Mutsvangwa savages Mujuru


FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru allegedly failed to protect women combatants abused by senior male officers during the war of liberation, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa has claimed.



Mutsvangwa reiterated to a local radio station in a live broadcast this week that Mujuru had also “bought the lie” that she single-handedly downed a Rhodesian army helicopter at the height of the bush war that brought majority rule 36 years ago.

“Those of us who had come from the university, we ended up in jail — myself, Zororo Duri (now late), John Mayowe (late) and Sobusa Gula-Ndebele — for resisting abuses on young girls. She (Mujuru) could have done more as a commander and I hold that against her,” Mutsvangwa said.

“She could have done more to stop the abuse of girls at Nyadzonia, but she did not.”

He claimed the likes of Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri went through hell.

“When women today say they are free, it is not a gift or charity from Zanu PF. They showed their valour, they earned it. I feel proud that someone who was in the field, like Vivian Mwashita, was declared a national hero. It will help change the narrative because some think women went to war as concubines. It’s nonsense,” Mutsvangwa said.

“Muchinguri was beaten every day at parade. We did not understand then as she was accused of being a spy, only to find out she was refusing abuses by senior commanders and we challenged that.”

He added: “The perception that has been created is that women were there to support men and most of those at the national shrine, not to say they did not deserve it, but there seemed to be a growing trend that only wives of revolutionaries would make their way there.”

But ZimPF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said it was a personal matter.

“As a party, we do not want to be dragged into a personal fight between Mujuru and Mutsvangwa, so we will not comment,” he said.

Mujuru’s personal assistant, Sylvester Nguni, would also not say much: “If the party spokesperson has said we will not comment, then that is what we say.”

Asked if he still stood by his claims that reports that Mujuru had downed a “chopper” during the war were lies, Mutsvangwa replied in the affirmative.

“I stand by that. She knows it, she never did that (downing the chopper). This is an effort to puff up her ego and she bought into the lie. She was my commander, the first trained woman commander.

“But as a comrade, she was as good a fighter as anyone. I have nothing against her record as a comrade. It is not so much against her, but if someone tries to make themselves a super hero and claim to have been better than those who died, we will not accept that. Respect your comrades; do not try to be anymore better than them,” Mutsvangwa added.

Legend has it that Mujuru, who now leads newly-formed opposition party ZimPF, took down a Rhodesian chopper during the war in a heroic feat that was initially incorporated into the country’s historical narrative.

But following the fall-out that led to Mujuru’s expulsion in the run-up to the Zanu PF congress in December 2014, Zanu PF apparatchiks, including Mutsvangwa, began to dismiss the assertion.

Mujuru, for her part, has told international media it was true that she brought down the enemy helicopter during the war, even going to the extent of describing the incident graphically.


  1. Chris must tell us how many helicopters were downed during the war and by whom. We also want to know where Chris operated and what did he do

  2. The undewear this shld just shut up his big mouth.He is fighting everyone.Yesterday it ws Mphoko and today mai Mujuru.Thx to Zanupf fo showing this mad man the exit door.We dont need him in Zanupf.VaMugabe chete chete

  3. Cde Chris, kindly tell us the people who abused young girls. Am sure some of them are still alive today

  4. Chris must include the top leadership for keeping quiet too. I personally think they knew the abuses and the abusers. Zvakutoita sokuti Mujuru aibata maoko avo during the abuse acts


  6. we are told mutswangwa or comrade che committed atrocities in the odzi area of mutare killed a pastor and made people to dig their own graves before shooting them in cold blood. I am sure most villagers in Odzi can testify to this Chris you got innocent blood on your hands stop throwing spanners into other comrades war credentials and sacrifice.

