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Mugabe calls war vets to order


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has cracked the whip and ordered war veterans to take part in the planned solidarity march organised for him by the Zanu PF youth league despite their earlier threats to boycott the event.



Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya confirmed the development yesterday.

“It is no longer a million-man march, but a parade that has been called by the President. Now as military people, we have decided that we will take part because it is our leader who has called on us and not some ideologically bankrupt group with ulterior motives,” he said, adding they could not defy a directive from their party leader
The Zanu PF youth league has been struggling to co-ordinate the march and in a last ditch attempt last week ordered provincial structures to marshal funds enough to transport 100 000 people each to the capital for the procession tentatively set for May 25.

Early this week, war veterans dismissed the planned march as a waste of resources at a time the majority of ordinary Zimbabweans were facing grinding poverty, but Mugabe flexed his muscle and reined them in.

“We are taking part to provide leadership and the ideological direction that was lacking. We feared it would have been hijacked by some people to push their own agenda. The planned march did not have the correct political ideology and a formula to mobilise people and we are going to provide that,” Mahiya said.

“It is basically the politburo, chaired by the President that has officially invited us and Zanu PF has its ways of raising funds. We always had a problem with the exclusion of war veterans in the planning for the march. But now we think this is the beginning of a proper political programme that should turn into economic programmes that benefit the people.”

Tensions between the youth league and war veterans, have been simmering for some time with both sides trading verbal spats.

This comes amid reports that a section of the youth league was supporting the G40 faction fronted by First Lady Grace Mugabe, while part of the war veterans’ association was sympathetic to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Both Mnangagwa and Grace are reportedly jostling to succeed Mugabe, although they have publicly denied harbouring such ambitions.

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  1. Let them match or parade and see if this will solve the cash crisis, create jobs and put food on the plate. The match or parade will coincide with the arrival of the bond notes. Maybe the marchers should be given free samples of the bond notes.

    • Perhaps ZANU PF and other political parties need to change their strategic of JUST Matching and THEN What next???? Matching AGAINST who???

    • I wish this march can be converted into a meaningful event. Like a million people to marching across harare picking up gabbage and clean up our filthy city. Than marching without focus and objective.

      Am failing to fathom what’s their objective here.???

      Kurwara kwemunhu kutsvaga uta mugate…..

  2. Idiotic as war veterans.What does make them believe their invitation to the useless million people march will change the initial purpose for this G40 program to let them parade their foolishness before the former but currently suedo Zanu PF leeadera?

  3. nhai mdhara mahiya zvese zviya zvamaibuda muchishora about the million man march zvachinja nekuti mugabe ndiye azokudedzai.haa iye mugabe chaakakudyisai chihombe

  4. Cheap is expensive! These sycophants (the young and the old alike) have been mentally colonized with simple goodies at the expense of calling for the redemption of their country back to it’s feet for self sustenance. Better slap me with the truth than kiss me with a lie. Personally. I rather die than make a fool of myself. Pathetic!

  5. How can you provide ideological leadership on a one day march? Mahiya do you know the meaning of that word, ideology or you just came across it on a newspaper you wanted to use in the mubush toilet kumba kwako?
    Last week you were saying you will never take part in a bankrupt project nhasi wavemo kkkkkk. You were saying war vets are not being prioritised but look mugabe has prioritised them by inviting them to a march in his honour hahahahahahaha.
    ukawana nguva mahiya udzidzire kukwana!!!

  6. Mugabe surely has some magical powers of some sort. The way outspoken Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda suddenly went silent these & days after the ‘indaba’ is mysterious and now the last hope we had in Mahiya as a voice of reason has been destroyed to pieces

  7. which youth i wonder__i am youth and would never in my right mind partake in these butt licking activities___im too busy trying to put food in my mums kitchen to care

  8. Marema ,mafuza,vanhu vasina kukwana,tigadzirirei nyika kwete zvamurikuita izvi,zvivanhu zvakanjisva namugabe,zvinongoswera zvichinetsana

  9. Kkkkkkkk. And the winner of the show is none other than Rrrrrrrrobert Rrrrrrrrr Geee Mugabeeeeee!!! Master dribbler I salute you. Muri mushina muhombe VaMugabe, Aiwa ndatenda hangu. The only think that can out-ply you is the economy…

    • Mugabe knows exactly what needs to be done to improve this economy. However, he is trapped into a situation where he can not make economic decisions without sacrificing his power base. It’s like someone who has planted land mines around his house to defend his possessions and forgets where he planted the landmines. That’s why the first thing needed for Zimbabwe is the demilitarization of the state. The patronage web is so wide and deep that it will take time to unravel even if Mugabe is no longer there. There is therefore need for a transitional arrangement which will result in recalibrating of the state, disinfecting the whole system, strengthening institutions of governance and bring back confidence in the electoral process. The modern day economy is run by the private sector, with government coming in to control bad behaviour of capital, which has a tendency of underpaying labour, creating pricing cartels, stifle competition through monopolies and oligopolies to the detriment of the small man and woman.

