Zanu PF threatens bloody 2018 polls

Anna Mukovamombe shows the remains of her hut after it was razed down by fire

TOP Zanu PF officials and traditional leaders in Masvingo have reportedly threatened to track down and kill all suspected MDC-T supporters who attended opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s campaign rally at Man’a business centre in Gutu South last Saturday.



This came as political tension builds up in several parts of the country, with seven homesteads belonging to opposition Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) supporters torched by suspected Zanu PF supporters in Makoni North on Tuesday.

According to an audio recording broadcast by United States-based private radio station VOA on Wednesday, Masvingo traditional leaders identified as Chief Makore (real name Shonhe Muzenda Chihambakwe Makore) and headman Jestias Muzenda, Zanu PF official Joseph Musasiwa and youth leader Rabson Manzunzu addressed disconcerted villagers at Chaitemura shopping centre on Tuesday following Tsvangirai’s rally, and threatened to unleash a terror campaign similar to the 2008 bloodbath which left at least 200 MDC-T supporters dead.

Musasiwa read out a list of over 30 villagers reported to have attended Tsvangirai’s rally, and threatened to kill them before the 2018 plebiscite.

“The government does not buy bullets so that we shoot trees. I will shoot people, not trees,” Manzunzu threatens in the audio recording.

“The forest is known as a place for animals, but with where we are going, some people will end up living in the forest as wild animals come to their homes. The only houses where you will see some activity are those of Zanu PF supporters alone and we will not compromise on that.

“Starting at this moment until (2018) elections, every village head must support Zanu PF. We cannot afford to see the country recolonised,” Manzunzu said, adding village heads found supporting the opposition would be stripped of their positions.

Speaker after speaker made chilling warnings of the looming bloodbath and urged people never to cry foul as they willingly attended Tsvangirai’s rally without being coerced.

Makore declared a ban on MDC-T rallies in the area.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday confirmed receiving reports of the threats from party members in Gutu. He said it was regrettable that Zanu PF officials were taking a leading role in inciting violence against opposition supporters.

“Those threats are gross. They are in extremely bad taste. However, the MDC is not at all surprised by those threats because this is what we have always been complaining about over the years. Zanu PF is a mafia organisation and in the rural areas, villagers go through hell as they are commandeered to attend Zanu PF meetings and rallies,” Gutu said.

“Villagers are routinely threatened with death should they be seen attending MDC rallies and meetings. We have always stated that Zanu PF thrives on intimidation, threats and violence. This is why it is virtually impossible to hold free and fair elections in this toxic political environment. Traditional leaders are being abused and they end up operating as local de facto Zanu PF political commissars.”

Gutu added the country needed to reform the electoral processes so as to do away with unruly politicians who use violence to force people to vote against their preferred candidates.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo declined to comment over the alleged threats.

“I am in Victoria Falls at the moment and nobody has briefed me about that, but I will not comment on what I don’t know,” he said.

In Makoni North, seven families were left homeless after suspected Zanu PF militias torched homes of suspected supporters of the Elton Mangoma-led RDZ on Tuesday night in a new wave of politically-motivated violence.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of household property, clothing and food were destroyed in the fires which reduced grass-thatched huts to rubble while scores of villagers were lucky to escape unhurt.

When NewsDay visited the area on Wednesday, villagers had gathered at headman Solomon Mukovamombe’s homestead pondering their next move.

The affected families said they reported the matter to the police and some suspects were picked up although they were not sure if they were going to be charged.

One of the victims, Anna Mukovamombe (59), said the incident had traumatised her. Mangoma also condemned the violence.

“We have seen this before in this constituency and it is a repeat. We want people to have political tolerance and certainly the police must act this time and if they fail to act, we will be very disappointed because they would have shown that they are partisan,” Mangoma said, adding that the livelihoods of people had been negatively affected by such actions.


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  2. I agree with yu Bindura.The reason why Mai JM will win the next election is that pple in Zanupf we are also tired of cde Robert Mugabe.Our leaders in different provinces are already campaigning fo Mai Mujuru.Mujuru is one of us she wil never walk alone.In 2008 we did a bhora musango thing and this time we shall make sure cde Mugabe will not win anything

  3. A country with highly educated people in the continent.The country’s cabinet boasts of phds but nothing to show for it.One would be forgiven to conclude that Zimbabwe should pride itself of having the highest number of intellectual barbarians.It’s incomprehensible that at this point in time there are people who threaten other people for attending a political rally organised by a party different from that of Zanu.It’s foolish to conclude that once one attends a rally, is automatically going to vote for that political party.As for the traditional leaders who decide to behave in that despicable fashion knowing exactly that the country’s Constitution does not allow them to engage in partison politics,they would have themselves to blame when they are called upon to account for anti constitutional and criminal behaviour.

  4. How difficult is it to also burn the huts of these barbarians? How difficult is it to kill them? Do they have a monopoly of cruelty? I say tit for tat. It’s time to fight back. Tavaregerera for too long. Vajaira nonsense! Everyone bleeds.

  5. We nolonger want Mugabe Zanu pf, MDC, ZPF tese so why cant we js flock the streets tese nhai?. Asi if we are doing that hatingapfeke dze zanu ka….papo taramba, mozoita ma numbers mozvifurira kuti maane support. If we march together we march as Zimbabweans not as political parties

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    • Be careful, lest you offend a lot. The name is for the business centre, wherein lived both the perpetrators and victims of hate speech.

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  16. For the first time, I have wept upon reading such a bewildering article where lawlessness explicitly manifests while irresponsible utterances are openly made by leaders upon who public security is bestowed. The youths have unfortunately succumbed to the high level of desperation and engaged themselves in crimes against humanity, acts that have landed many people to the ICC once sanity is restored. They are not aware of their potential to turn around the social and economical fortunes of their country. Instead, they are causing irrevisible damages for as little as a square meal while they are entitled to fend for themselves legally. The opposition too has a share of blame for their unsolicited efforts forcing their supporters to remain politically divided as the country sticks in a political quagmire that is not easy to extricate itself from. Fighting for slots while the country literally burns is both unfortunate and misguided. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You have to show political maturity and unite to earn public trust otherwise you are not the much anticipated change to restore order. What pathetic experiences in a purportedly democratic state?

  17. In a very liberal society, these war mongers will be arrested. Actually, why not report them to the police? Oh wait. Zimbabweans should brace themselves for a war. I think people have to fight back. How long can we wait while these people kill our mothers, fatherso, sons and daughters.

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  19. obert Gutu and your stupid fool morgan tsvangirai. Morgan I can tell you right now history is going to remember you as the coward you are and have become. Gutu u cannot come out and say that is unfortunate. Tsvangirai go and see that chief and ask him why he is doing what he is doing. Tsvangirai do not organize a march for mdt organize a march for Zimbabwe call it free Zimbabwe open to everyone who wants to move the country forward

  20. Very true,Mdc you have to take action ,for every anormaly Zanu pf does you have to take strong action. This business of giving comments without action will not help you or anyone. Zanu pf understands the language of action, the country is in the depths of a humanitarian disaster and immediately needs active player’s. We don’t need intellectual political comments at this juncture ,times are so stressful.

  21. There goes zanu again but this time comrades let’s return fire with fire, why should we b bullied to submit to them. Please president Tsvangirai ngatidzorereyi.

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