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Minister in nasty bust-up with this flag pastor


Information Communication Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira was on Monday involved in a nasty brawl with activist, Evan Mawarire, a cleric fronting what has become known as #thisflag campaign.



Mawarire had appeared on Mandiwanzira’s ZiFM Stereo radio station with Zanu PF activist, Tafadzwa Musarara in a heated debate over the social media campaign to force government to “listen to the people’s voice”.

The cleric told NewsDay that he had been waylaid by Mandiwanzira, as he made his way out of the studio.

“Mandiwanzira was waiting for me outside the studio and began shouting at me. He called me all sorts of names and accused me of seeking to subvert the government. He was yelling and cursing, accusing me of abusing Cabinet ministers and seeking to make white people happy in order to destroy Zimbabwe. He said I must be taught a ‘lesson’.

He asked about my association with United States ambassador (Harry Thomas Junior),” he said.

Mawarire received support from callers, among them “Ambuya vaHector”, who recounted the horrors of the 2008 political violence as well as the financial losses incurred by pensioners.

“I have no savings, wiped out in 2008. People died, we cannot speak because we are scared. You know how people died in 2008 in areas like Mutoko and Murehwa. It was terrible. We are happy with the campaign and I am sure many people are supporting him (Mawarire). We want answers and we are supporting this campaign. At 62, I am still trying to buy and sell for survival, it’s hard,” the caller said.

Mawarire also confirmed a short video clip that has gone viral on social media networks, where Mandiwanzira is heard threatening to “remove” him (Mawarire) from microblogging site Twitter.

“I will remove you on Twitter. I will dismiss you,” the minister is heard angrily shouting at Mawarire in what appears to be in a corridor at ZiFM Stereo.

On his Twitter account, Mandiwanzira said: “Shocked that lying pastor brags on radio that he does work for government ministries and turns around to say ‘murikudya mega (you are enjoying on your own to the exclusion of everyone)’.

Mawarire yesterday said: “I am shaken. We are fed up and not scared anymore. When a minister waylays you and abuses you at the radio station he owns, then it is scary. I feel abused for expressing my democratic right.”

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has also had a social media altercation with Mawarire, whose campaign has gained traction with each passing day.

During the discussion, Mawarire said Moyo had also accused him of being funded by the West, a claim repeated by Musarara. The cleric, however, denied the accusations when asked by host Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa.

“Absolutely not! How do I get funding from the West when I am using my phone? Do you think Zimbabweans are no brainy enough to challenge authorities on issues? We always have to be funded by someone and how many times has our government said that about anyone who dares challenge them?” Mawarire queried.

Musarara described Mawarire as a political activist and insinuated Botswana President Ian Khama would not have allowed the ongoing social media campaign in his country.

Mandiwanzira could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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  1. Why stooping so low Honourable Minister? You better resign your Ministerial post and become an activist a violent one for that matter as shown by your undemocratic and ungentle men conduct.
    People always say this station is a clone of Zbc,they are indeed correct.The outbursts by this Honourable Minister are illustrative of this fact.

    • Zanupf is made up of thugs. You don’tr expect this from a mnister. Supa an independent and free Zimbabwe will not close your businesses but will actually give you a better environment so you have nothing to fear if zanupf just leave office and let competent people run the show!

      • His business relies on ZPF patronage, I doubt that people bitter with ZPF will let all known ZPF members roam free. It will be retribution big time. I’m not for violence but revenge is in the wings. Jump ship now!

  2. whenever the people demand their rights it sends jitters down the spine of those feeding through this oppressive system.they all know one day it will all end and its giving them nightmares.as for mandiwanzira he knows all got including the radio station he got it ahead of more deserving people.

  3. We all know Mandiwanzira knows the truth deep down in his heart but unfortunately has to pretend to act otherwise in order to protect his ill gotten wealth

  4. l listened to the entire interesting interview, even Ruvheneko was initially attacking the Pastor & singing for her supper as well but after Mbuya vaHectors call, the truth & sadness was so chillingly touching that both she & her Tafadzwa were forced to retreat to a reasonable conscience of normal human beings (though Tafadzwa persisted somewhat). Well done Mawarire

  5. Mbuya vHector represents every pensioner in this country including my mother. It’s so sad zvinhu zvaoma veduwe. Just about everyone calling into these programs is begging the gvt and Zanu PF to open their eyes and see how bad things are and how much we are suffering. This is reaching levels of crimes aganist humanity when a gvt knows pple are suffering, dying in hospitals and does nothing. All these guys want is power. They are so drunk with it now they neither hear nor see.

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  7. Supa Mandiwanzira is a typical Zimbabwean Minister in a cabinet that has ministers selected for their highest level of idiocy instead of intellect. Look at Zhuwao, Mpofu, Chinamasa, etc., you realise that these have nothing to offer.

