Mugabe must go: War vets


A GROUP of war veterans, believed to be sympathetic to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, yesterday said they had withdrawn their support for President Robert Mugabe and demanded he steps down, as he was “no longer fit for the Presidency”.


Part of the crowd that attended the war veterans meeting at the City Sports Centre yesterday in Harare on Thursday
Part of the crowd that attended the war veterans meeting at the City Sports Centre yesterday in Harare on Thursday

The war veterans, who include ex-Zanla commander, Parker Chipoyera, former top intelligence operative Retired Colonel Bastan Beta, Levy Gwarada and Ngoni Chitauro, among others, said their move was a follow up to the mandate they bestowed on Mugabe during the liberation war.

The war veterans, however, denied they were linked to Mujuru’s opposition Zimbabwe People First.

“We, the war veterans who agreed to the authorship of the Mgagao document and appended our signatures to it, now withdraw the mandate we gave to Robert Mugabe to be the leader,” Chipoyera told journalists in Harare.

The group accused Mugabe of running down the economy and playing the tribal card to retain power, hence the decision to withdraw their support.

They accused Mugabe of seeking to use them by only engaging liberation fighters during crises and discarding them in better times.

“To our fellow comrades, we take this opportunity to remind you that Mugabe no longer represents your interests,” Chipoyera said, at the same time urging Zimbabweans to resist Mugabe’s “tyranny” while demanding true democracy.

“Zimbabwe, once the jewel and breadbasket of Africa, is now a failed State and a laughing stock, even among the poorest of nations. Its people are now deeply divided along political, ethnic and tribal lines and the economy is in doldrums.”

He described the over 10 000 war veterans who met Mugabe in Harare last week as “fake liberation fighters” after they made “ridiculous demands” and portrayed themselves as “more special than the majority of Zimbabweans”.

The group claimed they deliberately avoided gate-crashing last week’s meeting, alleging there were security details deployed to attack them.

Contacted for comment, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya said: “If they have withdrawn, it’s them who have withdrawn. I don’t know them and I cannot comment on that. I don’t know what they are up to and I cannot comment.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo also disowned the group.

“The President was voted by the people in 2013 and that is the only mandate he has until 2018. I don’t understand the import of their statement. What positions do they have because we cannot just listen to anybody? The war veterans have their own leadership and together with their ministry and secretary for defence in the politburo are the ones who met the President. Those ones I don’t know and who cares,” he said.


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  2. Waitn to think Mugabe wl lose in 2018 is wishful thinkn as he is already in overdrive to disenfrachise over 4million voters perceived to be in opposition areas.
    Thts why Nikuv and Makarau are here.
    To make the voters roll is compromised.

  3. Yes! Please stand up. zimbabwe need people like you. you did not get it when president Tsvangirai stood up against mugabe. I urge you to join hands with President Tsvangirai and fight mugabe. its never too late

    • Zimbo, zva Tswangirayi bodo. Change ichaitika within Zanu P.F inova party yakazvimirira yoga isina ve kunze uye isiri front or black face we varungu. Moswa huru ya Tswangirayi ndeyekuti akasimudzwa kubva muhurombe nevarungu vakamupa everything kuti aite reverse the gains of independence. This is a sure case. Iyi fight yemuZanu haifanirwi kuenzaniswa neye MDC. Fight ye Zanu ndeyekuda kuti a leader we Zanu anokodzera azoita take over. Ndiyo fight yacho. I fight irikuda kuti va Mugabe vaitwe replaced by a deserving leader one of his leaftents whom he fought side by side. I fight irikuti lets allow the party structures and systems to work uninterupted to select a deserving leader.


  4. those are not war vets, they are rebels and i dnt think they were part of the war vets that attended the meeting. Remember they dnt represent the ideas of all war vets but they are saying it at their own personal capacity

  5. Gwara remusangano raive rekusunungura nyika nevanhu vayo. Izvi ndizvo zvatakaita tikabidirira, hezvo masununguka mose. Mukanzwa vanowanze chindini ndini ndivo vemakaro vatingati maopportunists, vasingatendi uye kuguta. Vakomana kuchikoro takaendeswa asi imi muri kuchemera madirect appointments. ko handiti democracy inoti tinofanira kukwikwidza toonekwa kodzero! Mave kuzonyanya kuda kupura nyemba nemagaro! Minda takapiwa, ngatishandeyi kwete kubata hurumende kwiyo kwamave kuita uku. Isu takarwa tine uchenjeri tiri kuzvishandira nokuti takapiwa foundation, hatidi spoon feeding. School fees dzevana ndedzipi ivo vana vacho atove madharawo, asi mave kutoda kusupportwa from generation to generation here? Nyaraiwo povo please

  6. What is important is that they are in agreement with the people of Zimbabwe that Mugabe must go and go now.Why did they not attend?What was the qualification for attending?We know for sure the whole process was manipulated by Mugabe himself.Even those war vets who were in attendance confess that they did not get the chance to talk to their patron, instead they were talked to.War vets were supposed to be given an opportunity to choose their representatives at the meeting and not the other way round.

