwe ende muchamama. They are increasing money suplly to fund their elections.Havana kupusa vanhu ava and most Zimbabweans fear to protest. Vakuru vedu imi ana amai nanababa vanova ana sekuru vanhasi l blame you ndimi makaramba makanyarara zvinhu zvichidhakwa. Honai kwazvasvika manje……kuno kuItaly tatomirira Uefa final..mamai ikoko makapisira mudhara wangu mumba. WAKE UP ZIMBABWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Pliz pliz ndapota.regai kutipa zim dollar!mangudya,mugabe,chinamasa,muri vakuru tinozviziva.tiregerereiwo.once u introduce,nyika ino yafa.remember,the fundamentals are wrong so where are yo combined reasonings?dnt just focus on 2018:for once,focus on yo country,pliz!

  48. ma zimbo makwara.zviri pachena kuti pakudiwa hondo yeru sununguko.action


      hondo ndiyo yava kudiwa. its very easy. whereever kwauri lets destroy anything chinechekuita nehurumende


      hondo ndiyo yava kudiwa. its very easy. whereever kwauri lets destroy anything chinechekuita nehurumende . ukazoona chihuta chavakutengwa nezim $ ndipo pauchavona Makandiwa haasi Mwari

  49. yaaaa 2008 adzoka

  50. They want to print money for the elections. How could they do this to people surely? Just so they stay in power and wreck whatever is left of the economy.

  51. Another drive kumawere by the Governor. regai timboona zvedu.

  52. This stupid govt wants to clear IMF arrears by taking all real US$ notes from the market and giving us toilet paper in return. Meanwhile $15bn remains unaccounted for and there is no investigation in progress currently (if there is, it has not been publicised).

    I suspect ZPF politicians and some shrewd business people moved $15bn out of the country. If I had lots of US$ I’d do the same.

    Mangudya – why lie to us that rolls of toilet paper are more portable than the US$? The coins had some rationale but notes? Kunyepa. Let’s flush this rubbish of a govt down a pit latrine!!

  53. you guys the bond notes will be just as good as the USD…HAPANA kana chakaipa apa. this will certainly help to easy cash shortages..mabond notes atotinonokerawo isu aghh…

  54. now we have the potential to grow our economy under the circumstances available. this is a brilliant move dr Mangudhla

  55. Tanaka Honest

    Zimbabweans are not going to accept bond notes. High rate yadzoka!!!!!!

  56. I have no sympathy for us anymore, our complacency and failure to take action has resulted in this mess, we can blame government all we want but even when the universe has given us chances to make a change we have done nothing….a march was held not even a month ago but our pride couldn’t even allow us to March because some are not supporters of “MDC” yet the whole point of teh March was to march against the missing 15 billion, I’m fed up guys, fed up of this nonsense fed up of people who think there is nothing wrong with this system and fed up of the fact that we are just sitting ducks who have allowed a few people to dictate our future and our childrens furture, and yet even as i type this nothing will happen WHY because even when someone tries to speak up all we do is break them down, we don’t support anyone. JUST FED UP!!!!

  57. where are we heading as the nation, God forbid.

  58. unobva washaya kuti zvikumbofamba sei?

  59. where really heading as the nation, God forbid .

  60. @jaison tan et al; these bond notes will be introduced with a face value (not necessarily market value) equal to the US dollar but as they increase their volumes their market value will fall and the US dollar will disappear from our pockets. So as time goes on we will have the 2008 scenario. Don’t expect anything positive.

  61. yaa,.. its the beggining of the end. its high noon here in zimbabwe economically. imagine the current political turmoil arround the country, then this shit happens. l cry my beloved zim of the early 80s

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  63. Willard Mubvumbi

    Indians are worsening the situation. They dont deposit cash in banks.

  64. njuga dzehondo

    handioni zvine msoro ini uku ndookumama nenhamo.why not fixing the problem tiwane us$ racho panekuita tombosanodai.uku kugumirwa nepfungwa.kutonga kwarema inga takura wani.

  65. i agree that there is weakness in everyone’s strength but zimbabwe’s economic melt down is evidant the world over. economical thieves, political thieves. judicial thieves. every sector has thieves eish what a freaky country. l wonder if we are africans or we are afri can’ts

  66. Shaik Gupta Wicknell

    Wotonzwa maporofita saying all is well, year of fruitfullness, multiplication of bond notes. kikikkkkkkk

  67. Gresham’s law
    In economics, Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good”. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will disappear from circulation.[1][2]

    The law was named in 1860 by Henry Dunning Macleod, after Sir Thomas Gresham (1519–1579), who was an English financier during the Tudor dynasty. However, there are numerous predecessors. The law had been stated earlier by Nicolaus Copernicus; for this reason, it is occasionally known as the Copernicus Law.[3][4] It was also stated in the 14th century, by Nicole Oresme in a treatise c.1350,[5] and by jurist and historian Al-Maqrizi (1364–1442) in the Mamluk Empire;[6] and noted by Aristophanes in his play The Frogs, which dates from around the end of the 5th century BC.

