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I’d rather fight it alone: Tsvangirai


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai says his tenure as Prime Minister of the now-defunct Government of National Unity (GNU) had taught him to stay away from coalitions, effectively ruling out the possibility of joining hands with other opposition parties ahead of the 2018 elections.


Tsvangirai told journalists in Gweru last week that President Robert Mugabe’s “deceitful behaviour” during the GNU showed him the dangers of coalitions based on differing ideologies.


“Given such experience (GNU), we would rather get legitimately elected and be given the mandate by the people to rule. If you don’t have shared vision, you can’t have partnership and you waste a lot of time tearing each other apart, pursuing different agendas,” he said.

His comments came just days after MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora declared they were not keen on coalescing with other opposition parties.

“I can confirm that the party has decided to shelve any coalition plans. We have carefully analysed the situation and realised that other opposition parties do not have much to give to the coalition in terms of following,” Mwonzora told a local weekly last week.

“They do not have any significant following and so we have said let us concentrate on rebuilding our party and strengthening it.”

Insiders say Tsvangirai and hawks in his party have been buoyed by the large number of MDC-T supporters that turned up for the anti-corruption demonstration held in Harare two weeks ago.

“After the demonstration, some in the party began to think we could go it alone. On the other hand, that thinking played right into the hands of those that have been arguing against a coalition. That group is made up of people who are scared of losing their positions in the event of a grand coalition,” top party officials said.

Talk of a grand coalition ahead of the 2018 election has been growing since the emergence of former Zanu PF Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) political outfit.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Tsvangirai had the final say on all matters to do with coalitions.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said: “President Tsvangirai is seized with the issue of conditions rather than positions. Coalitions by their very nature bring to the fore the issue of positions rather than conditions, which is unnecessary. Zimbabweans are currently suffering because of conditions and not positions and that is what we are concerned with for now. It is too early to talk of coalitions.”

Following the bloody presidential run-off election in June 2008 which the MDC-T boycotted, Tsvangirai and Mugabe were forced into a shaky partnership that also included former Industry minister Welshman Ncube’s smaller MDC faction in an arrangement sponsored by regional bloc Sadc and the African Union.

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  1. Tsvsngirai is a big joke.hehe tabirwa this and that.Kkkk.I have crossed over to ZimPF.Apera seRand uyo.Akabhejerwa naBob kuti haatonge Zim

    • He is the prototype flip-floper zveshuwa. One time he says he is ready to work with other fellow opposition parties to dismantle the wicked, oppressive Zanu (PF) hegemony and now he changes again and says his experience in the GNU tought him never to join in a coalition again. All this is said without him even consulting his starry-eyed supporters who no doubt will support any suicidal moves he may take on their behalf.Talk about another Zimbabwean cult figure in the making.

  2. This idiot called Tsvangirai thinks that one dy he will be Zim President.In 08 he won the elections and ran away to Tswanaland.I will never ever vote for this clueless leader.he failed to protect my vote.My Joice,My Joice and my voice.ZimPf ndiyo ine yese.

      • Benjamin, I have supported Tsvangirai for the last 10 years and it pains my heart, but to agree with Wasu that hmmmm this guy akatiregerera in 2008. I risked everything to just cast my vote what happened next? Mujuru was forced out of Zanu PF because she dared to speak out her thoughts. I can 100% sure that she is not going back there. She has been the liberation struggle dogging bullets. I don’t think she will be running to Bots after wining elections. Maybe dai Mogiza akaenda kuhondo ane zvivindi asina kutiza 2008.

        If you still want to try him again and again please go ahead. Rega timboedza zvimwe. Maybe we are wrong but that the general thinking.

  3. Zimbabweans are not fools.We votted fo Save a long time and failed to dislodge Mugabe.We need sum1 who can take us to the promised land.We dont want a situation whereby sum1 would support a team that will not win anything like Caps United.Hapana chainotora Caps just like SAVE.I will vote Mai Mujuru.

    • u cant blame him for your vote coz the elections were rigged and i think Mai Mujuru is a sell out she wont bring anythng special

  4. My joice,my choice and my voice.Kkkk.kutoramba kupinda mucoalition Tsvangirai.unofunga unotonga here?haufe wakatonga

    • if you vote for joice it means you are shallow minded.she was part of the zanu that terrorized people and stole elections.now that she has been booted out you follow her?no offence but that’s poor thinking.