  7. Zimbabweans pliz lets open our eyes.We cant afford again to vote fo Mugabe.Tsvangirai apera.Lets vote fo mai Mujuru.In Mujuru i see a true leader.Tsvangirai is another Mugabe.Tsvangirai doesnt want to be criticised.Down with dictators

  8. Iwe Budzi, Dont attack SAVE vari out of government. Vote your Mujuru in silence. Your Mujuru who has been running down the economy with Zanu pf all these years only to be expelled recently. Vote for her. Zimbabwean who are genuine know the man who stood with them since 1999. Others have tried to split and form their own parties only to find them selves in the political dust bins. Makaoma mu politics umu. Its a game of numbers. If you do not agree with me, part of Zanu pf slogan goes “Pasi Na Tsvangirai” . They are not even worried about the little known Zimpf. Open your eyes and see the truth.

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  10. Cde Hasha,this is not 1999.Tsvangirai is nw a spending force.If he is clever enough,he shld join hands with joice and form a coalition.Mujuru shld lead that coalition.I yes i will not ever again waste my time votting fo Tsvangirai.Handichada.Ndakasiya zve MDC izvo.Mai Mujuru all the way

  11. Who ever thinks President Mugabe most go should keep on day dreaming.The man has a constitutional mandate to govern the country until 2018, as his populist policies are implemented he is like to win the 2018 National Elections as the ZANU PF sole Presidential candidate.Look at the Fast Track Land Reform that benefited more than 300 000 peasant families(and their generations) & the Indeginisation Legislation that is likely to benefit the urban & semi-urban population for generations to come. Mujuru is very, very corrupt and Tsvangirai does not have any meaningful principled political orientation!!! ICHO!!!!

  12. Tswangirai kkkkk.We need some seriousness Zimbabwe.Hee 1999 this and that.We dont eat that.Tswangirai is a dictator just like UMugabe.Whenever one crosses his line,he expels.i think Mai Mujuru deserve my vote.

  13. i would rather vote for Tsvangirai or Cde R.G. Mugabe. I cant waste my vote of rebels who became rebels after being expelled. Mujuru is one of the rebels. If she was not fired from Zanu Pf, do you think she was going to form her PF. The only political and presidential candidates we have in Zimbabwe are 2. CDE R.G.MUGABE and MORGAN RICHARD TSVANGIRAI. all others are cowards who only bark. Zimbabwe has only 2 political horses.

  14. More than 60% of comments here are in support of Mai Mujuru.In other words pple no longer have faith with SAVE who ws the face of opp.Mai Mujuru is yet to address any rally but from the look of things,she is very popular with the pple.

    • Mai Mujuru has bee addressing rallies since March. Wakagosareiko kudaro nhai munin’ina? Tsvaga madetails usati watanga kucommenter.

  15. Mugabe will not win free and fair elections.I used to vote fo MDC but nw i moved to Zimpf.Joice huya tivake nyika iwee.Ndiri muvaka akazara.Thx mai Mujuru fo coming to rescue us.Tokudai makadaro isu kuno kumaruwa

  16. I totally agree with Cde Hasha. In Zimbabwe there are only 2 strong leaders who qualify to lead and rule us. only President Mugabe and Tsvangirai. Mai Mujuru mutengesi. We never heard of her criticizing Zanu pf. Only after being fired. She is also corrupt. She owns her private mines including diamond. We never heard of Tsvangirai ‘s corrupt activities. Everyone also agrees with me that our president’s hands are clean . His name is made bad by those around him who are doing corruption. Otherwise Zimbabwe will plunge into leadership crisis after our president leaves office. So stop talking about Mujurus ‘s party. The president does not even loose sleep over it. She can not even win in her Mt Darwin constituency because she did not do anything meaningful for the electorate all the 36 years she was in government. She even failed to improve the plight of women nation wide. So she is out of the Equation. Its either Bob or Save.

