Former model ventures into comedy


FORMER Mr Bulawayo, Oliver Siamuloboka, has ventured into online comedy, with his five-minute video clips being a hit on social media.



One of the video clips, Na Jessica, has gone viral on Facebook and on You Tube, clocking over 49 000 views.
Siamuloboka told NewsDay that the idea behind the videos was to make people laugh.

“I just felt like there was need to enlighten people’s moods and create laughter,” he said.

“I imitate roles of people in society and make it as real as possible, despite being monologue, I create a mood and get people laughing. I recreate home for those in the Diaspora and for those who have never been to Zimbabwe.”
Siamuloboka said the response to his clips has been massive, with Na Jessica topping the popularity ratings.

“I believe laughter is the best medicine and people need to laugh. I went to Swaziland and the immigration department got laughing after they had seen me,” he said.

Siamuloboka said when he started, his idea was to use Facebook and Youtube, but many people have since downloaded the clips and share them on WhatsApp.

“The videos remind people about the importance of little things that we were taught when we were growing up,” he said.

Siamuloboka said he was not a professional comedian and he produced the videos as a hobby.

“I am not a comedian despite the ability to make people laugh. It is not a profession. I do it for fun,” he said.


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