Updates: MDC-T demonstrates in Harare


The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T is today holding a demonstration in Harare city centre and NewsDay’s Xolisani Ncube and Shepherd Tozvireva are in the streets, providing updates of the event as it unfolds.

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Morgan Tsvangirai is now addressing the crowd at Africa Unity Square. He says Zanu PF is clueless and unable to fix the country’s ailing economy.

In his brief speech,Tsvangirai urges the youth to take the future of Zimbabwe into their hands and announces that this demonstration is just the beginning of a series of mass action.

Tsvangirai (with megaphone) addresses crowds at the march
Tsvangirai (with megaphone) addresses crowds at the march

mdc demo 2

mdc demo

11:30 am

The crowds, now at an estimate 8 000 is singing and dancing along Nelson Mandela Avenue towards Parliament building.

Meanwhile dozens of police officers have blocked the part of Nelson Mandela Avenue that leads to the Parliament.

The jovial protesters are now proceeding to Africa Unity Square, where Tsvangirai is expected to address them.

Harare Mayor Ben Manyenyeni
Harare Mayor Ben Manyenyeni
MDC-T Spokesperson Obert Gutu
MDC-T Spokesperson Obert Gutu
Police officers (in the background) blocking Nelson Mandela Avenue
Police officers (in the background) blocking Nelson Mandela Avenue

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11:00 am

Flanked by the top leadership of the MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai has arrived to lead the demonstrations. Tsvangirai’s wife, Elizabeth, is also part of the demonstrations.

demo 6

demo 5

10:30 am

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora is addressing the crowd, which has so far grown to over 4 000.

He mentions the main opposition party is demonstrating over the $15 billion diamond revenue that President Mugabe said was not accounted for.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

In addition, the MDC-T is protesting over the Zanu PF government’s failure to provide the 2.2 million that it promised in 2013.

Another issue, Mwonzora says, is that of the country’s poor human rights records, with focus on Itai Dzamara who was reportedly abducted last year and is yet to be found.


10:00 am

demo 2

Police have deployed water canons at Harare Magistrates court where thousands of MDC supporters are converged for the demo.

Some of the T-shirts here are inscribed “Where is my $15 billion?” -in reference to the money President Robert Mugabe said is missing from diamonds proceeds

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demo 1


Despite earlie claims by police that there was not enough manpower, the uniformed forces – armed to the teeth, are littered all over the streets of Harare city centre.

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MEanwhile, the crowds are slowly swelling at the assembly point, most of them dressed in the MDC-T trademark red regalia.


demo 3


  1. The Demo of all times, where is our 15 billion, where is the 2.2million jobs, where is Itai Dzamara, Why partisan distribution of food aid when you are using state funds to buy those food handouts. Aluta Continua. Kusvika zvanaka

  2. ZRP is full of cowards.where did they get the manpower they earlier said they dont have.Fools being used by that old limping dictator.Kungoshandiswa asi uku murikukweshera big time.Shame on you ZRP do you think this thuggery will not end ..one day is one day Charity.Augustine we are coming for you.

    • inotongwa ngei kana vari kutonga vacho vatadza.tozama zvimwe saizvozvi.plus its not lyk pple demostrate everyday coz the gov wont allow it.given a chance let them be.pamberi nedemo.I remember well in 98 it worked

  3. Dai Itai wacho akaoneka nhai dai wo 15billion yacho tikaratidzwa kwayakaenda dai 2million jobs dzikaita pamwe Zimba ingavewo nerunyararo pamwe ma diaspora angadzoka kumusha pamwe mamarriage angamira kuputsika At least kupararira kwechirwere kunodzikira kubatwa hunhapwa kunyika isiri yevhu kunopera at vakadzidza vangavana mabasa pamwe wo tingatanga kudyawo techiguta pamwe napamwe napamwe zvingachinja

  4. ko ati irikutongwa nedemo ndiyani who told you that demonstrations kutonga nyika. after all civilians dont want to be ruled as if they have committed any crime. tongoda vatungamiriri vanoenda nevanhu kudemo leading from the centre

  5. As long as demos are peaceful its fine. Shows tht Zimbos are a mature lot. You will be allowed next time for more demos.

