‘We know how Zanu PF steals elections’

ZIMBABWE People First (ZimPF) has made sensational claims that it has inside information on how Zanu PF rigged elections particularly the disputed 2008 and 2013 polls.


ZimPF official Retired Brigadier-General Agrippa Mutambara, who for 21 years was an ambassador and close to President Robert Mugabe, made the disclosures during a roundtable discussion in Harare yesterday.

“The reason why we will be able to win the elections is that ZimPF has people with war liberation credentials,” he said.

“We also know the modus operandi of Zanu PF and how it has fiddled with elections, how they rigged elections in 2008 when the MDC-T won and how they stole the vote in 2013. We are going to use that information to our advantage.”

Mutambara, who represented ZimPF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo at the discussion, said Zanu PF had lost support and was now engaging in violence and curtailing freedom of expression by other political parties.

“Zanu PF won’t win another election and they know it. They are now resorting to the use of violence on people who do not support them through the abuse of State resources to fund survival of the party,” he said.

Mutambara said his peers during the liberation war now regretted appointing Mugabe their leader when the late Herbert Chitepo was assassinated in Zambia in 1975.

“We made an error of choosing Mugabe after Chitepo died. But when we chose him, we thought that he had learned a thing or two during the lessons we taught each other during the war, but he did not,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) secretariat was being held hostage by the Central Intelligence Organisation claiming the poll body could not run elections which would remove Mugabe from power.

“Zec’s secretariat is run by the securocrats and you would be a fool to think they would preside over an election which would remove Zanu PF from power. It is this system which Mutambara gladly admits here has been behind stolen elections in Zimbabwe and needs to be changed,” he said.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume, however, said there was need to establish a transitional government to “exorcise Zimbabwean institutions of Zanu PF blood”.

“People should not wait for 2018. People need to go into the streets and force a transitional government before we can go to free elections in this country,” Mafume said.


  1. Mai Mujuru is my Joice,my choice and my voice.I just crossed over from MDt to Zimpf.Tired of votting fo sum1 who can not defend my vote.Wotoona achitizira kuBatswanaland.Nonsense.#Mujuru2018

    1. But u need 2 be careful. Remember that she never really quit ZanuPf out of choice.She is stiil that Old Mujuru who was part of the ZanuPf which ‘rigged’ the previous elections.

    2. MDC-T kudii kwacho, wanga wagara uri weZanu saka wavakuenda kune vamwe vako. Vanhu vezanu munonetsa mhani

  2. This is the kind of info that we want.2018 is too far.Mugabe shld be pinned now.Mujuru victory is certain.Lets go in the streets to demand our $15B.My joice,my choice and my voice

  3. Better Joice Mujuru to be president than Tea Boy Tsvangson.Tea Boy akatiza hondo.Pasi neMDC.VaMugabe chete chete

  4. Ron Matapire

    Mafume and his PDP are a confused lot. Recently they condemned a successful demonstration staged by the MDC-T and citizens of Zimbabwe as mobocracy. Today they claim Zimbabweans need to begin to demonstrate against Mugabe forthwith. Please be serious so we can take you seriously, too.

    1. Well said Ron

  5. Rtd Brig is talking abt how elections were stolen was he not part of the corrupt scheme considering his rank nd to be honest was amai mujuru not aware of it kuti mavhoti arikubiwa aya dai vachingo nyarara if u keep digging yo dirt during your corruption with zanu pf u going to loose people confidence lets focus on change chete nhai

  6. Yes he was part of the corrupt Zanupf President Mujuru but for he to be expelled from Zanupf it means she saw things differently from Robert Mugabe.Im not her fan but her expusion from Zanupf says a lot.Zanu inodzinga vasisada kuba nekubvisa Mugabe.Joice atori bhoo akadaro

    1. I guess it boils down to personal choice. I wonder how one can be comfortable with people who see evil being perpetrated by their colleagues, keep quiet for 36 years and suddenly (when money for rent is cut) they want to be darlings of the victims. If you want a leader with that background, be prepared for more of the same.

