Goche, Shamu appeal against suspension

Webster Shamu

SUSPENDED former Zanu PF politburo members Nicholas Goche and Webster Shamu have reportedly filed letters of appeal to the party’s central committee seeking to have their suspensions lifted, NewsDay has learnt.


WEBSTER Shamu-001

Goche and Shamu were suspended from Zanu PF last year, together with several other top-ranking officials including Francis Nhema, Flora Buka and Olivia Muchena, on allegations of conniving with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in an alleged plot to oust President Robert Mugabe.

“Goche and Shamu have filed appeals with the central committee against their suspensions,” an impeccable Zanu PF source said yesterday.

However, both Goche and Shamu could not be reached for comment.

Zanu PF, two weeks ago, said it was opening the floor for all suspended members to challenge the party’s decision.

Party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, however, said the appeal window was only open for members with no links to Mujuru’s alleged ouster plot.

The majority of party members who were kicked out of Zanu PF on allegations of working in cahoots with Mujuru have not been given the right of appeal.

Meanwhile, Kadoma businessman Jimaya Muduvuri is alleged to have told party members in Masvingo on Monday that he had been sent by the Zanu PF leadership to debunk reports that Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was leading a faction angling to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

Yesterday, he admitted addressing the Masvingo meeting, but refused to give further details, saying he would do so later. “I will only comment on the issue at a later stage,” Muduvuri said.
But sources who attended the meeting said Muduvuri claimed that he had been directed by the President’s Office to urge party members to shun factionalism.

Zanu PF is torn between two factions — Team Lacoste, reportedly sympathetic to Mnangagwa, and G40, a faction of Young Turks believed to be headed by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“He [Muduvuri] claimed he had been sent by the President after he met with VP Mnangagwa. He was basically saying there was no need for people to say they all belong to Zanu PF and say they belong to Team Lacoste or G40,” a Zanu PF official said.

Muduvuri is believed to be a strong ally of Grace. He was reportedly in the company of Zanu PF secretary for youth affairs Pupurai Togarepi. But the latter distanced himself from the alleged meeting.

Zanu PF chief whip Lovemore Matuke said he briefly attended the meeting, and could not confirm remarks attributed to Muduvuri.


  1. Shamu and Goche are big stupid fools.Goche ws undressed by youths in Bindura and the clueless Shamu ws booed at the 2014 congress.Kkkk.We dont need these Gamatox pple in Zanupf.They shld be expelled fo gud

  2. Gamatox shld go to ZimPF.Pasi naShamhu naGoche.Tiri kusekwa naJM nezvaita Zanupf.Vatengesi vanhu avo hativadi.Vari kuuraya musangano wedu vachinyepera kuzviita vatsvene

  3. Mere formality. I can bet their appeals were penned by the President’s office. The highest office has already readmitted them. JM fear factor.

  4. Zanu pf will do a big mistake in admitting these tsotsi,Shamhu claims to own Selous tobacco farm and small farmer around there fearing that if he comes back they will be removed. He abandoned a school will is which is in that farm ,he chased the donor son of Sam Levy to finish that school because Zanu yandidzinga ,imagine vana vari kudzidzira panze pane noise yebhawa.

    we youth we don’t need these guys

  5. “Its cold out there!” one idiot was quoted exclaiming, so I am not surprised by their appeals, in fact its the only outfit that they can fit perfectly.

  6. Shamu n mujuru are nt politicians at all.they are money mongers.these polical moves r all for money.Mujuru and shamu cohest Hunzvi to diclare them 99pc disabled by war and got money and still paid Hunzvi his cut.Now she wants to be president?Honestly?Even tho she returned the money after it lost value ,why sign a document that says yu are bed riddern,no movement besides breathing.this is whr she lakes,the love of money at all costs.Other comrades like Ngwena declined the offer from hunzvi.mujuru took it,.

  7. Viola Ngwena u are as blind as Mugabe.Mai Mujuru ndivo vatori nebhora.Ndosaka vari kumakwa.Svinura uone mwana wemuzukuru.Joice my choice and my voice

  8. I agree with u Bindura,Viola must study the events on the ground.Maybe she is hiding in the USA or Canada or Kenya.We dont only read about Mujuru but we see it ourselves on the ground.kupinda muvanhu tonzwa vachitaura vega kuri JM ndiye ane yese.Vanhu vaMugabe vakawanda vava kwa JM nevamwe vashoma vakabva kwaSAVE.Mai Mujuru my choice,my voice

  9. Guys if the truth be told,Zanupf did a stupid mistake to expell Mai Mujuru.Just go out there in the rural areas.Anodiwa munhu uya

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  11. So MaiMujuru, took the money for disabled people? If that is true she has no leadership qualities we are looking for.

  12. These guys should instead be appealing to join mdc-t instead of wasting time & energy rejoining a dead party with no future hope beyond its current leader

  13. kkkk,saka zviri pachenaka kuti Joyce akakora / icream yemukaka nekuti haabve pamuromo penyu day in day out apo muchikanda “maspanner” mubasa rake kuti muedze kumuparadza . Muchataura mukaneta henyu..

  14. MUJURU my Joice,my choice my voice.Vaibhutsura chura vachifunga vachiparadza vasingazive vatochiyambutsa.I just like her leadership qualities.Fo her to be expelled out of Zanupf it means she is different from Bob.Tovada vakadaro mai vedu

  15. Like what the first lady said, its hard to survive outside Zanu. Its cold outside and thats why these old men are crying out loud and clear.

  16. They are finding it hard to survive outside Zanu. Thats why, they always bootlick. When they bootlick, it does not mean that they love the nonagenarian leader.

  17. Outdated and subjective politics! It has never penetrated my ‘shallow mind’ why (precisely in Zimbabwe) party affairs earn so much attention, time and resources while giving a wide berth to pertinent issues glaring the people. Lets try to allay this fear as a party is merely a vehicle where policies are ‘manufactured’ and implemented. It is the implementation that counts, not the party. Parties come and go but the policies implemented remain. I can attest that former strong ruling parties here in Kenya are mere shadows of their former selves after their policies went offtrack. In wider democracies, candidates stand for what they believe in, party notwithstanding. Unless this “its cold outside” attitude subsides and disappears indefinetely, we shall keep throwing the baby and the bathwater, fighting a losing battle. Lets style up and be objective.

  18. Leaders must be chosen based on their track record.The record of mujuru will not allow her to be a till operator.Cash is involved.she has proven she struggles to behave honourably in the corridors of power.She is not a fighter at all.To be removed by Grace frm the zanu she nearly died for.Grace did not even point a pistol at her,only words.she left head bowed.can she realy be a strong leader?Nope.Even to lead PF she had to be draged by gumbo,mutasa was just about to give up.she is so timid.I know her.Without president mugabe and gen mujuru,joice is so lost n manipulatable.she lacks self consciousenes.Some of so called deals are so parthetic n small ,for a vp.shame on us.we get what we sing for.

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