    All the best Zimbos

  6. the private media is doing a great job…constant updates of the demo pakaiap…ukatoenda paherald unotonzwa zvikunzi huh its a flop ..they shud hv bn selling airtime pane not demo what what …….vuka wena zim

  7. The people of Zimbabwe are now proving critics wrong , forward with the struggle , let show are power , power is in people not political party, all these people you are seeing here were not forced or bused they come willingly to show their anger with the current evil regime.Don’t look back Save , lead on the front with your team.

  8. morgiza mudhara wangu the most dangerous. munhu akamisa ndege nemuridzo kuti tsviyoooo! the lion of Robert!!!

  9. vamwe vedu taimbokwata zanu, gone are those days. kwekutipinza fear zvakapera, boys dzangu. nyika ndeyedu tese. for the record nyangwe vakauraya vanhu hazvipe 2m job izvozvo, economy will remain screwed!!! haikona kuda kuita Zimbabwe like its a private company cause its not!!!!!!!! It’s our land, tese, and no one is better or more deserving of our resources than others! ZIMBABWE is OURS and does not belong to a bunch of criminals who are driven by greed!!!! This is OUR country, ndaneta ne rubbish dzirikuitika idzi!

  10. This is a success story confirming that Morgan and the MDC are very much alive. The people have once again shown where their hearts lie. Meanwhile they are busy fighting each other neglecting their call to office. Enough is enough

  11. ini hangu ndakuda zvehondo ,titore zvavakaba ,plus hama dzedu dzakafa necholera ,vamwe nezvirwere zvairapika asi madoctor asingapihwe mari dzakakwana vamwe vachisheya 15 bidha ,

    zvekuti munhu abve ,tapfuura tapakuti upfumi hudzoke

  12. Well done! Its a positive start. Pidigori most certainly will take notice. Anga ajaira kuti past calls for demos by the MDC had flopped dismally. Takuda urgent meeting naye seyakaitwa nemawar vets. We should tell him we do not want him any more.


  13. i like the RED. Thank you Newsday. This is awesome. Pamberi narwo. Morgan arimomukati meruzhinji. Zanu nagiitewo 1million march Robie arimukati meruzhinji. Vanoshoora ngavashoore but the var veterens came first this year vaingevari vezanu.

  14. Tibvireipo ana Morgan, makaudzwa kudhara kuti hamufi makatonga nyika ino. Go 2 hell……. Pamberi ne100% empowerment

  15. A senior fool masquerading as a comrade who does not fathom that unemployment is hades . Maybe you are a comrade of fools

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  17. Hahaha MDC-T and tsvangison still on top, Mai Mujuru ndavadaidzire yavo tione kuti kunouya vangani? I am sure tsvangirai just wanted to show how much he is stil in the game

  18. Saka mapurisa mava kurova maWarvets muchirega vapfanaha veMDC pasi rapinduka. Ndozvakatadzwa kuita naMutsvangwa izvi asati aunganidza chembere dzake.

  19. So proud of my Zimbabwean colleagues.. this is what we were supposed to do many many years ago!! We are doing it now!! I am almost crying watching from so far where i was chased!

  20. it’s just simple! when they want to play hot heads let’s just deal with high court,i respect every opposition party and all those who were part of today’s MDC-T demo,i’m happy we are all waking up!!

  21. @tindo ,lets respect every opposition ndizvozvo ,mhandu yavanhu ndi bob nezanu kwete Joyce sezvatiri kuona Neva no den he vakazvinyararira
    ..tingati murikuita shanje hre ,kana pasinai siyai zvakadaro zvichaonekwa muground zvaachazotiitirawo ,strategy dzinosiyana…saka batanai mazimbo..

  22. Saka Mdc yaakutonga here nhai?Pamwe takanganisa kunzwa tiri kuno kumusha.
    Kana zvirizvo ndiani
    1. President
    *Declare the new Ministers.
    *Plan to make the new Zimbabwe.

    Kana pasina the above pliz maChinja.Madii machinja Zita plus Strategy.

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