  8. Supa is merely covering up for his Radio Station for allowing the pastor some airplay. He is fearful of being hounded by fellow Zany (PF) colleagues for allowing this ‘travesty’ to be broadcast on his station which will obviously be seen as a conduit for airing ‘subversive utterances.’ Chete chete, don’t be blindsided by his noises.

    • True…Supa anenge suku kuviri. Is his tstation not also funded by the West??? Lets dig deeper.

    • You are right baba, its obvious he is briefed on all activities happening at his radio station. So viv super, give us more time on your radio station we still have more to say about this government.

  9. Super Chibuku Mandiwanzira please shut your tin, let vana vezimbabwe vatauire zvavanoda at any given time yavaona zvakaiipa otherwise its democratic right to say out. Dont push us to demonstrate about your ZANU ZI FM station to close coz waakuhwandira vanhu uchivashaudha its very bad totya kuuya for maintervies kwako coz unozotishaudha wats that stop it!!!!!

  10. Handiye wekutorerwa mukadzi na Kabila here uyo.Haa nyika yedu yaparara nekushaya zivo vakomana.

  11. Rambai makadaro mufundisi! You have ignited Zimbabweans to speak up and be heard! Let us rally behind this man in full support and stand up for this beloved country of ours and our children’s futures. Nyika haingaendi kumawere nenyaya yehutungamiriri husina hanya nevanhu vayo! #ThisFlag

  12. we are just sick and tired what you did to Itai will NEVER I repeat will never happen to Evan lets support our activists people that small comment or small social media thing will make a difference #educate the next person!!

  13. So anyone who voices concern on the corruption or anything against the government is working with the West??? Does it mean Zimbabweans cannot say out their problems without the help of the whites? Just asking.

  14. The arguments have always been that if you see and expose the bad in ZPF then you’re a traitor. Even during the war, many lost their eyes, ears, mouths or disappeared …. with the perpetrators using the same twisted logic. Now that they have “freed” us we must be happy with their cruelty.

    I am happy that violence has turned 360 degrees to face them all. Let them decimate each other…we’re enjoying it. Vanopenga.

  15. Why does everyone who is self respecting enough to air their opinion on national issues viewed as western sponsored.If u agree with unsustainable policy implementation and corruption then are u natively sponsored?Come guys we all educated and have a strong common sense.If u don’t want people talking stop calling us a democratic state and call it a one party state.By the way don’t over borrow funds and introduce bond notes to try cover your tracks.

  16. What is now needed in Zimbabwe is a radical approach.We only need to be united.Lets declare the country is closed.we do not go to work and in every city people must go to demonstrate and say enough us enough.We need to be resolute,ask Mugabe and Zanu Pf to step down!!!!they have failed the nation.There are just too many thieves in government who are stalling progress of the nation

  17. Zvakwana, Nguva Yakwana. God’s Judgement is coming to put order in land of Zimbabwe.
    Soon Zimbabwe will be free from the shackles of bondage, the wicked will be removed from the positions of authority. And the people will rejoice. God’s order is coming. Let’s pray Zimbabwe.
    God’s word says” if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

  18. This Magazine guy, is he not the one who aided the government to go for elections before electoral reforms in, 2013. Why is he now a critic of his once beloved party. These are the inconsistent people I personally don’t like. In the mould of Jonathan Moyo.

  19. haiwawo supa urizibenzi that’s why u gave up your birthright nekuda mari plus urimbwende. We are going to expose you nemanagement yezimpost. Ikezvino vashandi veZimpost vakutambiriswa half salary kufunga kwako vana kudzimba dzavo varikudyei, vana vavo varikudzidza zvikoro zvipi uye vachigara pamba pani pavasingabhadhare rent. Ungatambirisa munhu 200 after 3 good months of no salary. All because of your incompetence, this is just a highlight we are coming for you.Kana boss wako Mugabe asirikuzviziva we are going to makesure he knows you guys are so heartless, mauraya post office.

  20. Now people have no where to run to, ukati uende kuboard recompany chairman anotopihwa motor yecompany kuti ashandise kuenda kumba kwake. Kana ukada kutaura problem yako angakunzwa.Ukati uende kuna Supa Mandiwanzira ,Supa kana ada kuita party kumusha kwake anopihwa mari neZIMPOST asi achitoziva mushandi weZIMPOST haasi kuwana mari yake yaarikushandira saka ukamuudza haangakuteerere bcz akada kusimudza musoro madonations will cease.Kuti uende kuworkers committee vakutyawo victimization saka moda kuti vanhu vaite sei.


