Will Mugabe heed Annan’s free and frank advice?


FORMER United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan could not have said it any better: Africa’s problems stem from a leadership that wants to create fiefdoms, a leadership that does not know when to call time on their stay in power.

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Now the solution, like he says, lies squarely on Africans, “leave when your time is up and please do not try to tinker with Constitutions for an extra term”.

The irony of it, however, is that his message, though noble, will fall on deaf ears. Annan risks being branded all sorts of names including that he is an agent of Western regime change machinations. In the coming days, so-called political analysts are likely to be given acres of space in State publications and radio stations to scream on top of their voices that Annan is on some capitalist’s payroll or some organisation including “The Elders”.

But the problem will not go away and it is incumbent upon people with international sway, people of Annan’s calibre who have an international audience across Africa and beyond, to continue saying this ad nauseaum.

They must never tire. Is it not an indictment on a massive 13-odd million souls that Zimbabwe has had one leader since majority rule 36 years ago? We still consider ourselves a constitutional democracy “because Mugabe is elected after every five years”.

Of course, he has been “elected” — or is it “selected”? — but he has made sure that the environment is such that Zimbabweans are left with one choice.

Who would vote for anyone other than Mugabe in an environment poisoned by a military that takes over national television to announce they will not salute anyone without liberation war credentials?

Mugabe is not alone in the league of overstaying leaders. He has the likes of Yoweri Museveni in Uganda, Paul Kagame in Rwanda, Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza and, of course, Angola’s Jose Eduardo dos Santos coming after him.

In Burundi with grim consequences, genocide is underway and who can stop it? Like in Zimbabwe, Kagame has learnt the art of forced disappearances and outright executions of those opposed to his rule.

African citizens must begin to call their leaders to order. Educated societies such as Zimbabwe should stand up and claim their rights, claim their space and stop this nonsense. We must put a stop to those pseudo-monarchies that masquerade as elected kleptocracies.

Eminent Africans like Annan must be applauded for their lone voices in calling upon Africa to accept global standards not only when it suits them, but in every sphere of life including leadership change.


  1. RGM will not heed advice from anyone. As one naive StarFM female DJ put it the other morning – “President Mugabe, the most educated president in the world……” as if we have anything positive to show for the so-called education he has.

    Less educated presidents, leaders and societies are doing a lot more in their countries elsewhere via humility and use of common-sense whilst some naive citizens praise medocrity, banditry and gangsterism here. It’s a free world, I suppose. Tanzania comes to mind – a president using his brains to save money and apply common sense to solve problems instead of excuses and blaming everything else including insulting leaders and countries that we can learn from. What a shame!

  2. Just as he bowed to his portrait recently he might frown and ignore the message. Mugabe has made up his mind to die on the throne and State House. Period.

  3. Until donkeys grow horns. Until God says come!
    Mati madii, muchapedzisira mati ziii
    murikumbotaura zvenyu? Muchiri bho.

  4. Most African incumbent presidents have trampled on democracy which is still in it’s embryonic stage claiming that they are charismatic and irreplacable. They abrogate the constitution and claim to oversee the completion of projects that are still in the pipeline. They stash their illegally-gotten wealth in foreign countries for future use in case of any eventuality. They are surrounded by sycophants, close beneficiaries who cannot allow the change of guard to question their accountability and legitimacy. The public on the receiving end are pushed to the wall in the socio-economic field and any attempts to raise eyebrows is highly silenced. Let them be scincere and respect the law in no uncertain terms.

  5. This Robert Matibiri does not listen to anyone but himself! In his mind, he is the chief of Zimbabwe and not one of those Kofi is referring to. What a shame, this man has really been such a tragedy for Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Till death do us part, hey Robert?

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