  10. I dont understand these so called WAR vets. Mahiya once said the march was a waste of state resources and even suggested the money should be used to support other programes that benefit the public and it sounded very good. Surprisingly he has changed his tone.
    Mahiya, are you saying that the fact that you have been invited by Mugabe changes the effects of the proposed march?. What benefits will come out of this proposed march? You war veterans are always looking for relevance and attention. Why do you think you are so special? Please know that times are changing and soon or later you will find yourselves in the dustbins of history.

  11. Simple maths. 100 000 people from each province. Say Harare province may not need transport.

    Meaning 9 provinces will need to transport 900 000 people to Harare.

    900 000 divided by 60 seater bus will require 15’000 bus trips. Say they mobilise 1000 buses meaning each bus has to do 15 trips and say each bus takes an average of 4 hours (conservative) to do a return trip. Each bus will need to run for 60hrs continuously to ferry its share of of the 900 000 people to be transported. That means the bus will need 2.5 days transporting people (non stop) before the actual march. Those transported first will need to be accommodated and fed before the March commences and another 2 days after the March to transport them back.

    Say 1million men actually make it for the March. If they do not march like soldiers, i.e. free walking, 1 person will occupy say 2 sq m (conservative). Therefore during the March the people will occupy as much as 2 000 000 sq m.

    We do not know where the March is going to start and end (more of a show of force more than anything else to send whatsapp pics etc I suppose) if they use Samora Machel road 100m (conservative) wide in the CBD the marchers will occupy a stretch of about 20km i.e from Kuwadzana to Harare central post office is 18km.

    So say the March starts at showground it means people will be spread to as far as National Sports Stadium and even beyond. If its a well controlled March and everyone is in the Bulawayo road people will stretch as far as Kuwadzana.

    Then the march starts to where I am not sure but say to Unity Square. The area covered by roads in the CBD is not even close to 2 000 000 sq m. It means all roads in the CBD will be full of marchers. This process of occupying the CBD may take up to 4 to 5 hours. Therefore the 25th will only be business of marchers no car or bus will be able to be driven.

    Ablution will be a nightmare.

    Conclusion: This is 1 march the police cannot sanction given the enormity of the logistics.

    • You worked this out well but the problem is you have done the said march organisers a favour as they will now use your post to workout the mammoth logistics they had not planned on. and where are they transporting these pple from. How long will it take to bring a supported from beit bridge, mudzi, vic falls, chiredzi, plumtree etc. Vana Mahiya are just talking rubbish. how does a march turn around the economy.

    • I wish this march can be converted into a meaningful event. Like a million people to marching across harare picking up gabbage and clean up our filthy city. Than marching without focus and objective.

      Am failing to fathom what’s their objective here.???

      Kurwara kwemunhu kutsvaga uta mugate…..

      Masukupeto. I vetto yu.
      Harare is going to me a nightmare. Its going to turn into a crisis. Looting. Rapping. Theft. Pickpocketing. Fighting. Littering. Alcoholism.sewarage explosions. Water shortages. Spreading of dieses. Starvation. All for what???

  12. Dont worry people its all a process of trying to preemptly prove the 2018 results. If the pro Bob march has more people than Tsvang demonstration will therefore imply that Bob has more support than Tsvang hence you cant protest the 2018 result. Jonso at work!!!

    • You worked this out well but the problem is you have done the said march organisers a favour as they will now use your post to workout the mammoth logistics they had not planned on. and where are they transporting these pple from. How long will it take to bring a supported from beit bridge, mudzi, vic falls, chiredzi, plumtree etc. Vana Mahiya are just talking rubbish. how does a march turn around the economy.

  13. It does not even surprise me to see how attentive is the president to matters that anchors him to power. Do you notice how he pays a deaf ear on national issues. He is not concerned about the crumbled economy but very quick to order the hungry people to take part on a worthless March. Zvimwe zviriku do have nenzara zvichimacha. I hope vana Cde Chatunga vanenge varipowo. Mahiya you have proved you are a war vet…..brain kutoshandisa dzakatopera RIM, dzenyu dzakasara kwamaka pedza huku nembudzi dzedu.

    • They are going to demand all transporters to ferry people into haarari( harare) . buses will be placed into and all the towns and the green bombers will pull vanhu from houses into buses.
      And wen in harare yu re dumped and all roads out of harare will be blocked for outgoing trffick until march is over. What yu eat. Where yu sleep.how yu survive its not their business.