      Better to support a Tea Boy than those who claim to be brave soldiers who bring down helicopters BUT have no GUTS to correct their colleagues who ATTACK unarmed civilians. What patriotism or heroism is that?

  7. Dai vasina kudzingwa vaidai vachingoba variko. Imbavha dzrikungoreurura kuti Save vakahwina 2008 and 2013 elections. I believe he even won the 2005. Warning: if these moles are betraying VaMugabe today yet they were wining and dining with him 2 years ago they might as well betray you by 2020. Having voted them in in 2018. These are a bunch that wants power at whatever cost. Morgan is more.

  8. MT haafe akatonga Zim.In 08 he won the elections and ran to Bots.Never ever will i vote him.No to SAVE

  9. Kkkk.wotohwa rimwe richiti Morgan is more.Kkkk.Tibvirwe kumhepo.Tea boy apera seRand.Ndopika namai vangu aBona haafe akatonga Zimbabwe Tea boy.Better Amai JM vakarwa hondo

    1. Mutori “baba”?. Rand riri nani – ikoko ku RSA rinotenga zvese and you can convert it to any currency you want. Isu tineyi?

      Basa rekushora nyika ne mari dziri kutosevenza instead of keeping quiet.

  10. vanhu vanongofarisa havo but watch out after 2018 elections Zimpf and zanu pf will form a coalition, TOZODIIIII

  11. 2018 Elections Results
    Mujuru Joice 57%
    Tsvangirai Morgan 30%
    Mugabe Robert 23%

    1. Matotanga kurigger kare chimbohwerengedza mapercentage ako 🙂

      1. yowe nhai iwe… you are rigging even on internet…

    2. Kutozviti “Team” when you can’t add!! Muri vangani?

  12. Lying like thisdestroys your credibility Mutambara, or atre you a Zanu Implant?

  13. Zanupf insider

    Why shld i vote fo MDC?Just look at the state of our rds in urban areas.Hw the urban councils are being ruined by Mdc?Mdc is a big disaster.Open yo eyes Zimbabweans.Lets try something else.Tsvangirai belongs to opp and shall be there till amen

    1. You are free to vote for a party of your choice. Mutambara has told us that there was rigging in 2008 and 2013, meaning that the Tea Boy or whatever you want to call him had more support than the most educated president, or whatever you want to call him. Democracy is about numbers. Zanu PF rigged elections. It’s either you believe it or not and from that it becomes clear who you voted for.

  14. munhuwo zvake

    110% of registered voters turned out. …ndiyoka inonzi resounding victory
    iyi hakusi ku rigger

  15. Chinja..maitiro..wasara

    Zanupf..Insider..can you stop hallucinating..you looted all local authorities bank rolling Zanu..pf..before Mdc..took over. Nhasi..wave..kunyepedzera..kuchenjera. You are the authors of our current problems. Gadzirisai…Cash..shortages. ..$500 million yakaendeswa..nani..kuBotswana…. Ruzhinji..tangwara..Nakirwa..nema..stipends..wakanyarara…

  16. Morgan is more. Svotwa…urutse

  17. jopshat mugadzaweta

    they don’t want to retire now they are hallucinating. please zimpf leave us zimbos tega tabva kure nemdc-t imi muchifara muri muzzanu.

  18. One idiot says Mujuru can protect. Their vote fogetting Mujuru deputised a party that stole elections. More than thrice

  19. Supporting MDCT is like supporting Caps United.Caps hapana chainotora izita basi.Mai Mujuru is she stole something,why is she not behind bars?She is nw Zanupf enemy and Mugabe will not spare her from jail.Facts are stubborn.Mdc even if is to win elections,Tea Boy will not be president of Zimbabwe.I see a Mujuru victory here.Rural vote will work in favour of her.Tsvangirai haana support kumusha

    1. Some people never cease to amaze. Where does Caps Utd come in in this political discussion? Isn’t this a question of sour grapes ? Gore rino muchachiwona nayo Kepekepe. Ichooooo!!!!!!