  5. Tsvangirai is 1000% correct, we don’t need coalitions with unpredictable sell outs like Biti & fake mafikizolo democrats like Mujuru. We have single handedly defeated the dictatorship many times before & we will fight to the bitter end. Asingadi ngaaende

  6. too many Mujuru fanatics here. Morgan will win again like he has been doing.

    JM is yet to prove her worth outside zanu pf. I repeat she is a tribalist at core

    • @xolani
      No they are not too many look closely I think its just two people using different names.
      For example Wash, SaManyika and Buhera its all Manicaland, then look at beauty and Lisa so you see it looks like just two people.
      Don’t worry havasati vatanga opposition politics. Kikkkk

  7. The writting is on the wall unonyura chamatama you will come a distant third with Joice second kunumber one kunenge kune SHASHA INONZI BOB MUGABE

  8. we reject coalitions with Mugabe’s stooges. how do they do it in other countries without the coalitions?

  9. Morgan risk being irrelevant in the country’s political landscape.The country’s political dynamics is likely to condemn him to the sad pages of the country’s political history.Anyhow it’s not surprising at all, he makes blunders after blunders.

  10. God knowshow to SAVE our Nation ,instead of making all the Noise,Commenting with little Knowledge at all ..Let Consult the Most High, for His Leadershp ,one thing for sure our situation has been of serious concern in the REALM of The SPIRIT

  11. RIP Morgan this!! this is just a confirmation of the funeral of the MDC to be buried in 2018. no wonder why that party split into so much all those people were running away from the “open zip shut mind ” Tsvangirai. nxa this is stupidity without boundaries

  12. This guys lack strategy, its way too early to shut all doors on coalitions. They lose absolutely nothing by engaging other opposition parties and see how the situation evolves. No wonder he is called a flip flopper he rushes to make decisions prematurely only make u-turn later. They said no reform no election but now they are regretting and reconsidering that fatal decision. These guys have been infiltrated no wonder they are making foolish decisions on after another.

    • Of course, the MDC-T has been infiltrated from Day One. However, the greatest MDC-T “infiltrator” is Morgan;s limited thinking capacity. Roy Bennett was right that Tsvangirai is only as good as the guy who gave him advice last.

    • You are dead right it is far too early to come up with a definitive policy on coalitions..and what makes nonsense of this statement is ‘big tent’ theory asexpoused by the same guy..Is this a joke. Or he was maybe misquoted as he is really big on..I pray for his sake and his followers that he was misquoted!

  13. Mr Tsvangirai Grand coalitions are not based on ideology but on a particular objective, in this case the objective is to remove Mugabe and ZANU pf and you go solo. Shunning coalitions shows how Tsvangirai and his MDC lack the pragmatic approach of yesteryear MDC leaders like Biti, Ncube, Jongwe, Sibanda and Coltart. GNU is completely different from opposition grand coalition. This statement by Tsvangirai shows how shallow the current leadership is.

    • Well and succinctly put. MT shows again his very poor skills at strategy. He was good mobilizing those early stay-aways and demonstrations but he became of ever diminishing use thereafter. He may still be the most popular political leader but then so was Mugabe into the early 90s, when it had become increasingly clear to many that he was leading the nation down a cul-de-sac….and worse, was not willing to accept failure and hand over leadership

  14. Kana imi muchida zvemaCoalition start your own party. Moda kumanikidza tsvangirai so that u reap from the political base he started and suffered for. anoona kuti coalition inoita ngaaite party yake FULLSTOP. Vamwe munogona kucomenda chete itai politics dzacho tikuonei.

  15. Zimbabwe Zimbabwe, for how long are we going to have this mentality? How can one sacrifice the entire nation for the sake of money. Our politics is pathetic. It is common knowledge that Tsvangirai never lost an election in Zimbabwe apart from the 2002 Presidential election. But why are we so hateful to an extent that we demonize this man as if he is not Zimbabwean. During the GNU, all Zimbabweans can attest to this, that our country’s economy improved significantly only to lose these gains after the 2013 elections. Do we need someone from outer space to inform us that we really need a change and given all the options available, MDC-T as you call it seems to have an upper hand. I dont hate JM, TB,EM,SM,DD and other politicians but i think if they were really for change, they were not supposed to form their own political outfits. The best thing was just to come on board with Tsvangirai and move forward. Whats the need for a grand coalition after all the going solo in the first place? Isnt this another way to breed confusion and infights? Ingoitai sematangiro amukamboita. I dont doubt that all these who are castigating Tsvangirai are state apparatuses who are praying for a coalition because it will work in favor of ZANU

  16. Iwe Tsvangirai. The logical thing in this situation is to form a coalition. You have weaknesses which other parties can augment.

