MP, councillor clash over potholes

Our roads, infrastructure and public utilities are aging or have already aged

A KUWADZANA councillor has accused area legislator, Betty Kaseke of usurping his role and taking a leading role in patching potholes on local roads.


Resias Masunda told NewsDay that Kaseke had forcibly decorated construction trucks being used by sub-contractors for the council project with her banners inscribed “MP at work”.

“She took over the vehicles and plastered them with her banners to show that she is working. It is a campaign strategy to win the hearts of the people ahead of the 2018 election, which has nothing to do with service delivery,” he said.

But Kaseke hit back at Masunda, accusing him of failing to appreciate her work.

“I have donated a truck to augment what council is doing. I have tried to talk to that particular councillor, but he has not been forthcoming. Masunda has ignored me and that cannot then stop me from doing my work as an elected leader to make sure people’s concerns are addressed,” she said.

Kaseke was elected Zanu PF MP for the area last year following the recall of about 20 lawmakers by the MDC-T, while Masunda was elected on the opposition MDC-T ticket in 2013.
She said she had also sunk two boreholes that were due to be officially inaugurated for public use yesterday.

“I am actually on my way to the constituency to officially hand over two boreholes. The problem with these councillors is that they do not want to work, but have a tendency to cast aspersions on people trying to do something good. He does not want to co-operate despite the fact that after my election we met and agreed we would forget, for a while, our political differences and work together for the good of the community we are supposed to serve,” Kaseke said.

She said she was working well with Harare’s technocrats.

“I actually have a very good working relationship with city administrators and if the councillor is ignorant of that, then he has a problem. We did not begin with his ward and we are not ending there,” she said.

Council spokesperson, Michael Chideme was not available for comment.


  1. This Kaseke woman is a liar ,She did not pay pple who supplied with campaign material. She ran away and know she is coming back with this initiatives. Those involved musashandiswe munhu iyeye isveta simba . Tell her kuti pay first . Musazoti you were not warned. Pasi nevanoda kudya zvemahara.

  2. What we want are better roads. Rwirai muroad muchivhara mapothole we will not care. Provide a service or else leave. The stretch from Highlen Road into Kuwadzana is in a sorry state, not even a link into a ghost town will compare to it.

    • taura hako chati pwetete.the problem with us zimbos is that anything coming out from another who is not in your party is always bad.what is wrong with this mp patching potholes?if this councilor wants to compete with her then that’s fine.we want good roads and better infrastructure in our country not this politicking.nxaa.

  3. Yeaa itai but kunzi dzipakate handi kunzi ridza remember musha une varidzi, and dont lie to the community and dont do anything mumusha mevaridzi councilor is the owner of the ward

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  5. I don’t know if we actually have an MP or Councillor in Mufakose. Roads are in a sorry state and yet some people still wanna be voted into such positions? Like really?? The MP is actually from Glenview and never bothers about her constituency sad politics

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