  17. If mai Mujuru is corrupt,why is she not behind bars.Keep on dreaming Zanu pf guys.Ini ndaitova muchinja ane mbiri kutomboitawo an MP fo Bindura South.I have also crossed over to ZimPF.ZimPF is talk of town.Everywhere its mai Mujuru mai Mujuru.Lets build Zimbabwe.

  18. Thats your own dream. Mujuru is gone to the political dust bin. She will not even get a single vote since yours is going to be spoiled

  19. SAVE carries the vision for this country. The mistake people make is to think they can remove mugabe by forming splinter parties like zim first, zim pfirst etc instead of joining hands with the man who has the vision. Genuine change can only come from Morgan.Yes Mai mujuru or any other person can win and rule but do not expect them to deliver the Zimbabwe we want. Morgan understands what we the people of Zimbabwe want. my plea is that instead of spending our energies by forming new parties lets coalesce around this man-Morgan-by coalitions,grand coalitions or whatever we want to call it and shape the Zimbabwe we want together.

  20. I agree with u Nyaude.If JM is corrupt,like wht these MDC pple are saying,why is she not behind bars?Its cheap talk.We are not fools.This time Joice is going to teach Zanu pf a lesson.Vavaki veZim.Brick by Brick

  21. Aida kunyimisa econet licence iye nemurume wake. Apa anonzi aida kuita coup kubvisa mutungamiriri wenyika. Munhu wakadaro haakodzeri kuit mutungamiriri. kana uchida utungamiriri unotomirira nguva yako yokwana. kwete kuda kubvuta. Pasi ne gamatox

  22. Mwanawevhu,Tsvangirai apera seRand.Ini handichada.Ndaitombomuvhoterawo.Inga ukuzviona wega kuti mai Mujuru ndivo vatova neyese.Tea boy ndewe mababe chete.Haatonge.Akaudzwa kare naRobert Mugabe.Someone is saying mai Mujuru will not win in her constituency.What a silly joke.Pple of Mash Central,are fully behind their daughter.Tovada and hapana anovadzivisa.Vatoenda nenyika.Takapanduka zvamuchose.Tired of votting fo MDC.Haatonge Tsvangirai period

  23. Mujuru has been implicated in many shoddy deals around the country. We heard a lot during the First Lady Tour of the nation rallies. Hate her or not, our First Lady did a good job in exposing these corrupt Gamatoxes. We were now fighting 2 evils, sanctions plus corruption.

  24. Aivepiko , where was she all along. simply because she has been kicked out of ZANU PF on allegetions of dividing the party now she wants to say she is holy.

  25. Hee Econet license this and that.Dont be fooled Zimbabweans by Zanupf propaganda.She is the next President.Mujuru is yet to address a political Rally.Ini ndine nzara yekuda kutonzwawo achitaura.We love her here in Masvingo.No to Zanu and Tea Boy

  26. Wezhara, Mujuru will not win. Zanu Pf is restrategising . In getting more energetic everuday . Mujuru aklaitirei vanhu. Beware, she might be used by the west to recolonise Zimbabawe. We say pasi nevatengesi

  27. Guys if the truth be told,JM is going to win the elections.Ws in Mas East in March.Mai Mujuru vanodiwa nevanhu hama dzangu.Kumaruzevha ndiko kune yese pama votes.Support yese yeZanu ku UMP yakatizira kuna Joice

  28. Nzvimbo,its not only Mash East.Even here in Mat North ie Binga area and Vic Falls,pple said they will vote for Mai JM coz Zanupf neglected them.MDC we all saw wht happened to them in 2013.They dont stand any chance.Mai Mujuru our mother,we are together in 2018

  29. Im here for comments.So far its Mai Mujuru 60% ,Tsvangirai 30% and Mugabe 10%.Kkkkk.Ndaona Joice atonga ini pane zvandiri kuona pano

  30. All thoz cio writing Tsvangirai apera se rand shd go hang.

    Isu haticheuke muridzo.
    Pindai mu election na joice wenyu then u learn.

  31. Joice is a welcome dvp to opposition. i know she has power to pull more frm Zanu thn Mdc bt shd not think she shall get any prominence up and until she courts Richard Morgan Tsvangirai.
    She shd also start talking hard kwete ma rubbish e official secret aaitaura ayo.

  32. Joice My Voice My Choice ……Msirizwi Chipinge in all the 7 wards of Chipinge east vanhu ingori Mujuru ngaatonge

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