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Mugabe to rule from grave: Grace


First Lady Grace Mugabe has come up with the most incredulous suggestion, proposing that her husband, President Robert Mugabe, should rule posthumously from his grave, as he was irreplaceable, as Zanu PF held its million-man march yesterday.



In a short, but animated speech to tens of thousands of ruling party supporters at the gathering, Grace quoted from the Bible, saying God had set Mugabe apart, as a “prophet to the nations”.

“The Bible tells us in Jeremiah chapter 5 verse 1: ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations’,” she said, punctuating her speech with some gospel music.

“President Mugabe is an unparalleled leader and because you have stuck to principle even in the face of sanctions, your people now believe you. We want you to remain our leader.”

Grace – who has previously said she would either push her 92-year-old husband to work in a wheelbarrow or that a special wheelchair be designed for him – then went a step further to suggest he should continue ruling even after his death.

“We want you to lead this country from your grave, while you lie at the National Heroes’ Acre,” she said to a combination of shock and ululations from the crowd, drawn from across the country to show solidarity with Mugabe.

Youth leader, Kudzai Chipanga took the fawning a notch higher, shouting that Mugabe should lead “till death do us part”.

For his part, Mugabe told those asking him to retire to “go hang”.

“The West want me to retire and the MDC-T as well, but we ask if this is goodwill,” he said.

“Do they really want me to go and rest or they are scared? Go and tell them I am not going anywhere. If the people say go, I will, but as long as I still feel strong enough and able to deliver, I will be here.”

Mugabe lashed out at party leaders fanning factionalism and seeking positions, describing the practice as treasonous.

“The groups that we hear are in the party, these are treasonous. That is a culture that is alien to Zanu PF and we have no idea where it is coming from,” he said.

“It must stop. There should never be these little groups and never listen to a leader who wants to push personal agendas.

“Come with your criticism, with your grievances into the party and let us openly discuss them. Even war veterans, they must not be seen to push a different political agenda from outside the structures of the party. We do not want that nonsense.”

Mugabe projected himself as a reluctant leader, who has always listened to the voice of the people and was literally forced onto the presidency.

“When we joined the party, we never asked for positions. We had to make do with what was assigned to us from the National Democratic Party, where I served as publicity secretary, Zapu the same, before Zanu was formed and I was appointed secretary-general,” he said.

“After the death of (former Zanu national chairman, Herbert) Chitepo and (Ndabaningi) Sithole was vacillating, I was asked to lead the party in Mozambique, but again I insisted that the people must choose their leaders. Until the Chimoio congress in 1977, we asked the likes of (Vice-President Emmerson) Mnangagwa and (Defence minister Sydney) Sekeramayi to join us and we gave them positions.

“We did not campaign for any position or go to traditional healers like some people do now.”

Vicious factional fights continue to gnaw at Zanu PF’s foundations, as senior party leaders look beyond Mugabe, who is battling old age and failing health.

Mnangagwa is considered by many as the frontrunner to succeed Mugabe, but a faction reportedly loyal to Grace is said to burning the midnight oil to torpedo his ambitions.

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  1. Tens of thousands doesn’t sound anywhere close to a million does it?

    I see contracdiction from this old man. He says if “people” say he should he will go BUT if he feels like he still can go on he will remain.

    He also talks about people not listening to leaders with personal agendas, he also has a personal agenda doesn’t he?

  2. There is a sordid truth to Graces rabid words. Mugabes genealogy means he will easily do another 10 years or more after 2018 elections. By then ma born free will be almost age 50 and we will still be getting subjected to these forced marches of rural folk in Harare. Mugabe has been the sole divisive force in Zanu since pre 1980 and the worst bad luck charm for Zim since 1980. He needs to be made to go now by any means necessary because he will never leave of his own volition and Grace is his political running mate so she must face same fate as hubby. Time for some radical kamikaze moves dear long suffering Zimbabweans the true patriots of this nation who want to see us prosper and become a great nation again. The 2018 elections won’t work as Zanu has got that in the bag already even if noone votes at all they will win by overwhelming majority. They are setting their own exam and marking it themselves how do they lose????!!!! Time for some Jihadist type heroes once again just like Chimurenga 1 and 2. Except that only one man needs to go not an entire army.