    1987 — Ziscosteel Blast Furnace Scandal
    1987 — Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal — $100 million
    1986 — National Railways Housing Scandal
    1988 — Willowgate Scandal
    1989 — ZRP Santana Scandal
    1994 — War Victims Compensation Scandal
    1995 — GMB Grain Scandal
    1996 — VIP Housing Scandal
    1998 — Boka Banking Scandal
    1998 — ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
    1998 — Telecel Scandal
    1998 — Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
    1999 — Housing Loan Scandal
    1999 — Noczim Scandal
    1999 — DRC timber and diamond UN-reported scandals
    1999 — GMB Scandal
    1999 — Ministry of Water and Rural Development Chinese Tender Scandal
    1999 — VIP Land Grab Scandal
    2001 — Harare Airport Scandal

    Guys we havent seen.

  22. let me give you a list of traitors:

    jonathan moyo
    super mandiwanzira
    then the big problem itself (MUGABE)


  23. Their cage is being rattled and I sense there will be a lot more rattling before the fat lady sings and its all over. How dare Supa shout at Evan. Can’t he see the tragedy that Zimbabwe is. I think we will see a lot more protests and hash tags and the like. Enough! Zvakwana! God is tearing down the barrier of fear. ZPF have a LOT to answer for and we do not serve a blind, deaf and hard hearted God. It will be better that ZPF REPENTS now!

  24. anyone ango voicer concern is working with the west?we won’t fall for that anymore…even if you find new tactics

    nguva yenyu ichakwana chete!!!! #this flag

  25. Kkk Super the traditional beer. Tym is fast running out for thz stoney hearted looters,murderers and their vampire regime including the cult leader and his wicked mistress.

  26. Supa running radio station ari minister of information? Does government know about conflict of interest? I grew up in an era where civil servants were not allowed to run businesses especially in the same area in which you operate. Who controls him ariiye minister? Hurumende yehuori. Mawarire we back you. Vanhu vatambura mhani. Enough is enough.

  27. Problem yatave nayo in Zim ndeyekuti varikudya vashoma and they want to protect their interests at the expense of the majority.Since independence nothing good has come out of the hands of Zanu of.Day after day they are busy shouting about the West.I dont see what wrong the west has done and i dont see what good Zanu pf has to prove.Otherwise it was better To Be under the rule of the whites Than This tribalistic Gvt.I would lyk to say to Zanu pf we have never been free in Zim.You have nothing To brag yourselves for while the people You claim to have freed are languishing in poverty.Swallow your pride Cdes and open up your minds for the betterment of the whole nation.Vana Supa kuda kutsikirira vanhu varikuexerciser their right moda kuvapwanyirira haunyari here.Kana zvakunetsai tisungirirei hedu kwamunoti ndiko kwamakatisunungura timbozamawo kuzvisunungura.Thumps up to Mawarire.We wl never tire till we are free

  28. Conditions are now mature for a revolution… Gore rino ndirikuona masoja nemapurisa anenge atumwa kunouraya vanhu achideserta achidaidzira kuti “thanks for arming us…mhandu chaiyo ndiwe”

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  31. Mufundisi…we are praying for you day and night. You are one of the few ‘LIONS OF ZIM’
    Bless and protect him dear LORD.Usanete shingirira zvichanaka chete. Veruzhinji lets unite behind him…freedom is around the corner.
    Supa please remember…you are supporting a sinking ship. We all know you are acting to please your bosses.Remember ‘MWARI NDIYE CHETE ANOTONGA NEKUSINGAPERI KWETE MUNHU WENYAMA!’ I lived in RHODESIA, yes there were problems of ratial discrimination and inequality plus plus…but Taidya techiguta..tine magetsi asingadzimwi kurapwa free, and the list is tooo long but its clear our GUSHUNGO government is worse………….in fact it could be the worst government in the whole world today…its a long story worth publishing in book form. Anyway it seems ‘Chingoma chavakuririsa…..wait and see chichabvaruka soon kikikikikikikiki

  32. corruption leaving nothing for our children. Unite for a better generation, zimbabwe going backwards through greed. Educated nations of fools developing other nations but otherselfs. Salute mawarire.

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  34. Supa will go down in history as one of the dumbest ministers that Zimbabwe has ever had. Chinos is actually smarter than Supa.

  35. Pastor dai makaudza Super kuti that’s why Kabila took yr wife bcz hauna kukwana.2018 hakuzi kure kuchatsva demo mupini uchisara.

  36. All those who join the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) invariably end up corrupt. You have the likes of Chiyangwa, Mliswa and now Mandiwanzira. This new found wealth of Supa’s has invariably come as a consequence of the abuse of state power. And it is only because His Excellency, Robert Mugabe, allows it and turns a blind eye. There shall be no forgiveness in 2018.

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