Call off ‘useless’ million march, Zanu PF urged

President R.G.Mugabe

OPPOSITION parties and civil society groups yesterday continued to pile pressure on Zanu PF to call off their planned million-man march in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe tomorrow, describing it as a senseless waste of resources.


The march, expected to cost at least $600 000, comes at a time the national economy is on the brink, with banks facing crippling cash shortages.

The MDC-T said people should instead use the march to call on Mugabe and the government to immediately step down.

“lf anything, whoever is going to march on May 25 should be marching against poverty, joblessness, hunger, destitution and corruption. It is these ills that have been the
hallmark of Mugabe’s unparalleled mismanagement of the national economy over the past few decades,” MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s newly-formed Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) described the event as devoid of any economic sense.

“The march is about creating an impression to the outside world that Zanu PF and its government, that is short of ideas on how to resuscitate an economy that is already on life support, should be trusted and supported,” ZimPF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said yesterday.

In a statement, a civil society group, which identified itself as Tajamuka, said: “We urge you to abandon the march and direct all your efforts towards restoring sanity in this country.”

Meanwhile, by close of business yesterday, several Zanu PF provinces had reportedly not mobilised the 100 000 delegates required from each province due to lack of resources.

In Harare, youth league affiliate members, including the Zimbabwe Congress of Students’ Unions and organisations representing children of war veterans and collaborators, claimed they had been blocked from participating in the march, although former freedom fighters confirmed their participation.

“We went to the party headquarters for accreditation, but we were told it was not possible because some of our leaders were fired from the party. We were blocked by the security at the party office, but I don’t see the reason why they would do that because we all support the President,” claimed one of the senior members in one of the organisations, who refused to be named.


  1. And NSSA wastes $40 000 worth of poor pensioners money to buy t shirts for the million man march. What do us contributers have to do with the march. Someone must stop this madness.

  2. Someone like who????? Nxaaa makajaira kuitirwa maZimboz itai mega,,,,,dai yairiS.A munoiziva wani kuti pakadai ndopainotora mukana wese ipapa kupihwa open chaque so. Instead of marching, turn it into a demo

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    • we will be there for the million man march.mdc scared coz it attracted 2000 people at its demo according to bbc,yes according to bbc and not zbc.why always criticize what zanu pf does with its money.chii chanyanyorwadza apa.

      • gustavoz, with all due respect cant you see the nation is not in a position to do a million dollar march actually we can not afford such spending, people are struggling with or without a degree everyone is surviving on hustling. If the party had money why are we about to use bond notes??? We are on life support here literally this nation is on its knees. We need solutions to get this country out of ICU. Can we wake up!

  4. This level of ignorance defeats logic. To these ‘flower girls’, poverty and suffering is their lifestyle. Go ahead certifying your lies to the world with your guilt conscious mindsets as the economy continues with the downward spiral. What an awkward ‘ comfort zone’? I can only make a fool of myself over my dead body.

  5. when mdc calls for a march then its ok but when zanu pf does the same then its wasted resources.this is a democracy let those who want to march,peacefully do so.what are those in opposition scared of about this march it because their last demonstration attracted only 2000.yes only 2000 according to bbc,and not zbc,whilst others put it at 800.if you want to change current government then ask yourself whether you are a registered voter first and if not register now and vote in 2018.mdc has sympathizersbuy no support base when it comes to elections.yhats why it will forever loose elections to zanu pf because whilst zanu pf let open its policies to the people,mdc is busy insulting president Mugabe and family.people don’t eat the slogan Mugabe must go.they want to hear what you have to offer to the people.mdc u shall forever be crying wolf until kingdom come.we will be there for the million man march,and in millions too.

    • gustavoz, nssa which gets its money from zimbabweans not ZANUPF, paid 40k for tshirts for this march. school buses bought and paid for by zimbabwean parents, not ZANUPF are being used to bus in people from around zimbabwe to come this ZANUPF march. ZANUPF has no money and is using zimbabweans money to fund a ZANUPF event. March if you want to, but use your own money.

    • Gustavoz, so what does your zanu pf have to offer??can you tell me one positive thing they have done ever since they took power? No cash in banks, no electricity, no water, medical aid now becoming useless,no jobs,can i go on. Only fools and thieves will support Mugabe and zanu pf.

  6. this is a free kick to you jobless and hungry zanu pf youth, please just turn this into a demo to demand your stolen dignity and future from the despotic ailing Mugabe. this is the time to demand the return of our missing $15 Billion US, our jobs, our rights as citizens. MUSASHNDISWE VANIN’INA. WAKE UP AND SMELL COFFEE.

  7. For the youths to accomplish this feat of bringing 100000 delegates from each province they would need 1333,333 75 seater buses per province to reach their million ‘man’ target. Am just thinking maths dzavo dzinobuda here apa or they just cooked up their figures to impress the dear Leader without thinking logistics first. #thisflag

  8. Maths hadzibudi. That brings the total number of buses needed to 11999.97 buses from the 9 provinces excuding Harare. Hazvibudi zvachose. In any case 1 million people havakwani pa Square pavo apa. Kana vakatosvika 50000 vanenge vakatownda.

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  10. Zimbabwe does not need million man march . it needs genuine investors and fighting corruption. Full stop.

  11. vapfana garai kudzimba dzenyu muchengete zvihuta.stop wasting time marching for no benefits.come Thursday you will realise that you are a bigger fool than nature made your eyes.

  12. March for non thinkers. Vakawanda wari kudyira uroyi mukunyara but otherwise there is no genuine support for the President. How can one support poverty, joblessness, chaos in the country, introduction of bond notes, leadership of gangsters bend on looting the country’s resources for personal gains, intimidation and killing of innocent people who express their thoughts. Abasha every president support plan.

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