Mugabe march causes mayhem

An amateur picture showing one of the four grass-thatched houses that were allegedly torched by Zanu PF supporters in Zhombe, Midlands province, on Monday

THE Zanu PF youth league-led “million-man march” to perpetuate President Robert Mugabe’s rule has reportedly left a trail of destruction in some parts of the country after opposition activists had their houses burnt for snubbing the event, NewsDay has learnt.


An amateur picture showing one of the four grass-thatched houses that were allegedly torched by Zanu PF supporters in Zhombe, Midlands province, on Monday
An amateur picture showing one of the four grass-thatched houses that were allegedly torched by Zanu PF supporters in Zhombe, Midlands province, on Monday

It also emerged that thousands of Zanu PF youths were left stranded in Harare after the Wednesday event, which was a far cry from what party stalwarts had expected.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration also lost substantial amounts of money as the Zanu PF youths allegedly declined to pay toll fees for their “hired” buses, lorries and private vehicles at various toll plazas mounted along major highways leading to Harare.

The main opposition MDC-T yesterday claimed its supporters in rural Zhombe, Midlands province, had their homes torched by suspected Zanu PF activists for refusing to participate in the march, which failed to attract the targeted million supporters.

One of the affected MDC-T supporters told NewsDay that the incident happened on Monday night after they had refused to attend a preparatory meeting called for by Zanu PF.


The MDC-T activists said four grass-thatched houses belonging to one family were torched and the family members were now desperate as neighbours were shunning them for fear of political victimisation.

The attack came a month after Zanu PF supporters in Gutu threatened to unleash violence on opposition supporters ahead of the 2018 elections.

The ruling party supporters made the threats following a rally addressed by MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in Gutu a few weeks ago.

Last month, seven homesteads belonging to opposition Zimbabwe People First and Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe supporters were torched by suspected Zanu PF supporters in Manicland and Mashonaland East provinces as political tension mounts in most parts of the country ahead of the crunch polls.

Some of the houses that were torched by Zanu Pf supporters in Headlands
Some of the houses that were torched by Zanu Pf supporters in Headlands

But national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Charity Charamba yesterday said she had not yet received the report on the alleged arson.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed the incident.

“It’s true that some villagers in Zhombe were victimised for not attending the puerile Zanu PF march. In fact, we have received reports to the effect that some houses belonging to MDC supporters in Zhombe were burnt down by Zanu PF thugs. The MDC would like to strenuously and unreservedly condemn this act of barbarism and banditry. Zanu PF is a party of violence, intimidation and thuggery,” he said.

Some of the houses that were torched by Zanu Pf supporters in Headlands
Some of the houses that were torched by Zanu Pf supporters in Headlands

“No matter how much repression and suppression is brought upon the toiling masses of Zimbabwe by the crumbling Zanu PF regime, the MDC urges the people to democratically and fearlessly fight for the establishment of an equal and egalitarian society in which the rights of all citizens are upheld and respected.”

The party also released names of 37 mission, private and government schools whose buses had been commandeered to transport the Zanu PF youths to Harare for free.

This came as stranded Zanu PF youths bussed from different provinces were left baying for their party leaders’ blood after being dumped at various assembly points on empty stomachs after the event.

Some of the houses that were torched by Zanu Pf supporters in Headlands
Some of the houses that were torched by Zanu Pf supporters in Headlands

Soon after the solidarity event, NewsDay visited the assembly points where Zanu PF supporters from outside Harare were camped and witnessed stranded youths pondering their next move after they were left to find their way back home. Others said they were arranging with their families to send them money for transport.

The youths were gathered at Rufaro Stadium, Raylton Sports Club, East 24, National Sports Stadium and at an open space adjacent to the South African Embassy.

“We spent the whole day without having proper food and we only ate the food we took for the journey to Harare. We came here under the assumption that there would be food, but we were not given any. We were told we were supposed to have made our own arrangements,” a disgruntled Zanu PF youth from Manicaland, who refused to be named, said.

