Government abandons 200 stranded women in Kuwait

GOVERNMENT is reportedly failing to raise about $12 000 required to bring back about 32 of the over 200 Zimbabwean women stranded in Kuwait after falling victim to human trafficking.

by Everson Mushava


The women were reportedly staying at the house of Zimbabwean Ambassador to Kuwait Mark Grey Marongwe.

Marongwe is reportedly using his own resources to look after the women.

A group of local MPs who travelled to Kuwait on a bilateral relationship visit were reportedly trying to find ways to mobilise resources to help the women return home after Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi allegedly said government was broke.

The MPs, led by Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda, were advised by the government that families of the stranded women should mobilise their own resources to bring them back home.

One of the MPs, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, confirmed the development, which she said was an embarrassment to the country.

“Yes, there are 32 women stranded here. Honourable Kindness Paradza called Minister Mumbengegwi, but was told government had no money,” Misihairabwi-Mushonga said.

She, however, could not provide more details, saying Mudenda would produce a report on the matter.

Paradza could not be reached for comment yesterday. Mumbengegwi was also not picking up calls.

But Misihairabwi-Mushonga said: “We are actually trying to find ways to raise money to bring the girls back home.”

Secretary for Foreign Affairs Joey Bimha told NewsDay last night that Treasury did not provide embassies with a vote to cover such cases.

“The only thing the ambassador can do is to get in touch with the families of the women and arrange with them to make sure that they raise funds for air tickets to bring them home,” he said.

Pressed further on whether it was also not the responsibility of government to bring back its citizens stranded in foreign lands, Bimha said: “I am only answering in terms of Foreign Affairs, the request that has been put to Minister Mumbengegwi.”

A Kuwaiti Embassy official, Brenda Avril May, was last month arrested together with several alleged Zimbabwean accomplices on allegations of “trading” over 200 women from Zimbabwe for slavery under the pretext that they would be provided with employment.

Some of the women are back in the country, while others were reportedly still stranded in Kuwait and Dubai.

Early this month, Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance and the Zimbabwe Activist Alliance were blocked by the police from petitioning the Kuwaiti government to bring back the stranded girls.



    1. maxwell Burnham

      The reporter should`ve known better. Should move with time

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  2. What Government? As long as it does not further any Zanu PF interests, forget it. Hapana government apa. Other SENSIBLE governments would have moved with speed to sort out this issue. But not ZANU PF. Haina basa nevanhu, because THEY KNOW KUTI HAVANA kumbobvira vavhoterwa into office. Remember Chinamasa’s words, “If you vote against zanu PF, we will UNVOTE you..”

    1. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      This talkative MDC girl, Misihai -MUSHONGA forgets that it is her party that still supports sanctions which are the main reason why the Kuwait victims cant get jobs in this country. MDC politicians should not approach the issue with their dirty hands.

      1. Nxa you are foolish

      2. hey man your head is full of blame game. you are still talking of sanctions at this juncture? what about the misguided indiginisation policy that has made it difficulty for companies to operate efficiently.

  3. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Where are you Chipanga? Have the luxury of harnessing thousands of dollars for a simply and unnecessary demonstration.Here is a noble cause, that of mobilising resources for the purpose of paying air fares for the country’s women who had been rescued from slavery in Kuwait.

  4. Iwe Muzvinavhu iwe! Shut-up mhani. Did the sanctions lead to the disappearance of $15 billion as well. Nonsense!

    1. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      The issue of the $15 bill is being investigated as our Hon. VP explained yesterday. When allegations are made, they have to be proved so that necessary action is taken. This is why court trials take place to prove a case.. Prima facie evidence does not necessarily get treated as facts. Therefore, its childish for opposition politicians to sing the issue of $15 bil daily as their propaganda anchor. Why should I keep quiet on sanctions When I am noT a member of MDC who supports them.

      1. so you are saying your chief Robert is a stinking liar?

  5. Are you suggesting our Commander in Chief, His Excellency R G Mugabe is senile then to have made such pronouncements prematurely? It is people like you Muzvinavhu who are giving our old man sleepless nights with your mindless looting.

  6. Dzokono Zanu PF yatinoziva yoita forensic audit inosunga vana vayo? Never, that will not happen. I know for a fact that Tshinga Dube achiri mukuru weZDI, had a diamond buying house fronted by his sons in Eastlea. I went there ndichiperekedza someone aitotengesa madiamonds ikoko. If a then low level guy was doing this, God knows how much was being done by the bid fish.

  7. cant have 12000 for the victims of human trafficking yet they are fundraising more than that for the million youth march. its zimbabwe

  8. wait and see how much will be mobilized for gire’s birthday, chero ana magaya vachakanda futi mazakwatira.

  9. Professor Mzvinavhu uri duzvi remunhu. What sanctions are you talking about? You should be asking where the $15 billion is and not continue harping on non existent sanctions!!

    1. I become awfully suspicious when I see the word professor attached to a name in Zim. We have some who call them selves prof that leave us scratching our heads…

  10. Thats a stupid government what they can do is to have a splash birthday worth thousands of dollars to a 92 year old chap nuisance

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  12. Muzvinavhu ukwane sure kuzere vhu mfana ku mdc hakuiti vanhu vanemavhu mubrain sewe

  13. Muzvinavhu ukwane sure kuzere vhu mfana ku mdc hakuiti vanhu vanemavhu mubrain sewe wakananzvisiwa kumadhoti kwamugabe mfana iwe nxaa puu

  14. Muzvinavhu ukwane sure kuzere vhu mfana ku mdc hakuiti vanhu vanemavhu mubrain sewe wakananzvisiwa kumadhoti kwamugabe mfana iwe nxaa puu chero neniwo ndakatomupa masanction mugabe wako iyeye newe wacho musasvika pamba pangu

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