Govt bans trade in quail birds

Oppah Muchinguri

GOVERNMENT yesterday said it had banned, with immediate effect, the selling of quail birds and eggs, saying only licenced traders would be allowed to sell the birds.



Addressing journalists in the capital, Environment, Water and Climate minister Oppah Muchinguri said those who had already domesticated the quails could continue to keep them for their own consumption, but would not be allowed to sell them.

Quail birds have become an instant hit with many people now venturing into the business amid speculative reports that the bird’s meat and eggs have some medicinal qualities.

“Those crooks are selling a bird at a high price of $6 lying to our people that it will cure their diseases. That is false and people should not be fleeced,” Muchinguri said.

She said government would soon draft a policy framework to control trading and prices of both the bird and eggs. —


    • Hayaa government to draft a policy framework to control trading and prices yezvihuta kkkkkkk seka hako humba makombe

      • I am stunned gov to sit down and draft policy on this shyytt ? Now do you see the calibre of people leading us ? Zimbabwe is screwed indeed.

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  2. Is this NOT the same woman who banned airtime scratch cards recently ?

    You are sick wena Muchinguri to many dikks up your thing.Nxa mani

    • Two big words in our government’s policy book are: BAN and DEMOLISH. Saka hanga (guinea fowls), hangaiwa (pigeons) neroad-runner muchabhana riini tigare tagadzirira? Zvese zxvinotipawo mari muri kubhana, including mabasa chaiwo.

  3. you banned and distabilised vendors now you want to ban people who are trying to make an honest living rearing quail birds. what do you want the people to do? Give us our share of the 15 billion you looted titsvage zvimwe zvekuita

  4. “Fleecing your people…” Do you own any people? You belong to a pack of baboons that believes anyone who starts eating good must have been ‘bought’ by the West. Anybody who drank tea during the liberation struggle and in 2008 was maimed, bludgeoned and callously murdered under the mistaken belief – your belief – that they were enjoying the fruits of selling out to Smith and MDC. Hamuudi kuona vanhu vachidya zvakanaka chete

  5. Ko kuno kuma Arab these fowls are plenty and its no big deal, whats the farce in my country Zim about the quail birds?

  6. muchamama chete ma Zimbabweans.hanti ndimi makavaregerera honayi vakura misoro,movadii kkkkk..ana sekuru nanamdara venyu vaishedzera kuti Joshua nkomo should be hanged,vamwe muchiti he should be chucked out of the country because he was against what the former prime minister & the 5th brigade was doing to the country soon after independence.the vedios are all over the web just search you’ll find then dating back kuma 80’s

    • I totally agree its high time that we stand its high time that we act and not out up with this shit. These buggers shud go. Zimbabwean people lets not be cowards lets go out and fight

  7. How about enhancing the capacity to breed more of these sumptuous birds and develop a robust and thriving industry Comrade Minister . That is the expected positive thinking by leaders which could turn a challenge like that into an opportunity.

  8. KKKKKKKKKKK.Hurumende kuda kugara pasi yonyora mtemo wekutenga zvihuta.kkkkk zvakatooma sure.Tsvee nyaya yekti taenda kuPOSB tikashaya mari,voti takarasima neshiri. ASI MASHAYA BASA? KKKKKK.ZVAKAOMA.rARAMAI MUNYASHA NDIMI VANHU CHETE PASI PANO.

  9. kkkkkkk. Seka zvako mwana weShumba. Panzvimbo yekuti mutsvagire vanhu musika yekutengesera shiri dzavo, imi makuti nanga nanga nekushayisa vanhu mabasa. Why can’t you give licence to all those interested instead of the other way round.

  10. kkkkkkiest ndaseka hangu oppah nzou wakaendesa kuchina ukadya mari yacho apa wavakuda yezvihuta hamugutiwo here asika siiraiwo vamwe

  11. quails are wildlife birds and also they fall under wildlife. Whatever is done to these birds should be monitored by wildlife authority. On the veterinary side we need to control them because they carry diseases like Avian influenza ,Newcastle disease, Salmonella , these diseases need to controlled by monitoring every every movement of these birds where they are kept and produced. So we need to have a source which is regulated which is the hatchery and the production aspects. This will also help you producers to know what to do and when to take control measures when e have a risky of a disease its not stoping. Also the information on the treatment diseases its not researched and documented its a falls claim. All you can say is the meat has low cholestrol levels and its game meat

    • But Nzou chaidzo murikudziisa mucaptivity imi veParks. kuMazowe. how different is it nekuisa zvihuta mucage izvozvo?

      Plus nzou dzacho murikuregera dzichibiwa. Ko izvo zvipembere mambosara nezvingani ko muno?

      By 1980 population yezvipembere was about 1500. Tell us kuti zvaazvingani zvamaakuda kukondorora-kondorora zvihuta zvisina basa izvo?

    • even broilers suffer the same diseases you have identified but how com there are means to control them other than banning? i though it high time to celebrate the taming of the same. if you went to the same school as mine, you know better the origins and evolution of chicken, geese, turkey etc. But dambudziko renyu maZanu munokanganwa kuti takafunda kupinda ma minister enyu aya anowana zvinzvimbo nekufemerwa pamsoro.