  68. kupasa chikoro nekupasa hupenyu zvinhu two zvakatosiyana. an educated fool is very dangerous to self , family , society , country , nation and the world at large. dokora is another additional educated fool

  69. Zanu pf is the problem.what we see is what we get. Handeyi nayo nhamo

  70. Vadokora, huyai kuMasvingo , vanhu vaye vatanga. Francis Aphiri primary school head has dismissed three quarters of school children for not paying school fees by yesterday in violation of ministerial directive not to dismiss children. Parents are in bank queues trying to withdraw cash and make payments yet this headmaster is busy chasing away children as young as ECD ages.

  71. Typical of many Zimbos, they are so-called highly literate but very irrational and irritatingly slow in catching up the sense of things meant to benefit them. When the bond coins were introduced many blacks initially shunned them when whites and their business entities were accepting and preferring them to Rand coins because they knew the more bond coins they took the more legal claim they lay on the USD50m bonding. This time around the same short-sighted fellow country men are busy hurling insults and expressing very silly Zimdollar phobia while those with common sense are seeing great opportunity

  72. in as much as u don’t read you will die ignorant..Thirst for violence you will reap dissolution,if my father died in the liberation struggle l will die in the economic liberation struggle…l dream of a city with people of vision incapacitated with the enormity of despondency

  73. Musadaro so Mdara Muda kuuraya nyika zvese nevanhu

  74. bible prophecy

    all these calamities marks the end of the time. To those who believe in the bible prophecy its time to pray and get ready for the messiah. We can say a lot of things expressing our feelings but God knows all. We need to truely commit our lives as zimbabweans in the hands of the lord jesus christ from the wolves.

  75. This marks the height of economic meltdown . Inevitable crisis will begin when you have a bag of bond notes and coins while yu go to yo bank change them to USD or Rand. Don’t be surprised to hear the bank teller say ‘ i’m sorry sir we are out of USD nd rands.’ At this juncture yu have one option left ( black market) yu are nw cross rating the bond. Back to 2007. Holy shit!

  76. Aaaaaah , Zimbabwe ma1

  77. ticha mama ne mhamo varume

  78. aah kunzima kuyabonakala people. Lingalahli ithemba

  79. Chitaitai polish

    Ewo-oo chineke nene mbano pofiakwi bondphobia dhemeti zimbabwe iya yonakidza ndava kuNigeria ndotodzoka chete mundichendekere mabond notes toda kuzovaraidza nguva nesuper!!! mangudya matuzvi ari muhuro seemhashu

  80. Chitaitai polish

    007 james bond notes kkkkkk!

  81. If i get almost every 1 correct here it seems like we complaining that this is a wrong move , and surprising enafu u hear some 1 saying this is to fatten themselves how do thy fatten them with something that carries no value ,some of us do we really know wat worsen the 2008 era

  82. Hunza US$ rako ndikupe bond paper (A4 sized rim of bond paper used for printing memos in the office nicely cut into smaller pieces). And you can have as many smaller pieces of this paper as you so wish….

    1. Bond notes is not the answer why are running out of us $

  83. It takes approximately 95 years to
    count from one to one billion in a single
    sitting. so effectively from the date aMugabe was born to now he would not be able have counted to $15 billion. Help him count his loses.

  84. Cant wait for the introduction of these notes ,not sure how it will help us ,if it didnt work in the past.Economically and Industrially we are worse off now than then!Just a matter of time before we have a proper collapse.It is defnitely coming before year end.Mark my words

  85. i wanted to pay feez fo my kid,ndakutombomira so that bond ropind&i keep real money.high rate yadzoka.they hav looted all the usd to finance their campain around the corner.wat more do we need,we hav honestly failed under the usd.coruption,luk east yavo&just no idea has brot us this far.pakaipa vehukama.food shortages&no delivery service ya 2008 is wat to expect.munangagwa why????u guys are consolidating power so that we bag u&hav an influence on povo.

  86. we gng bac to 2008 era

  87. mugabe magaro chaiwo


  89. madofo munonetsa tangai maziva kt bond note means what mozo commenta sezvo muchingogona ku commenta chete lyk movie critics hapana chamunogona except commenting

  90. Ya zim is a hell in earth bafethu lela xhegu elinguMugabe ufuna ukutshiya alibulele izwe lakithi, ungaphi ujesu makunjena bakithi? Esh

  91. Arnold Carlos

    Let us wait and see,, we give them a chance then we see how is it going to work!!!!!!!

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