Diamond Mining Company resumes operations in Chiadzwa

Mines minister Walter Chidakwa

DIAMOND Mining Company (DMC) has resumed operations in Chiadzwa after signing a new deal with government, Mines and Mining Development Minister, Walter Chidakwa (pictured) has said.



Chidakwa told NewsDay that DMC never contested government’s decision to cancel diamond companies’ licences.

“We went into discussions and had an agreement to take over 50% of the company. We signed the agreement and the mining team is on site. In fact they have been mining for the past one-and-half weeks,” he said.

Chidakwa said already 458 employees were working on the mine.

However, minister Chidakwa could not be drawn into disclosing how much was paid, saying it was a shareholder issue.

Government is currently working on the consolidation of diamond mining companies in Chiadzwa after it cancelled their licences.

The companies include, Mbada, Anjin, Gye Nyame and DMC. The Zimbabwe Consolidated Mining Company currently holds the claims of all diamond companies in Chiadzwa after the companies ceased operations in February this year.

President Robert Mugabe recently claimed $15 billion diamond revenue went missing, sparking an uproar in the country on how government allowed this to happen under its watch.


  1. Good news! Lets hope proceeds will help to upgrade the stretch of Road between Tanganda and Chiredzi.

    This 176 km stretch of the road is the worst ever in the history of Zim. Newsday please come and take fotos. Wobva watoshaya kuti madiamonds acho akuendepi

  2. Nhai vaChidhakwa kana musingadi kutaura what you were paid moti its a shareholder issue, i thought the shareholders are the people of Zimbabwe represented hereafter by appointed people like yourself constituting a government. Ndipo panotangira chitsotsi chese. Zuro maizhamba kuti $15 billion is missing nenyaya yekuti zvinhu zvaitwa muchivande, now you another to correct the problems and you seem to be repeating the same mistakes. Tired of these people.

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