    In case you have forgotten, let us reiterate. You failed to get full reforms of the law implemented whilst you were in government. You lost the 2013 elections because of attacks on your character that you did not defend. You took the wrong choice of not running in the second ballot of 2008. You have no war credentials and so you do not garner support from the army let alone the chiefs in the rural areas. Your MDC-T councillors have been involved in corruption and have failed to show how you are better than Zanu-PF. Above all you rejected the referendum of 2001 that would have imposed two term limits on Mugabe which would have meant that you would be President. So with such a series of blunders, one wonders whether you are the right person to lead. The evidence suggest otherwise, as does this your current decision.

    In light of all this, some of us will choose to go for the Biti and Mujuru coalition.

    • Who is in coalition with Zanu and Mugabe? Let each team stand on their own unless you are telling us Tsvangson is the real deal.

  17. Morgan don’t join that coalition of hyenas. If they despise you so much why then should they need your support. The moment the desired goal is achieved they will start savaging you again. A grand coalition with people of honour is noble, but with such a hypocritical lot, thanks but no thanks.

  18. i think Save is spot on, coalitions are characterized by nothing but bickering and fights. Tsvangirai better go it alone rather than join hands with people who were once part of the problem we seek to get rid of. Joice is jus there to split the vote again, nothing really significant. ZIMPF is just a bunch of bitter people who just want to get back at Mugabe. I suggest they go kumapurazi avakatora aya and do farming.

  19. Tsvangirai have no war credentials.here in rural areas we shall only going to vote vasina kurwa hondo kana vakarwa vapera.Tsvangirai must forget our vote.We shall go fo Mai Mujuru.She is a better candidate than tea boy.We say no to Teaboy

  20. Kkkkk.Svinurai muone maziso vanhu VeMDCtsvangirai.Anonyaya kuda pakati munhu wenyu uyu.Taitombomudawo but umm ifuza.Bob vari right vaiti ndopika namai vangu Bona Tsvangirai haatonge Zim.Zimpf ndiyo inopinda panyanga.Joice is a war vet and she commands support muma strong holds ezanu.Pasi nateaboy

  21. Is this paper a ZimPF paper? ma comments angu hamuchadi kuaisa because am supporting Tsvangirai’s idea ? Its so bad, this is how you guys are ruining our country. Saka munoda kuti tose tiite mapepa. How much were you given to stand for this monster called grand coalition???????

  22. Two cannot walk unless they agree. Unless a coalition is built on conscensus and mutual understanding, it can hardly yield. Nevertheless, in such a scenario, there is need for these opposition parties to maintain discipline and respect and to refrain from any possible disputes as they may require talks in case of a run-off.

  23. Anoda kushanda naTsvangirai ngaaite join/rejoin MDC-T, PERIOD. Maiti munozvigona megaka, chiitai tione. Kuna Tsvangirai ndinoti, chakatanga ndoo chakachenjedza. Just focus on rebulding the party, avoid twunhu tusina basa, and keep away from the confused lot. Learn from the good and the bad things you have done in the past and soldier on with more wisdom.

  24. How can someone desert a party one moment & then claim to want to work with it the next. If people like Biti & Ncube want to work with Tsvangirai they should not have left in the first place. As for people first, everyone knows that its risky to fall in love with a recently divorced person coz you never know when they can have a change of heart & return to their original partner

  25. “Tsvangirai has been winning elections since 2002!.” Shame. Why is he not in State House? What makes him think he will make it come 2018? What has he done differently? Only a fool expects a different result from the same action. Wake up Save and try something different. Is the objective for you to become President or to dislodge an oppressive regime?