“Many people have gone to their relatives to be given food. Our worry is that they will get lost or they will not be here on time before we leave,” he said.

In other centres, people were just milling around waiting for promises made by their leadership concerning food.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF deputy youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga said his executive would meet soon to assess challenges faced by party members and work out modalities to assist them.

“We will be given a briefing today (yesterday) about yesterday’s (Wednesday) event. If there are others who faced challenges, then we will assist at the national level,” he said.


  1. The fact that you oppose ZANU PF munotsvaga twese netwekunyeba to discredit ZANU PF. Anyway that’s good for you as you will be pleasing your paymasters. Ndokuti paper ritengwe guys. Write what your supporters want to hear from you. You are at the helm of brainwashing the brains of opposition supporters. Vanofarawo so muchivanyebera huipi hwe ZANU PF.

    • You are free to read ZPF propaganda at the state “newspapers”, radios etc

      Most free-minded thinkers hardly read or listen to those. Theyre meant for those who rely on ZPF for any “thinking” like you nincom

    • You are right man, this paper is chronically ill due to lying. Even if they publish anything true now, people just say haiwao hamukazive here ka pepa ako. They are actually doing a great disservice to the journalism profession, its now a laughable trade, because any idiot can become a journalist unlike the medical profession. All in the above story kutsara tsara kwekahuku kane nzara. Abosolute nonsense. I am not a zanu pf supporter though, but this is the plain truths. I am also not an MDC admirer.

  2. You guys at Newsday are doing a wonderful job of reporting to please your paymasters. You did marketing for sure because you writes what your opposition parties and pay masters wants to hear. Good work indeed. Keep up brainwashing them with your lies and make them not to see the light. Vanofarawo kuudzwa zvekunyeba pamusoro pe ZANU PF and they won’t bother to find out the truth since they trust you.

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  6. When you bring together a large number of people unintended logistic challenges are bound to occur here and there. Therefore the phenomenon of stranded people reported above is expected. To say that nothing like that (stranded, no food etc) ever happened is also to avoid facing reality. All we should do as Zimbabweans is to remember that we are a democratic country and not a ONE PARTY STATE. Therefore we should be tolerant of people with different opinions WITHIN THE DIFFERENT PARTIES AND THEIR IDEOLOGIES (ZANU PF, MDC, Zim PF, etc) and especially between different political affiliations. WE ARE ALL ZIMBABWEANS and we should allow for diversity and plurality. WE SHOULD NOT FORCE ANYBODY TO SUPPORT OUR WAY OF LOOKING AT LIFE, RATHER SWEET TALK THEM. If you fail to convince them victimise them NOT. MEANWHILE THE POLITICAL ELITE SHOULD ENABLE THE LAW ENFORCERS (the police AND EVEN THE SECRET SERVICE) TO APPLY THE LAW IMPARTIALLY. ZANU PF people are not the only ones WORTHY to be called or TREATED as Zimbabweans, neither are the MDC or Zim PF people. We are all VANA VEVHU but with divergent views AND DIFFERENT TASTES. That is TRUE DEMOCRACY for you.

  7. If all Zimbabweans were the same as Icho above, Zimbabwe was going to be wonderful country to live in.

  8. I am actually surprised that there are sane human beings in this country who actually support zanupf!!!

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  9. What was the march about?
    Did it achieve its goals?

    ndibatei fasta fasta bond note risati rauya neniwo handiride

  10. So you mean it’s sane to support MDC which promised to embrace homosexuality when elected into power. Shame

  11. What was really the agenda for this march. I have been reading articles trying to get it but I seem not to get it. What were the results? The purpose was it achieved. Are the lives of those who marched going to change? Are the youth going to get jobs. Are the NEW farmers going to produce something from the farms so people dont starve? Are those who marched going to get their hard earned money easy from the banks? Are they not going to spend days in ques waiting to get a 50 dollar note. Are those who marched going to be spared the bond notes, sorry paper? I can go on and on but I guess the answers to all this is affirmative.

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