‘Female peacekeepers outclass male cops’


Female police officers deployed to United Nations peacekeeping missions are outclassing their male counterparts, prompting the organisation to dispatch more women on international assignments, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has said.



Addressing a contingent of police officers who were returning from South Sudan and Liberia yesterday, Chihuri commended the female officers for exhibiting boldness and professionalism while on international duty.

According to the police boss, out of 33 police officers deployed in South Sudan, 17 were males and 16 females and were led by a female inspector. Of the seven deployed in Liberia, four were female and three male and also under the leadership of a woman officer.

Besides that, a new contingent of five officers bade farewell to Chihuri for South Sudan comprising of one male and four females.

“It is, thus, not surprising that our female officers have been competitively assigned to high-level posts within the mission areas where they have acquitted themselves exceptionally well. As a matter of record, one of our female officers, Assistant Commissioner Priscilla Makotose, recently took up the post of police commissioner for Darfur on March 14, 2016,” Chihuri said.

“Her appointment was after a global selection by the United Nations department of peacekeeping operations with candidates from all the member countries of the United Nations.”

Zimbabwe sends police officers and other security details annually to help the international body maintain peace and stability in volatile regions.


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  2. This is not war to protect country interests; it’s an opportunity for the girls to make money. Chinuri making a systematic bias (error) against the boys

  3. Surely women are so professional in areas.Just think of women pilots,bus drivers,magistrates,doctors,the list is endless.I have not come across corrupt women, if they are there,then are a few.One point to make here,if you find one she will be triple worse that the man.Thanks to the recognition of women

  4. What an observation by the police boss. As a Dr he should know better that empirical evidence is paramount before uttering such … When did you complai about corrupt male officers in the force. Everyone remembers you saying the force is hardworking and incorrigeable. Women have always been praised … For other reasons. Nhasi ndinhasi ko zuro zvainzi chii about women excoms!

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