  26. Tsvangirai ramba wakadaro, no need to lose sleep over these small parties of rebels with less than 50 members each. If Tsvangirai will never be President then neither will they, so no need for one blind man to insult the other

  27. Coalitions are not in Tsvangirai best interest and will not improve the chances of change. Infact it is Biti and Mujuru who should join Tsvangirai. Blaming Tsvangirai is absurd. Why did for example Biti and company leave and come through coalition talk. Did JM have knowledge that Tsvangirai is there in the mix and has a known victimized and suppressed power base before forming the ZimPF. Even if Tsvangirai fail to dislodge Zanu PF he has completely changed the face of Zimbabwean politics for years to come. Anyway Paulo Freire said in Pedagogy of the oppressed the opressed will fight amonst themselves instead of fighting the oppresor

  28. the fantamental question is if SAVE goes alone will he stand the election better than he diid the last time? will he not suffer the same stumbles as the last elections? will he not been an easy attack on sanctions ,dinning with whites and lack of war credentials?does he now have the rigging matrix of the game?is it not better to be in shared power than not to be in power?……….after considering all this l had to jump the ship MY JOICE MY VOICE MY VOTE …..VIVA ZIMPF VIVA

  29. Tsvangirai has nothing beyond a band of protesters. He thinks a protest movement alone will carry the day. Simba might have little numbers but he has the brain. Dabengwa has little numbers but he has the gravitas. Biti might have little numbers but he has the vision & courage. Others might have little numbers but they have the ideas. Coalition is not only a sum of followers. Of course, I don’t expect Tsvangirai to understand this.

  30. Zimbabwean are insane , you play to media politics , check all news medias , they are saying different things from one story , people wake up and fight for your freedom not to be used by the media, I can tell you out of all the commentators there are not more than 5 registered voters , shame on you .ICHO

  31. This is where Zim loses it. In 2008 he failed to get into office because of lacking military mighty. Come 2018 where will he get the military might from. A sad development. He can win 83% but without buy-in of the military the same 2008 situation prevails. As bad as the People First guys are he needs them coz of their links with the military. This splitting of opposition votes is sweet music to Zanu PF. What a show of poor leadership. Shame!

    • I agree with you Tichaona,Tsvngirai has been wining elections a number of times but those in power were not prepared for apresident like him,they therefore came up with all methods in their book to close him out.Now,he will contest and the majority vote for him but the sam mechanism that shut him out is still there.What Tsvangirai needs now,and I pray he understands this, is to unite with other opposition parties especially ZPF who are connected to the millitary and cio,this is the only way to beat Zanu PF.

  32. Tsvangirai,as usual is right.Look at the interest he generates esp from planted and cio analysts.They are afraid,very afraid!And i say to these planted analysts,be very afraid.After july 2013,these very same intellectuals and armchair Mugabe sympathisers wrote him off,only to eat their words when they see his popularity.if u read the herald like all these goons do u will say and act stupidly.what gain can Tswangirai get frm parties that do not even have one elected mp let alone councillor.vanoda mapositions riding on Tsvangirai’s back!No coalition will help.vanoda kuputsa mdct ivo vasina kana support.all those for coalitions,join each other tione kuti zero nazero vanokupei

  33. Why did u not publish my comment nhai editor.Inga wani i was simply saying armchair critics vanovenga Tsvangirai kunge ndiye ari kutonga are really suspected cio vanomutya.Tarisai vanhu vaisa macomments nemamwe amarega kupublisher mobva maona popularity yaTsvangirai.coalitions are for positions bedzi.anouraya party.dont be cheated

  34. Mese hamuna zvamataura apa? Kungohumana chete. Taurai kuti Mugabe oenda rinhi chete nekuti tiri kuda zvitsva chete. Heee Tsvangirai haaatonge haana kurwa hondo pfutsekee wenyu mese rubbish tinodya hondo isu. Ndiani asina hama yakaisa contribution kuhondo. dai pasina povo zanu Pf yaihwina. BRAAAATI SHiT mhani!!NXAAAAA

  35. KKK .critics of mr Tsvangarai , substantiate your criticisms , not just say apera , haana strategy , etc, Can anyone brilliant out there spell out the strategy of fighting junta, which even confessed few weeks ago that it was using the much dreaded CIO and military to frustrate MDC T.Analyze politics muri sober , not just comment zvisina muto
    Waiting for brilliant strategy ,post on this page ,kunana shorai.

