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Mugabe empties female prisons


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has pardoned all female prisoners throughout the country in a presidential amnesty.



In an amnesty published in Government Gazette No 36, general notice 85/2016, Mugabe pardoned all convicted female prisoners regardless of offences, with the exception of a few serving life sentences.

“A full remission of remaining imprisonment is, hereby, granted to all female prisoners regardless of offences committed, save for those sentenced to life imprisonment and to death,” part of the order reads.

Chikurubi Female Prison, which was home to 246 prisoners, released 139 inmates yesterday.

Some of the prisoners were due to serve lengthy jail terms for murder, fraud and armed robbery.

Those who remained behind are inmates still on remand and a few foreigners, who will be released to their respective governments.

Mosline Chakamufuna (25), who was sentenced two weeks ago to 10 years in prison for murdering her child, was one of the beneficiaries of the presidential pardon.

She joins Adlaidy Murombo (21), who was jailed for 10 years in 2014 for attempted murder, after striking her uncle with an iron bar in the eye.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) acting public relations officer, Superintendent Priscilla Mthembo said more than 2 000 inmates were likely to benefit from the latest presidential pardon.

“We don’t have the total figure at the moment because the verification process is still going on, but we expect over 2 000 prisoners to be released under the amnesty order issued by the President,” she said.

For male prisoners, Mugabe pardoned all those who are under the age of 18 regardless of offences committed, and those over the age of 60, who have served two-thirds of their prison terms and all inmates in open prison.

Terminally-ill prisoners, who were unlikely to survive their prison terms, were fully pardoned regardless of offences.

At Chikurubi Farm Prison, there was still uncertainty, as prison officers were still compiling names of beneficiaries, particularly those jailed for stocktheft, who have served a third of their sentence.

The officer-in-charge of the male prison, Superintendent Tonderai Magwaza, said so far, he had vetted 190 prisoners, who would be released.

Male inmates convicted of murder, rape, armed robbery and treason were not part of those pardoned.

The jail, which has a holding capacity of 560 inmates, currently has 681 prisoners.

Mthembo said the amnesty had the effect of decongesting the 46 prisons around the country, which were currently overpopulated by nearly 16%.

Currently, the correctional facilities have a population of 19 900 inmates, although their total holding capacity is just 17 000.

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  1. Grace ava kutonga manje. A murderer remains a murderer irrespective of their sex. This is a clear case of sex discrimination

  2. It’s either we have no money to continue feeding the inmates or we’re trying to create space for the next political prisoners for the coming elections

  3. What kind of logic is this? A murder be either female or male is a murderer and should not receive pardon. You cannot have blanket amnesty like that.

  4. Clever hey…released on condition munhu wese kuna amai….the logic is more women to mobilize votes for the chikka the ngwena suffers. Zanu always ahead of time whilst Jonono and Sir Wicknell are used to destruct you from seeing whats brewing.Goreradza ukowo atoramba mukadzi getting ready to come back take over as per agreement when surrendering wife. Who remains working for someone who has snatched your wife?

  5. Its actions like these that make me wish I were female, like it or not, Men are simply oppressed its just that society perceptions are running the day. I guess its politics at play always, What do you think is going through the minds of that male prisoner in for 5 years for theft to feed his family when he hears that if only he was female he would be out, I guess he would be thinking that he should have let his wife do the stealing, sigh I respect my women and always will but things like these really gets the spirits of a man down.

  6. how can u pardon murderers this is so sad. they are deserving male inmates who cld have received amnesty yet he give mhondi nxaa

  7. sekuru vakuda kungovhoterwa 2018 shuwa anedzakakwana cant pardon a murderer angoita 2 weeks mujail kutsvaga support yemadzimai nekuzoda kutambirwa kongonya pamaRALLY

  8. why should females get presidential pardon only, a murderer is a murderer it is the same title whether you r man or female, why should women get preferences in this case, i think as man this is the time we have to react to these actions, because before we know it, we r going to luz all the rights to women.this presidential pardon must be universal irregardless of you are male or female

  9. I don’t think he has a choice. These prisoners were starving in prison they government is so broke they cannot afford to feed the prisoners. All this is saving face because thy would not want reports of prisoners dying of hunger. Releasing murderers is such a bad decision.

  10. I think this is good . The President has left a mark. I think we must also forgive, forget, rehabilitae and reintegrate some offenders. Crimes are commited through emotions, ask me. However, other male offenders also deserve this. But thumbs up to the President. Chakana chakanaka. Let us not always comment negatively.

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  12. Thank you Mr president these people were suffering with no food to eat and a lot of work and abuse from the prison guards

  13. pardon is good but not for murderer who just serve 2weeks of ten year sentence. they want space for opposition parties in jail that’s all .

  14. guys chakana chakanaka weather its done na Mugabe na James or na Morgan ,he did a goo thing and we should just say thanks

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