    • Too many atrocities were committed during the liberation war and peppered over after 1980 in order to romanticize the brutal revolution. I would not be surprised if this guy committed these heinous acts in Odzi as alleged because he certainly acts like someone who is haunted by his traumatic past. One thing very true though which he said concerns ex-University students like him and other well educated cadres who were persecuted, jailed or even killed by their commanders for allegedly agitating other cadres to revolt against the many injustices perpetrated by the High Command of Tongogara. It all started with the Nhari rebellion which was also a very just cause by the well educated Thomas Nhari and his colleagues at Chifombo (Zambia) who were also agitating against the sexual abuse of girl cadres by high ranking commanders like Tongogara; among many other camp injustices. In Mozambique, another rebellion by the Intelligentsia called the Vashandi Rebellion, was also brutally quelled and the ring leaders like Dzinashe Machingura,Rugare Gumbo, Augustine Chihuri, Happison Muchechetere, Alexander Kanengoni and others were brutalized and jailed by their colleagues for again rebelling against injustices. One day a true reflection of the real history of the liberation war will be correctly chronicled without being mutilated to suit the Zanu (PF) narrative.

  7. So Mutsvangwa, if you were that good, what role did you play all these years when war vets raped and ravaged our mothers and sisters under a leadership which you were involved in? Talk of 2000, 2002, culminating in the 2008 raping spree… Why do you now want to pretend to play the saint? Hatisi mafuza, wanzwa???

  8. Sick and tired of this historical narrative, as the cracks widen we are yet to hear a lot being rubbished as lies.In any case, does this improve the welfare of war veterans?Those who were victims of abuse have to raise up those matters at an appropriate platform. Zanu secured a two thirds majority at independence, in Parliament and had all the opportunity to address those issues,instead people enjoyed haranguing Zapu and its members in the process side lining pertinent issues that affected them in the peripheral. Verbally bashing Mujuru in the media won’t solve the country’s economic melt down.

  9. Va Mutvangwa munenge munotaurisawo imo ko madiiko Kusiyana ne chirikadzi iyi sure zvekudonhedza kana kusa donhedza kwe chikopokopo zvinei izvo mukore uno shuwa munoswera muti udza ngano dzekuhondo kwenyu ikoko kwamaka no zvisunungura tinowane pazviri. Isu tino munhu anorwisana ne economy yedu kuti munhu wese adye achiguta kwete mafaki gandanga.

  10. Here is what is really strange; according to this infantile Mutsvangwa, Joice Mujuru is more to blame for the sexual abuse than the perpetrators. This is a new low even for a lunatic like this fellow.

    He could help by naming this guilty of this heinous crime instead of displaying his shameless vendetta against Mujuru.

  11. This is neither here nor there. Why do we have to care about who downed a chopper and who didnt, what we want is the person who you are today and whether that can change around our country for the better.

  12. Abbie you couldn’t be more right than this. This motor mouth Mutsvangwa character is delusional to say the list. I am tied of his platitudes. He surely is a narcissist and for once I agree with Grace Mugabe. It is characters like this who give the war vets a very bad name smelling to high heaven.

  13. iwe chris mutsvangwa unongoomoka nhando u attack every one zvine zvekutiuudza zvekubhinywa kwavo iwe pawakazviona wakagozodini iwe monica wako wakamurorepiko hanty I hasha dzekuti pamwe wakazohwa kuti v akadzi vose vaitorohwa nevakuru so ukugwadziwa kuti pamwe wako monica akapinda pa gap racho uye hatidye nhoroondo yenyu ma mercenary iyo mairwira kuti muzotora zvinhu zvose

  14. Who were are the senior army officers who abused female comrades during the war of liberation Mr Mutsvangwa is talking about? May he please she more light about this case.

  15. dai mamudzinga futi muZimbabwe.big mouth n small brains. hapana hondo yakarwiwa apa. why do ppl give audince to this useless man. if he thinks he is such a big icon in the country’s history, i dont think Mugabe would have chased you.

  16. The fact that we attained the freedom we enjoy today through bloodshed is well documented. Notwithstanding, whatever transpired then is now water under the bridge. We can’t keep revisiting war narratives while other countries have managed to rise above it and made great strides to realise the dream that took them to the war. Zimbabwe’s war vets, besides their effort to liberate their country, have turned out as a liability holding the country to ransom with untenable demands. I wonder what is the intention of Chris in resurfacing this non-issue, an event overtaken by time. Concentrate on nation building issues instead of wasting time shadowboxing your imaginary enemies.