  36. Tsvangirai its better you continue it alone, don’t listen to these sellouts like Mbiti and WN they dont know where they stand what they want to achieve except filling their pockets with Thirty pieces of Silver like Judas Iscariots, they dont care about the people at all, once in a while he was Gono’s lawyer now he wants to unite and fight what and whom those are the questions?, Usadya huroyi nekunyara Save, Rambai zvamuchose and hapana zvavanombokuitai hapana, vakaenda vakandoitei, ngavagareko, seave or prune the party until yasara nemusvo wevanhu vanoziva zvavanoda vasingakupei confusion

  37. @ Dr,Dotito and Tichaona mataurawo maonero angu chaiwo..the guy cannot understand the message being transmitted by the likes of Chiwenga & co..varikuda bedzi munhu akarwa hondo kuti atonge not the likes of Tsvangi,jonso or kasukuwere.Ok,angahwine nhasi akave prezident bt chii chinomusimbisa kuti haazoitwa coup ne military yaasingagone kukontrola. Arikuona kuwanda kwema supporters bedzi achikanganwa mamwe ma”recipe” akakosha akafanana nekuve ne influence mu Army via JM..Of,course kunyepa kuti vana Simba,Biti na Dabengwa havana zvavanogona kuunza patable ….after all this must be gud news to Zanu tichiona kuti coalition iBig threat kwairi nekuti inenge ichibatanidza masupporters ose eopposition kuti ataure nezwi rimwechete, ipapo ndipo panobva paita chirwira ingwe kana asingazive..anyway regai tione kana zvichiita kuti inda itswanywe nechara chimwe..

  38. Tsvangi made a blunder GNU was your biggest undoing. Giving away your victory, your time came and its gone.

  39. Tsvangirai thinks he can lead this nation une support yevanhu vasina zvitupa vasingavhoti wawakaona pademo. Your support is only in Hre and Byo. You failed to defeat Bob wen yo party was intact. Inclusive exposed you, u spent most of your time to women.

    • Ane vamwe vachiri kumusupporter whose vote is equally important just like vote ye all other opposition supporters from other opposition parties. Me think kuti those varikuramba coalition ndivo varikuda kuti status quo irambe yakadaro because without the coalition votes will be split.

  40. Ppl want an end to the regime and not u Morgan.
    If u abandon coalition with JM then.we abandon u Morgan.
    Mujuru is a threat to yo supporters Morgan and commands better respect from securocrats coz of war credentials.
    Wait for her congress to learn of the impending exodus and subsequent end of the labour party we very much loved.

  41. Ppl want an end to the regime and not u Morgan.
    If u abandon coalition with JM then.we abandon u Morgan.
    Mujuru is a threat to yo supporters Morgan and commands better respect from securocrats coz of war credentials.
    Wait for her congress to learn of the impending exodus and subsequent end of the labour party we very much loved.

  42. zimbos tine dambudziko rekusa manager our emotions. .Murme zvaari kutaura ndezvekuti coalition without having common ground on the ideology haifambi zvakanaka. ndirikuona kuti vazhinji vedu variku commentor against the headline yeNewsday which they deliberately sensationalized and a lot different from what the man actually said in his own words when you read the story. Let’s not read too much from the headline but be informed by the actual story line. Thank you

  43. Zimbabweans some of our comments do not reflect the level of literacy that we claim to have attained. surely is all this uninformed talk necessary. Some of the persons here are either paranoid or just need to be suspended of their voting rights coz you dont have the slightest appreciation of what politics is.

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  45. Nambuya vangu ooh joice haafi akatonga zimbabwe. Akuda kuhwanda natsvangrai nokuti adzingwa naMugbe aimbovepi kare kese nyika ichipara chimbuya chepaDotito chimbavha cheNgoda tu hell

  46. Nikuv via Zec know very well the areas and wards with your Supporters Morgan and up to now those ppl are never registered as voters or issued with IDs.
    Joice commands support mainly in Mash Central, a traditional Zanu stronghold which can swing to the opposition.
    Think twice. Morgan

  47. You’re doing the right thing Morgan. Continue to campaign and rebuild the party. As things stand now, its too early to form any coalition with any other party. As we approach elections it makes sense to do an audit of who is big and necessary to go to bed with.
    If the other guys are serious, they should either re-join or join the MDC to have one strong party.
    As for Mai Mujuru and co, its simple, she should first give up the land and mines etc that she gained achiri ku zanu. That way we’ll know kuti she’s a serious leader. Support yepa internet is not support. Someone mentioned kuti she has the support of the military. If that were true then why was she fired? Why did the military not back her?
    Wezhira asked an important question, kuti if she had not been fired would she have started her own party? Therein lies the answer to this coalition nonsense.