  20. this mutambara surprises me, so he knows the 2008 and 2013 elections were stolen. then why doesn’t he make a formal report either locally or internationally so that this is investigated. why are you telling me u knw how zanu steals elections, or that you knw how it stole them, ngenzenjani ngalokho?? ngikuvotele? go make a report isn’t u shud be knowing how to secure the evidence

  21. 57+23+30 = 110, zvakaoma !

    1. You must be dull dont know new mathematics,there is no longer 100% ,it has changed to 110%,go and ask chinotimba he will explain to you better…

  22. Chitaitai munyika

    My joice,voice,choice yes thieves they rejoice together they have one choice and voice hatifurirwi nemunhu akadzingwa kuzanu achida chigaro chepamusorosoro icho chinoshandiswa kudzvanyirira vana vezim joice muzanu akakwana vana vezimbabwe vanoziva zvavanoda Morgie Morgen ndizvo zvandinodira morgen amai we! there’s nothing better here in Zim if not to suport Morgiza webhoera and is more

  23. wezhara paMpandawana

    Iyo nyaya yekungoti hondo hondo ndiyo yauraya nyika Mujuru weyi wamunoti akarwa hondo todya hondo here isu aivepi Zanu ichi rigger akuda kutaura nhac cz adzingwa dai asina kudzingwa aifomer party hre mwana wenyoka inyoka . Mujuru mwana waMugabe same same pamabasa

  24. so you knew and u have been quite ,amusi right ,will not vote for u .

  25. Isithaithai selizwe

    Hatidzori nokuti kwahi hai joice atifukurira magaro ake akavora famba Tsvangirai tiende hatinongi macondom akaraswa namugabe apedza kumashandisa endai munoparara najoice wenyu bhaibheri rinoti usagara panorangana vakaipa sana joice

  26. the truth be told ma zimbo mune problem, heee akarwa hondo,hondo yeyi todya hondo here isu.ndizvo zvauraya nyika tibvirei apa makuzondibhowa imi.iwe ZANU insider usada kunyepera vanhu u’r lyk a cancer tumour wch has to be plucked off cz ukasiwa u’ll be a problem…right back to the issue,mai mujuru & company musataurisei cz makuzvibatisa we knw u knw hw ZANU rigged cz u used to be ZANU urselvs & musina kudzingwa no 1 knws kuti dai muripi nhasi,maybe busy looting ma us$ sevamwe venyu mu ZANU pf.anyway let’s put that behind us bt toda apology plus ma statement kwawo..people first ne MDC toda coalition apo vamwe vese vamwe vese ana PDP worst of time yedu.coalition now b4 its too late cz smithing is brewing I can feel it trust me,cz if it all goes down ma opposition acho achiri divided ZANU will js tear you guys apart one by one

  27. Kkkkk.Tsvangirai will remain in opp politics till horses,Donkeys develop horns.Forget about that idiot.He will never ever rule Zim.Wht stopped him to rule in 08.Never ever.I just crossed over to Zimpf.Mai Mujuru will be president of Zim.No to ways about it.We used to say chinja chinja.Yes Tsvangirai must step down.Tired of him.He is a dictator just like Mugabe.Hanzi MDCtsvangirai.kkkkkk.Huyai tivake nyika.My joice,my choice,my voice.

  28. This explains our unprincipled style of leadership. We are comfortably silent when we are on the ‘safe’ side only to speak out when things go haywire. Unless the opposition jointly demands electoral reforms beginning with new electoral officials appointed on a consensus by all political parties, the ruling party will beat you hands down. A stitch in time saves nine.