  14. This could be the first time in history for a sitting (sleeping) president to “order” people to march for him! [March for me giddy up giddy up]

    A new record will be created – the largest turnout of idiots for no reason other than that they’ve been ordered to do so!!!


  16. It sounds like Mugabe requested this march to stroke his ego. Mugabe will then say these people like me to continue being president even at 94.

    • Newako: Just wondering why its important to March for a president who “won resoundingly” at a “legit” election. Do they doubt the election results.

  17. “War veterans”, “liberation”, “independence” blah blah blah. The country has no cash and people are being asked to march in solidarity??? Will that ease the cash shortage? During white rule the country was awash with cash. We might have to ask the British to come back and colonise us.

  18. i see that everyone now wants to undo Tsvangirai. Morgan you are powerful my friend. Zanu couldnt stomach what you did in Harare. I hear people first want to do the same. you are a leader indeed. the difference between your march and the rest is that in this one people will be forced to march and their leader will not be leading the way. as for war vets mugabe will continue pulling you by the noise until he makes you accept his wife as your leader. i see jabulani sibanda repenting from his bedroom coup story.

  19. i like the calculations masvukupete. ko pa15000 bus trips, pangashaikwa tsaona 1 or 2 here? just do the probability for us tinakirwe. asi vamwe vanofa chete!

    • Toti, Its basically impossible to have a 1 million man march. Mobilising money to cater for 100 000 people per province is just another way of those “mobilising” to make money. If the money is mobilised how is it going to be accounted for. Each province will claim they sent the most number of people (to make the King happy) therefore they used all the resources accumulated.

      Ungavadii hapana, ende hapana!!!!

      Anyways we are a country in love with zeros so maybe inflation yatotanga. kkkkkk

  20. VaMahiya ndimi mune yese baba war vet, zuro uno maipenga muchiti hee mgagao, hee denounce, hee, mukadzi wake chii, nhasi machinja maitiro futi, chinja uko, hezvoooo uko bwaaaaah is the only solution kwete zvese izvo.

  21. Does President Mugabe’s actions of forcing the people to drum up support for him by marching in the streets for elections that are two years away imply that his performance cannot talk on his behalf? Awesome! Forcing the people to justify the unjustifiable. Do all that is within your means bearing in mind that the plans belong to man but time and seasons belong to God. The battle is not our’s, but God’s.

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  23. I thought solving cash crisis and working on opening markets to export agric produce is a priority just as speaker of the house said.LETS PRAY FOR THIS NATION

  24. Let them do the Fools March, who cares. MuZimbabwe wongoziva kushandira mhuri yako chete. Things are tough. If only they could channel the resources to be used to poor starving people.

  25. What will happen if the war veterans join in the one million march.does it bring food on the table.does it change our economy for the better.trully wasting resources that could be used for feeding the people sufferring from hunger because of drought

  26. masvukupete aita basa atibatsira kuita estimation hatichanyepere kuti kwanga kuine vanhu 1million ivo vasingazadze rufaro stadium. But iyi yekuzoudza vanhu kuti march for me iyi ikazivikanwa haibudi zvakanaka… it really puts a red flag on the president’s integrity.

  27. Mawar vet you have proved kuti muri hoto dzevanhu wasting resourses zvamaiona nezuro nhasi zvachinja and mugabe akakudhomayi zveshuwa mongopeputswa any direction sehoto.saka apa picture yacho irikundinetsa mugabe ndiye anenge ari mberi here one million fools dzichitevera and 2 wer and 4rm wer and 4 wat and then wat kwava kupenga kwava kuita nyika uku mabva ikoko monodyeyi kumba uko zvarobert zvinenge zviriko kustate hse ko kwako vheji risina mafuta kkk

  28. hazvina kana basa izvo creat jobs.kwete kusweroita sepwere…come 2018 God will do his will

  29. mnangagwa addressd few pipo durng e workers day nd now they are sein that ey shld raise money to carry mor dan 100 000 so y ddnt they raizd money to carry pipo during the wekers day wen Mnangagwa was the guest o honour.thus unfairenss nd corruption cox as far as i noe they shldnt b a diffrnt btwn e prezdnt and his vise

  30. taneta nazvo zvisingaunzi pundutso mulife .ZANU pf has its own ways o mobilising funds??? wc ways r said here??? xvekupenga izvo.diz guys so cold war vets very few o dem have proper functioning minds,,, r d same pple who used to victimize d povo n rural areas drng 2008 elections and beyond.recently dey claimed to do whatever posble to remove Mugabe from pwr ,taking out kasukuwere, moyo and ada few stupids out o ZANU pf but look now, dey r going to d same event dey knw very well dat ts being organised n will b headed by d same idiots dey once wanted to b ousted from d party,,,, nthng less Dan confused cocrochiz n dark

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