    • If you keep pushing and squeezing, eventually even a chicken will defend itself, even a mouse will bite you. Unlike Moi in Kenya, Mugabe is showing that he is blind to reason where power is concerned. Let us see what fate has in store for him.


  3. After the “Million man March” now what? Back to poverty, long bank queues, corruption @ NetOne unabated, corruption everywhere unabated. Cry my beloved country!
    Till then, I remain disappointed

  4. Maybe there will be a time when these Chipangas will say “dai takaziva kare takachinja’ vave kuona kunakida kuchaita Zim.

  5. Zvapera tamacha tochidii? What next. Aluta nekutambura. Groceries have gone up in supermarkets. Handei tione nayo nhamo. The industry sites is like a ghost town. Toendepi nhai?

  6. Grace is telling the truth – except she omitted to say Mugabe is already dead. He is walking dead now and nothing will change after he is buried.

  7. By quoting the bible, then the fast lady should understand that, the bible says, the dead have no part in the affairs of the living, the living cant even talk to the dead.So as much as she might tap on the ignorance of some people, that wish of hers is never gonna happen

  8. Newsday, dont lie, there were more millions of people not tens of thousand. Love your country by saying the truth

  9. My JEREMIAH 5:1 states: “People of Jerusalem, run through your streets!
    Look around! See for yourselves!
    Search the market place!
    Can you find one person who does what is right and tries to be faithful to God?
    If you can, the Lord will forgive Jerusalem.”
    (Good News Bible; Today’s English Version) 2004.

    Just a point of correction, “Mother of the Nation!”

  10. Mugabe is trying rewrite the political history of Zimbabwe so that the populace can buy in into his dictatorial tendencies. He is acutely aware that he was not elected to lead ZANU in the first place but was anointed by the likes of Edgar Tekere, Enos Nkala, and Maurice Nyagumbo Kumbirai Kangai who decided that he was the ideal person to lead the party. Now that most of this generation of politicians, including General Tongo, has been rendered redundant, he and his disciples are now making us believe he was thrust onto his position by divine intervention and can do as he wishes with the country. Edgar Tekere challenged him in the 1988 elections primarily because of this falsehood. While the idea of a vanguard party and unchallenged leadership might have been convenient during the liberation struggle, it has now lost its relevance and negates the basic principle of the right and freedom to select ones leadership. If he was an honest and principled person, as he claims to be, he would have relinquished power when he lost the elections in 2008. There is no justification whatsoever today for the continued and indefinite rule by a man who has outlived his usefulness to the welfare of the country. All the yellow bellied sycophants who believe he should rule forever have no place in the history of the country and have relinquished their participation in its future politics by default.

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  12. Please leaders you are simply missing it, we do not want to hear about your dog fights within the party and fights with opposition parties, what we want to hear is what you have done to revive our ailing economy, put a stop to corruption, resuscitate industries. We are tied of hearing stories that don’t bring back life to our dead economy. Please say something productive.

  13. ZPF and it’s leader couldn’t be further from those Old Testament Prophets if they tried. It very dangerous misusing and twisting scripture to suit the whim of man: any man.

  14. Compare the MDC-T demo & ZANU PF Youth March.The numbers are talking.This is exactly how ZANU PF ,a Peoples’ Party organises its votes & nasty people wld say its nikuvu / rigging.Go Hang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a thousand times

    • Your comparison is childish , MDC did not hijack school buses like ZANU PF did , MDC did not force people to close their markets . If not rigging and just by the numbers surely MDC would be in power by now considering the attendance at their rallies in 2013.

  15. HE ALREADY IS RULING FROM THE GRAVE AT LEAST FOR THE LAST TWO TERMS……our constitution actually needs to be amended to cater for him otherwise he shouldn’t be in the ofc

  16. Marching even everyday won’t bring cash into banks and food to our tables. Waste of resources.

  17. Her days are coming just watch the space every dog has it’s day that ‘s the reason she has got a degree dicreed with in short period

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  19. What else can you expect from the likes of Gire? Everything about her is phoney, not only her doctorate. Now she is insulting not only Zimbabweans but GOD through her blasphemy.

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