  29. Zimbabweans why Joice Mujuru is being tipped to win the next election?She will be votted by many in Zanu,80% will vote here in Zanupf.She also fished into Mdct support base.30% of mdc supporters crossed over to Zimpf.This means JM is the next president of Zimbabweans.The language in Zanupf is that it is better to vote fo Mujuru than Mdc.The reasons are that Mai Mujuru will recognise war vets than MT.

    1. By many in Zanu PF? How many are still in Zanu PF? Only a few..let them split their vote and we shall continue voting for our beloved Leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai for president 2018. Whatever you may want to call him, he is the man who will take out of this hole, created by Bob, Joice and Co

    2. Tipped by who? If her support base is ZPF sorry maths yacho haiite. If elections were rigged that means ZPF supporters (z) are fewer than MDC supporters (m). I mean if m>z, then 80% of z is even smaller than m, i.e. it is 0.8z. Where did you get stats to support 30% of MDC voters moved to ZimPF?

      Who cares about the language of ZanuPF anyway. Check the results of the last election to see how little Zanu PF is even tolerated in towns. Their president had less than 5000 votes in Highfield.

      Choose and support your choice, rejoice with thieves and murderers if you want. It’s your choice you have to live (or die) with.

  30. Tea boy i agree with a guy who said haatonge Zim.Haana pfungwa.Better mai Mujuru vakarwa hondo.Pasi na tea boy

    1. Hon Ivhu Kuvhu

      Haaa tibvirei vana Cde zvakati zvakati mukuda kuvharirwa zvipande zvekubira nyika na Joice manje hatidi anything related to Zanu Pf they are crooks they will never change our livelyhoods but theirs so vote for yo Joice isu toti pamberi naMorgan kusvika tatora zvese zvakabiwa nanaJoice , Gumbo , Mutasa ………………….topa ruzhinji rweZimbabwe.

  31. kana ku Mdc mawar vets ariko,but ari ku Zanu pf ndeekuba nekuponda, mazivanhu asina kudzidza munonetsa basa ku luta mishini yemuma industr.Save muofice hezvo uko!!!bwa

    1. Pamberi na Save!!!!

      Mdhara makaipa true war vets are in MDC even those who are in ZANU they vote for Save even Mugabe anotoda kuvhotera Save anotozongozvinyarirawo zvake kkkkkkk Vachatonga chete Save… bwaaah

  32. MDC-T kudii kwacho, wanga wagara uri weZanu saka wavakuenda kune vamwe vako. Vanhu vezanu munonetsa mhani

  33. I agree 120% with Mr Mafume, we need to “exorcise Zimbabwean institutions of Zanu PF blood” before we even talk of a free and fair election. There is now way the current ZEC, ZRP, ZDF, etc will reform. Zanu PF is in their blood!

  34. Chinja..maitiro

    Tangwara..we will not be hoodwinked by recycled politicians . Supporting these guys is like kissing a cobra. Siyai.. They have had their time. …..

  35. vanhu ve ZANU munonetsa kurwa Hondo ndiyani kana Ku MDC ariko ma war vets like my fellow comrade said,incase u didn’t knw..iwe ZANU pf insider ibva pano,we’re not going 2 vote for sme1 js bcos he/she is going 2 win like zvauri kutaura izvo.we want change.period!!!! saka nyobvo yawakusasa iyo hameno yabvepi…iwe wati wakabva ku MDC kunyepa,why kasi wakawona kuti ku MDC havabvumi zveumbava kani???ndimi vatengesi imi.one cannot abandon his?her team js bcs yadyiwa,shows u don’t knw the reason u joined MDC in the 1st place cz 2 parties will nver hv same agendas & principles….

  36. Heeeee Morgan Tsvangirayi, heeeee Mujuru ,heeeeee Mugabe , vanhu ava vane mari ,,munofa nenzara muri marovha ,mind you havagari kumatownships,wake up Zimbos

  37. tambisai nguva nekupana stress.muchiudzana nhema.isu vezanu pf we stand by cde Mugabe and hativarase.check even by elections we stand and win.continue boycotting and lying to each other.Morgay is nw a spend force.Joice is a reject.

