Mnangagwa is his own worst enemy

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

IN response to Mnangagwa sabotaged: Team Lacoste claims: Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was and has never been sabotaged by anyone.

Zanu Insider,AMHVoices

The thing here is that Ngwena, as Mnangagwa is popularly known by his followers, is unpopular. He is his worst enemy.

He made a bed of thorns and now he should lie on it.

On two successive occasions, Mnangagwa was trounced by MDC-T’s Blessing Chebundo in the Kwekwe Central constituency. He was forced to abandon his constituency for Chirumhanzu-Zimbagwe — a constituency that was created specifically for him.

How many elections has he won, even in the Midlands, where he is regarded as the political godfather?

The grave mistake that we made in Zanu PF was to expel former Vice-President Joice Mujuru from the party and subsequently from government. She was a better candidate than everyone in Zanu PF to replace President Robert Mugabe. If she is to hold a Zimbabwe People First star rally today, Mujuru is going to attract multitudes. Mnangagwa or whoever is going to represent Zanu PF as a presidential candidate is not going to win elections, come 2018.

The Bhora Musango team, which includes war veterans, Gamatox, G40 and retired and serving service chiefs, is working flat out for a Mujuru victory.

They are running the show.

Come 2018, we shall have a female president.


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  2. Hauna nyaya iwe Hilary Clitnon was beaten by Obama during their primary presidential elections is running again wani…RGM was dismally rejected by the nation 2008 and even prior to that ari panyanga wani. If RGM was so confident that he is electable so why not electral reforms, why use the army if he was that confident…If Grace so loved by the people ahy bribe them during raliies hauna nyaya iwe go back to school of journalism

  3. Ngwena is far better than Mugabe though. Mugabe is a liability to -Zanu pf to the government to the region to his family and worst of all to himself. It may be too presumptuous to say Mujuru will win 2018. She is carrying a huge monkey on her back. She led to the most notorious caball in zanu pf. The likes of Jim kunaka and tendai savanhu who led a reign of terror in harare and Mbare in particular with chipangano. Dydmus mutasa killed Christpowers maisiri etc etc

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