Zanu PF yet to finalise disciplinary hearings

Robert Mugabe

THE Zanu PF politburo yesterday said the party’s national disciplinary committee was still to finalise on pending cases of members who have been suspended for various reasons throughout the country.

BY Everson Mushava


Addressing the media yesterday, Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said the party would conclude deliberations on the cases at the next politburo meeting.

Khaya Moyo also said Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere had been ordered to revisit Midlands province for further consultations with the warring factions.

He said the issue of party secretary for youth affairs, Pupurai Togarepi, who was booted out by the youth league, would be looked into according to the party’s constituion since he was a presidential appointee.

Manicaland will also have to deal with members who defected to Zimbabwe People First, Khaya Moyo said.

“Secretary for war veterens in the politburo Cde Sydney Sekeramayi briefed the politburo on the preparations for tomorrow (today)’s meeting with President (Robert) Mugabe. The preparations are going on well, including accreditiation. The programme has also been finalised,” he said.


  1. This much anticipated meeting is just a factional showdown each faction trying to outmuscle the other one and to put the best foot forward before the President. Its mere cumulative politics with no public interest. Not even these vocal war vets will bother to address the current mess once their affairs are aligned. Lets just wait and see as things unfold.

  2. This is a ZPF meeting with no benefit to other Zimbabweans who don’t rely on ZPF for their livelihood. They can meet and talk and whatever else, they have demonstrated beyond doubt that the economy is too big an issue for them to resolve, what more can they tell us now?

  3. The problem in Zimbabwe today is Leadership Renewal. Without Leadership renewal the economy will continue to decline. All factions in Zanu pf can pretend and unite around the leadership of Mugabe for now but the problem at hand will not go away. The problem that Zimbabwe is now facing is bigger than Mugabe. The only way forward is for Mugabe to admit that he is now old,fired and wishes to retire and rest and then annoints a successor. To implement reforms necessary for economic growth in Zimbabwe we need a new, younger and energetic leader.

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