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  39. people who are saying better mai mujuru than morgan are zanu pf who committed more crimes than ever. in this debate morgan is not even in it. why bring him in. its because these zanu guys know how dangerous he is and would rather take vote from him and give them to mujuru. they are so scared of this now possibility of zanu slipping and morgan is the front runner as mujuru takes votes from them. so to them they would rather kill morgan than mujuru.

  40. Smith Ian akambonzwika achiti angatosiya bachi rake for 10 year mustate house richitonga nyika iye ainda kubritain not mugabe nezanu pf but zvakazodini same nemunhu anoti Tsvangirai haafi akatonga nyika ndiko kwatinoti kupererwa sekuda kuziva kuti mwari akambobvepi zvinova zvisina answer kana nguva yakwana yekuti Tsvangirai atonge ungadzivisa iye mwari atendera, ndimi zve vatinozoona mobva ku pf,tf, mf dzenyu mava kuti takagara tiri ku MDC T muchitsvaka kuvhiringa zvinhu

  41. So yu new all along ,so why where yu quiete this long.why nw.snakes carrying poison.

  42. ukaona woti ukanyora wodzokorora ibva waziva kuti zvaunotaura hazvina anosupporter. ko Mujuru wacho angaita mbiri pasocial media here? let her organize a single rally to show us the numbers, the only game changer that will make Mugabe rest if he decides to leave politics is MT, that’s why most Mujuru supporters hate him. if she is a true reformist why didn’t she consider aligning herself with mainstream opposition figures, who is she opposing Mugabe or MT and whats the beef with T

  43. hahaha mai mujuru professed her ignorance of any rigging when she was interviewed by a radio station in South Africa two months ago. ..confused bunch of dustbin politicians

  44. Muri zvipenzi zvevanhu..imi mAI mujuru, vamwe venyu, nemasupporter enyu.. You want to take Zimbabweans for granted.. Manga muripi paiitika riggin iyoyo? Now that the system that used to rig for you spits you out, makuda kuona kushata kwayo! Nxaa!

  45. Black Panther

    Garbage In Garbage Out. Drunk Posting. I smoke a blunt to take the pain out…

  46. Black Panther

    They should have killed me as a baby…

  47. Mujuru is saying all this today, yes we hear her very loud and clear. Can she tell us if ever she was going to say the same about zanu Pf hadn’t she got asked from that notorious party. This is just sour grapes. We used to say the same while hearing cattle kumusha ukatadza kusvikira muchero because muti wacho hausikukwirika uno zvinyaradza nekuti “futi zvinovava”. Rungano rwemumwe murume ayisakwanisa kupedza mwedzi asati asvika kune imwe nyika kwemakore akawanda. Paakazonzi asasatsika munyika iyi akabva akurumidza kuti garayi nechinyika chenyu chinonhora.

  48. mai mujuru rimai potatoes pliz coz only fools will vote for u.hamuna kubuda muzanu pf nekuda imi

  49. grieving father of 2

    oooh boy you don’t knw hw much I hurt this , I do I got 2 beautiful daughters boy they neds their country to be sustainable development and well instructured so that they will be insured and hav a beter lif fo good with a suitable lif and accommodation which being said is with the constitutional righf to hav but no no our lives as zimbos ar under siege by our own dictator’s instead of investing on it we ar savaging it im so so hurt fo this fruitless livelihood

  50. Mai Mujuru vakadzingwa kuZanu havana kubuda vega vachiti Mugabe ari kutadza kutonga nyangwe vadzingwa kudaro vaingoti vaMugabe ndivo baba vanotonga zvakanaka.Kana vapinda she wl recycle the dead wood.

  51. We need free & fair election.

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