  17. Shame on you Christopher-please find yourself a good DURAMAZWI- the word war rinoreveiko
    Kuhondo kunoitika zvakawanda-iyezvino hondo iripo hauzikuiona here?

  18. And so what ?? This man makes it very difficult for anyone to keep sympathising with him. He is abusing the war vets’s sympathies for him against the G40

  19. Kana uri sewe Kirisi itonyarara zvako. Uri mbwende, duzvi rani iroro. Unotonyepa zvako. Maiba ma underwear ku Moza uko. Ibva wati ziii.

  20. Chris tell us the names of commanders who abused females. Also tell us some of the females who were abused otherwise what you are saying does not make any sense. People are getting tired of hearing this useless venom from Chris.

    Chris, are you saying you are the angel? What happened at ZBC then?

  21. Soon Chris ‘Rambo’ Mutsvangwa will be telling us he took part in world war 1 & 2 as well. This guy just loves tales of war

  22. This Chris thing is now boring yesterday you were regretting working under Mugabe now you are telling us about Mujuru , we don’t care, Grace told you that the children who you are claiming to be yours are not yours which means you don’t have children can you clear that and leave Mujuru alone , we know her better . You are still being used by Charamba with his old propaganda of lies not this time you won’t win . You are a confused fool who always sings for his supper.ICHO

  23. Ko zvekusadonhedzwa kwechopa zvinotipei nhai,Cris cross, ende urikungomaranamarana nenyika yose ,waitwa sei ???, ko wako chaiye ndiani ???. Une pamuromo wena,kkkk,.hazvishamise muchitotadza kurara mazuvano nepamusana paRunaida,chisikana chemuDande…makamudzinga kare , saka chiitai zvemumba menyu muZANU..Usatiudze kuti matobatwa nechando kare nekuti muri mu”PANIC MODE”..tipei huchi nemukaka wemakavimbisa bedzi..

  24. Look closely at this guy’s face. He is showing to be mentally challenged now. Pfungwa dzacho dzatodzvenga

  25. He blames Mujuru but does not blame those who abused the girls maybe its because Mujuru herself was also being abused and needed help too!

  26. chriss uya watanga.why a old man remind the comrades of waste bad things happened to them ashaya nyaya here ndosaka akadzingwa ngaanombo zozorora ZIMBABWE needs people who can tackle all our crisis kwete zvako zvekungo dhomoka. benzi iroo.

  27. This is half baked & we all know that including Honourable Comrade Mutsvangwa.It will be quite interesting If he also names the names of the abusers so that the nation can make correct conclusions.

    I rest my case.

  28. Chris, Chris you are confused, why didn’t you tell us when she was VP ? What we know is that she was also a fighter and we thank her for that.

  29. Saka hondo iyi yairwiwa kuMozambique here kana kuti muZimbabwe, ma 0 vets acho andongonzwa vanongoti taive Moza, mumwe ainotsvaga vakadzi kuGhana nekunodzidzira chirngu kuEngland, kuti pane hondo yakarwiwa ipapa, mawar vet chaiwo akanyarara haana kana gonzo mumba make.

  30. Chris atanga nyaya dzake…always looking for someone to castigate and blame for what happened during the struggle. Why not talk about current challenges Chris? Seems you are stuck in a time warp. Time to move on Chris. Then again I just realized that mwedzi mutete nowadays. Therefore you are forgiven bro.

  31. So he cares about women now!Mashura chaiwo.I remember him bullying Priscilla Misihairaibwi on live television before the 2005 elections.Hypocrite

  32. Hapana nyaya apa, criss cross, ari kurwadzwa nenyaya yaakanzwa kuti joyce ava nebody yema war vets,achibva atanga kuita shanje . Saka wakatopfeka tie nebhachi ukaoneka monica kuti ndave kunofumura joyce pabepa nhai ?.Chiona kuti wakanda uta urikudzokera kundobaya iwe muridzi..ko G40 unoti irikukuona sei ?. .Gumbo ,thanx nekusakomenda ngano dzisingaunze upfu idzi.