  12. ko MaBROILERS HAVE YOU TESTED THEM????????????????????
    How are you going to test the Quails????? Better ask how the JAPANESE HAVE BEEN DOING IT FROM THE 1900’S
    I SMELL someone protecting their Layer eggs Turf!!!!
    The Japanese quails are domesticated forms of common quails just like domestication of Prussian carp into goldfish.

    The earliest records of domesticated Japanese quail populations are from 12th century Japan; however, there is evidence that the species was actually domesticated as early as the 11th century.These birds were originally bred as songbirds, and it is thought that they were regularly used in song contests.

    In the early 1900s, Japanese breeders began to selectively breed for increased egg production. By 1940, the industry surrounding quail eggs was flourishing. However, the events of World War II led to the complete loss of quail lines bred for their song type, as well as almost all of those bred for egg production. After the war, the few quails left were used to rebuild the industry, and all current commercial and laboratory lines today are considered to have originated from this population of quails.

  13. Kana wakaipa ukabata ushe ruzhinji runogomera. To other countries quail business is booming and has been welcomed by the respective govts, many jobs were created and livelihoods improved. The problem with our govt is that they don’t want to see the general populacy living but they, themselves. Makorokoza were banned kwaChiyadzwa in the pretext of formalising the mining and trade of diamonds for the benefit of the nation, with a hidden agenda of sharing the $15 bil which is reported missing. They put on costly apparel but they don’t want to see us in bhero which we can afford.They live in mansions but they demolished our poor houses which we bought with hardly earned finance from their council. They don’t want to see us running twumusika although they closed the companies which we used to work for. Truely speaking our govt is heartless, but tingokuyeuchidzaiwo naPharoah wakanga wakadaro, but our God is the God of justice. Gadzirisai nyika kwete kuda kungobira vanhu vanozvitambudzikira zvenhema. mave kuda kutsvaga twumari twekuti muvharidzire kutadza kutungamirira kwamaita Zimbabwe, svodai. Kana makundikana siirai vanozvigona. the govt is there to protect it’s subjects not to destroy.

  14. Mwari chaiye paakaona kuti vanhu vake vatambudzika nenzara akavapa zvihuta (MaIsralites). Pamwe Mwari vaona kutambura kweMaZimbo akatipa zvihuta.

  15. Zimbabweans are very stupid by nature. They believe in all sorts idiotic stuff-miracles, tsikamutandas, juju, mermaids, makandiwas, magayas, n’angas, uroyi, abathakathi, amagqwiha. The gvt shouldn’t waste its effort on these idiots. Even a national newspaper like Kwayedza can publish a photo of a 13year old claiming she loves human flesh. These idiots belong to middle ages.

  16. Iyi haisi gvt NdiOppah. Protector Kashiri murume wako kwete kashiri kemusango. Warwadziwa nekuti sandiwe wakazvi tanga. Dai uriwe uri kutaura kuti munhu wese achirega kudya maBROILER adye Zvihuta kuti zvizokupa mari iwewe woga. Wajaira kuti zvese zvese ndiwe unoda kuita. Usatukise hurumende, nenyika, nemusangano for your selfish tendencies. Haunyari, enda kuAmerica kumurume wako.

  17. The Aids is taking care of them, and the avian influenza is around the corner. It’s extinction of this kind in 500 years’ time. Oh God help!

  18. Creativity breeds entrepreneurship which breeds economic growth .Then u wonder when they talk of empowerement what do they mean.When pple empower themselves they disempower them.There are no jobs what do they expect people to do.U banned mabero then people came up with another legal way to survive then u wanna stop them.So what do u want us to do.Haaaa no no its true Zanu want people to die.Vanhu woshanda kupi mabasa hakuna.

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  20. Ko akauya ne program yepotaotes emumasaga hasiwe nhai Opah going around the countries selling rotten idea that yielded nothing

    kkkkkk “Those crooks are selling a bird at a high price of $6 lying to our people that it will cure their diseases. That is false and people should not be fleeced,”

    You are a tried and tested crook – tell us where this is going to. mar yatenga ndeyako here what about genuine fake being dumped into the country vozoiti chiii manje.
    Opah you Zanu Pf manufactures nzara then goes around giving people peanuts vofunga kuti yakaanaka.

  21. So government ye ZANU find it necessary to waffle once again pa nhau yezvikwari or huku. Ko dzakangofanana ne huku. Unotonzwa anozviti Minister oatura nezvezvikwari, kutoisa ma measures nema price control, ezvikwari. Kudherera kauku. Zve 15billion hapana control kana press, conference yakamboitwa kana kunzwa munhu one zvake akasungwa. Kurambidza vanhu kuti vaite breed zvikwari zviwande.

    I think we these guys are pushing people to their limits. Kuitwa vakuwasha munyika yedu.

  22. That’s a noble idea,I think Mugabe must create a special Ministry yezvihuta wotaMinister. Well do minister weshiri.

  23. in-effective and in-efficient ministers. bans and bans and more bans very soon we will ban you muchinguri. you irritate us there is no innovation at all on your part. create jobs for people and not put people out of jobs. what do you expect people to do who had found a source of livelihood in selling those birds. you want them at your pulazi and not pay them any cent just as most of you zanoids are doing. one day is one day. you shall pay for your sins.

  24. zim ministers must creates more jobs for citizens than participating in
    zvihuta matinyadzisa minister kkkkk

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