Govt rewards Mighty Warriors

THE history-making Mighty Warriors are finally getting rewards for their recent successes, which saw them qualifying for both the Summer Olympics and the Women Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals.



The Shadreck Mlauzi-coached side beat Zambia 3-2 in the final round second leg match in Lusaka on Sunday for a 4-2 aggregate victory to progress to the Afcon finals to be hosted in Cameroon in November.

It was their second major achievement within six months after their historic qualification to the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this August.

And after toiling for long periods, their contribution was finally recognised when Sport minister Makhosini Hlongwane announced that 30 residential stands have been set aside for the team.

“As government, we have decided that in the absence of cash, given the constraints within our fiscal space, we are going to go kind. And I can announce that we have put together, here in Harare, 30 residential stands for the Mighty Warriors,” he said, at a welcome dinner for the team on Monday night.

“(Philip) Chiyangwa, the Zifa president, is going to take over and I have already alluded to him what needs to be done, so during the course of the week each one of you is shown their stand.”
The stands will be welcomed by the ladies, who achieved greatly, despite being treated with a disdain and operating under extremely difficult conditions.

“Watching these girls play, you see a brilliant spirit, the commitment to a national duty, a genuine spirit to deliver for one’s country and a people mobilised to deliver success for the nation. As a country, we have not been fair to these girls all of us collectively — the sport sector, the government and the corporate world,” Hlongwane said.

“We have not done enough to make sure the girl child is supported, but the girls have continued to vindicate why they are on the field of play with indisputable performances that deliver success and that should help us change our attitude.”

After the Mighty Warriors made history by becoming the first football team to qualify for the Olympic Games since independence, a lot of promises were made to the team, including cash rewards as well as training camps overseas, but nothing has been delivered.

They are still owed over $2 000 each by Zifa in allowances and winning bonuses.

Hlongwane said Zifa should communicate in the next few days the immediate commencement of camp in preparation for the two tournaments.

Chiyangwa gave a congratulatory speech to the girls on the night and revealed his association had engaged a corporate partner, believed to be NetOne, to help the team and other national squads.

Chiyangwa announced that businessman and socialite, Wicknell Chivayo, who claimed to have severed ties with Zifa, following a brush with the media last week, was still the association’s benefactor.

“Chivayo is not gone yet, I can confirm that he is still with us. I know he had a disagreement with the media, but we have to appreciate his contribution to a national cause. This is the first time since 1980 that somebody has come forward to give Zifa that much money in a short space of time,” he said.

“In fact, we will not be competing in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers if Chivayo had not paid the $185 000 owed to former Warriors coach Tom Saintfiet. Where have you ever had anybody come forward to say here is $60 000, here is $40 000 give it to the player, so it’s only fair to appreciate him.”

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  1. Chivayo has done a lot l agree with Mr Chinyangwa but at times when you deal with the public you must not be emotional.Kunyarara kuno kunda kutaura we need each other for the seek of our country.Zimbabwe can do better in soccer we have the talent.

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  3. The girls played fyn soccer bt hv to up their game esp pa mid.
    Left back was so comfotable on ball. She must move up to 11.
    Plus keeper has to come out to cut crosses than be a gate defender.
    Strikers must be agile kwete kukasika kuneta.
    Mberi uko koda plenty of physic and mental strength.

  4. kananda Wa kananda Delta

    Politicians and journalist are playing a big role in killing football in Zimbabwe. Why why. Last year I still recall telling councillors lets vote Phidza into office and journalists started quizzing him but look within few months Zimfootball now a Nicodemus story.born again. Those with degrees in sport administration never reached this level two major tournaments in one year even boys are doing well again shame to you serpent. Chivayo will never be discouraged by you dogs without tails. May you buck forever your jealous will never intimidate him you are a failure and he will never be. Don’t waste your time fighting these two people you don’t have tails your speed is too much you will fall on that corner ahead exercise caution proceed with caution. Look those who make confusion in sport are the same idiots that sell our country in Asian continent go to hell you were played to do this but look you will not unseat them with your cheap politics.

  5. Weldone our girls. You have made our country proud.

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  7. Well done to the Mighty Warriors. However questions have to be asked otherwise we will continue to allow politicians to play with us. First, did Chiyangwa own up on buying the ”girls” pretty dresses as per his promise on national TV a couple of weeks ago? Did an emergency cabinet sit and agree on rewarding the girls with stands? Did the hockey golden girls finally get their promised cows after winning the Olympic gold medals in 1980? Kungobvunzwo? Ko baba Manyeruke vakazopihwa mota yavo here as promised paTV? We will wait and see if this is not another pie in the sky.

  8. well done to the mighty warriors,however I am very disappointed with ztv for not screening the match in Zambia,tipeiwo maseroius aaaaah

  9. Makhosini, not all those girls are from Harare, and please note that Harare is not Zimbabwe!!! What will happen to those girls who are not from the capital dear Minister????

  10. shibobo,we dont want tribalist.they played for zim representing u& the stands are in gokwe,chaina or shurugwi,the recipient wil decide wat 2do with his or her property.u are geting baised like those sundaymail junors who chase away doners wether its to please a sector of politicians or wat@the end of the day its these girls&boys who loose after hard work.we are tired of negative thinking always.lets appreciate wat ever effort that comes from the cooperate world so that the players feel apreciated&motivated.@the same time the few sponsors available are not discouraged to suport sport.

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  12. Keep on going chiyangwa and Sir Wik we nid our players in zim ànd also for our players to b purchased by real Madrid not south Àfrica. We nid to big clubs in Zimbabwe it’s a dream but it will come true

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