  33. Now that blabbermouth has decided to cast aspersions of misconduct at the high-ups during the struggle, is it not fair that a proper Truth & Reconciliation set up be urgently established in respect of all alleged abuses and atrocities by actors from the antagonist divide? This is especially so as the longer we delay, the more difficult it will be for the alleged perpetrators to answer for themselves, due to death, emigration or senility (e.g. of the last=Gushungo himself)

  34. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk yah mastupid akunetsana manje heee ndiani akatema ndege hee ndini . Joice newe chris zvakuvava manje chasara kutaura number yevanhu vasina mhosva vamakauraya. Mbeu yeZanu fakof mhani mwana wenyoka inyoka , mese henyu hapana musvinu ipapa kutadza kusota economy muchiba maDiamonds nemapurazi. Puma! Endai kuPalestine kune mavacant evarwi vehondo ende hamuswere. Munenge mave mince hee chopper hee chopper! SICHUPETI

  35. Sorry Christofa -what we as Zimbabwean want is not a perfect leader no no no- nobody is perfect we want a leader who can deliver-nyaya dzauri kubata kwedu tingadai takuendesa kuno VHIYA MBUDZI ne kuti haukwane pa dare revakuru -ndosaka wakadzingwa-na MUDHARA.Amai MUJURU – KUDONHEDZA HELICOPTER KANA KUSADONEDZA-still kune vanhu vanovada-ini ndiri mumwe wacho ne shamwari dzangu zhinji dzaimbova ku ZANU-PF-NZWISISA.

  36. When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind, its not enough to say the man is mad. Lets give vocal Mutsvangwa’s inconsistent remarks on Zanu PF and war affairs the benefit of doubt for the mental trauma and physical injuries (if any) he suffered during the war and post-war encounters with his competitors not to mention his recent political blow by his patron. No wonder age is a catalyst of this clown’s atrocities.

  37. Chris has a personal vendetta with Joice and so far he is loosing. Ok, so there were a lot of abuses in Moza, who really was to blame, a potential fellow victim or the perpetrators? The very fact that Joice later married Rex should show us that it started kuhondo ikoko. Once again, its plain for us to see that the Zanu PF liberation narrative is not true. Thus we have have people who joined the war two years before independence declared national heroes yet the Sitholes, Mukonos etc were denied that honour.

  38. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about, whether or not you down a helicopter so what? If you join the army it’s your job, nothing special about it, maybe if you down an alien UFO, they could be need to discuss it. If a soldier won’t down a helicopter who should, a teacher or clerk?

  39. This is a lot of bull , instead of blaming the big guys who were busy unzipping their khakhi pants on innocent young ladies who had come to fight the war , u are busy kupedzera shungu on a woman who could probably have been abused as well. ma rapists ndiwo ane yese apa.

  40. Ndiyani aibhinya vasikana .titaurire.ndyani akabhinya vakadzi 2008.tell us.why did Mutsvangwa fail to protect people who were raped 2008.

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  42. Ndiyani aibhinya vasikana .titaurire.ndyani akabhinya vakadzi 2008.tell us.why did Mutsvangwa fail to protect people who were raped 2008.

  43. He recently failed to protect himself & his own wife from expulsion yet he expected Joice, a teenager at the tym, to speak out against ferocious gandangas? Oppah has nvr said she was regularly beaten…so y r u the one telling us?

    • Were you there when they serialled the happening when ex-combatants claimed their disability compensations or you are the new people.? Oppah was recorded to have wept uncontrollably about how she was abused during the war. and you now want to pretend she has not complained about her abuse . you want her to cry again?

  44. Chris Mutswangwa is “a piece of work” as they say in New York. He needs a brain shrinker! This is by no means an endorsement for Mujuru.

  45. Actually Chris is correct on abuse.Keep it up Chris.We learn frm the past so we correct the future.u are a hero to say this

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