  48. This is what I expected to hear from Tsvangson….. and I 100% agree with game of thrones … talking about coalition now is way too early … by the time we get to 2018 they will now be sworn enemies , Mai Mujuru had an article a fortnight ago where she stated that her party had been infiltrated by zanoids , so the fact that she will be taken down the wrong lane is very high … What amazes me is everyone who is chucked out of zanu defaults to zanu mujuru and automatically Zimbabweans think that these people are the ones to deliver us to the promised land … what has changed with these people …. every time they open their mouths they say we are loyal to zanu and Mugabe but the party has been taken over by blablabla …hhh meaning they share the same ideologies of looting and paying a blind eye on all wrongs on the people in the name of sovereignty and yet we are quick to say lets join hands with them … to where ??? Zimbabwe does not only need leadership change but its the leadership style and values that we are suffering from and those are key build of Mai Mujuru ……. What has she done for us to say she is the solution? Tsvangson has brought about GNU and it was one of the best phases this country has seen in a long time …..

  49. Joice and Morgn are the biggest non democratic sellouts out there!!!! why not be very democratic, form a democtraic party and have what are called primary elections to get the people’s support if any!!! if it were upto me, morgan has had enuf chances why Joice has servd enuf, giv others a chance,

  50. How can yu have a coalition with people who do not have a following, if you join all the opposition parties except mdct ,I doubt they can have 5000 people ,the question is as a coalition patner what are you bringing to the table .Zanu is fragmenting at an alarming rate and most Zanoids are joining the mdct because of failed job promises among other things on the part of Zanu pf ,Mdct is regenerating as a result of national dispondency,so come 2018 about 90 percent of the population Will vote for mdct .

  51. Let the other opposition parties use their ideas to press for democratic voting conditions from Zec, since they don’t have the numbers but have the brain as some might suggest ,let them tell Zec to prove to the nation and the world that it is an independent body by instituting all the needed electoral reforms without interference from any player .

  52. GOOD decision . MDC T ndiyo majority yacho asingadi gara kuZanu. HANDEI TIVONE 2018 NYIKA KUVANHU

  53. In that case it’s the end of the road. Your mission is over. Your lack of vision is finally confirmed. The same weakness that got us here. Lack of vision and selfish agendas. Bye bye opposition leader for life! Kkkkkkk

  54. Aaah svokwadi ndokubva ndatsigira kuti biti abatane naTsvangirai haana kana 2 days abva pano, ko chaamboona paseri apo chava kuda Tsvangirai chii? chava chigondora chozvifurira politics its game of numbers vision usina chaunga inoperera mubedroom nemukadzi wako

  55. tsvangison pliz smell da cup of coffee before its too late remember in politics they say u have no permanent enemies or friends so to say JM akabva mu Zanu does not mean she still represents zanu othewise its u who is part of zanu u a here to save zanu bcz first u saved zanu ne unity government yawakaita paya uye uri mukuwasha wavo wakaroora ku zanu so plz watch yo back uchasara uri wega remember ma donors akakusiya unowana mari kupiko yema campaign 2018 better join each other to remove da big obstacle first then reoganise afterwards plz sir

  56. The statement by Gutu that Tsvangirayi has the final say, This is exactly the same as Mugabe in ZANU or Mujuru and is the problenm with Zim Politics. Gutu is wrong. MDC T is supposed to be democratic. The National Council should be the body that directs policy not Tsvangirayi. Biti & Mangoma and all the rest left because the decisions are made in the MDC T by Tsvangirayi and only him. That is why I will no more be a part of the MDC T. Even the name MDC T ( MDC Tsvangirayi) says it all. Big man politics is the problem.

  57. Save hande the way to the promised land tsvangirai hatinei nevamwe vezano vari kuisa macomments asina basa

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