Daggers out as Mugabe faces war vets


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s crunch meeting with war veterans today will centre on factionalism, endemic corruption within Zanu PF and government and the contentious succession issue, it has emerged.


President R.G.Mugabe
President R.G.Mugabe

War veterans, who spoke on condition of anonymity yesterday, declared they were ready to face their patron in what is expected to be a no-holds-barred discussion, as Zanu PF faces implosion.

“Mugabe’s bitterness towards war veterans displayed at Harare International Airport reveals panic, it shows he is aware that we are not coming for welfare benefits, but issues of power,” a war veteran said yesterday.

“It also keeps the issue confrontational, therefore, we will steer it away from ‘welfarist’ begging.”

Another leading figure among the former fighters added: “We would be very stupid to go and meet Mugabe for two days and discuss issues of school fees. That is not to say welfare issues are not important, but the health of the party, our party, is even more important. The whole country is watching and we are not going to let them down.

“Mugabe is effectively purging the whole group of freedom fighters in favour of the mafikizolos.

He is now throwing the liberation movement down the cliff after using it enough.

“This point must be clear that our dear patron is misdirecting himself and G40 rather than the other way round.”

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya told NewsDay yesterday that there was nothing treasonous discussing issues to do with Zanu PF.

“We will have little to do with succession, but everything to do with the party and G40, corruption and the welfare of war veterans,” he said.

G40 is a group of Young Turks within Zanu PF reportedly bitterly opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

The group reportedly has First Lady Grace Mugabe, Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, among others, in its ranks.

Kasukuwere early this week claimed any discussion of succession would be regarded as treason, but the former fighters shot back yesterday.

“There is nothing treasonous when people talk about something they created. He (Kasukuwere) should go back to the law and check again,” Mahiya said.

“We elevated President Mugabe to the position he has. We cannot then contradict ourselves by seeking his removal.

“We made the decision to have him as our leader at Chimoio and some of the people who are now screaming treason were not there. They want to destroy the liberation legacy as well as the President. They cannot take him away from us.”

Some claim the uneasy relationship between Mugabe and the war veterans was being cultivated by Grace.

Mugabe was catapulted into the Zanu PF presidency following the removal of the then Zanu leader, Ndabaningi Sithole, in 1977.

Zanu’s military wing Zanla’s leading figures signed what has become known as the Mgagao Declaration, denouncing Sithole and installing Mugabe, then party secretary-general, as leader in the aftermath of chairman Herbert Chitepo’s death in a bomb blast in Zambia in 1975.

Mugabe, the former guerilla fighters said, was facing one of his darkest moments.

“War veterans, he is aware, can pose a legitimate challenge to him because they were not handpicked by him and are unparalleled in mass mobilisation,” a former fighter said.


  1. The fact is in life there are times to come and times to go. It is time for Mugabe to go in peace. Mugabe can buy the War Vets’s silence or muzzle them at the meeting but that will only give him temporary relief. Any resolution which does not include Mugabe’s Exit Plan will not work. Those who destroy economies cannot rebuild them. Without leadership renewal Zimbabwe will not move forward. Mugabeism has run its coarse and has failed. In the digital age we live in a 92 yr old cannot take Zimbabwe into the future. Period!

  2. Your anonymous source raised 3 points that are contradictory. He said they won’t let the nation down – they let us down a long time ago when they beat up, maimed and killed voters who find nothing appealing in ZPF from its president r8 down to the lowest pawn.

    He then said they don’t want to remove the president – well, every other person in this country wants RGM gone yesterday not now. Voting patterns have for decades indicated this. So the war vets aspirations and that of common voters are different here.

    He then spoke about the health of ZPF. Well, the majority voters in this country (people who DON’T rely on ZPF for their daily upkeep) would like this party to incinerate right now.

    Voters don’t owe war vets or ZPF anything. They will have to learn to earn respect. Respect is reciprocal not one way.

    Good luck in their ZPF meeting – there is nothing “national” about all this. It’s a fight for crumbs.

  3. We can’t have a leaders of a post military orgn like ZNLWVA talking nonsense against the Pres & First Lady.Lynch mobs minority ex combats think that getting into power is by succession means…it is by election-its the people that decide…they shld woke up from their slumber,we do have the constitutional means of acquiring power.in this country. Ladies & Gentlemen power in this country is acquired thru a democratic election.Pres Mugabe scored a historic emphatic electoral victory on the 31st July 2013 unprecedented in our history as a liberated country.In any rational situation it takes someone insane to seek to unseat a Leader who has such commanding democratic figures-votes.Now we have a few ex combats who are at odds with the sentiments of the entire nation expressed by the last national elections.ZNLWVA shld be more circumspect than they are doing right now!!!

  4. The irony of status quo. The war vets purporting to ‘annoint’ Mugabe can hardly confront him face to face on the country’s mess. No wonder they are speaking on conditions of anonymity. This means that you chose a leader who can’t withstand criticism and hence you are equally liable the mismanagement of the nation.

  5. War vets: Be in the forefront of Condemning political violence and all will be well in Zimbabwe. You went to war so that we can have freedom of expression etc. Uphold those principles.

  6. I will only renew my respect for war veterans if they frankly relay the people’s frustrations with the mismanagement of this great country by those in leadership. By the way I am ex-ZANU PF war veteran who fell out of favour with my comrades way back in the 90s because of the very same things that some of my colleagues only realized yesterday. I am a war veteran who is ashamed to be called by that title under a ZANU-PF banner because zvatakendera kuhondo takasiyana nazvo kare kare and turned our backs on the people we sought to liberate politically and economically.

  7. If these War vets are serious , then they should discuss the succession issue because surely at 92 Mugabe is too old and soon or latter the inevitable will happen then t he country can be plunged into chaos. They should also have the guts to ask him where the 15 billion dollar diamond money has gone as this money can change the economy of Zimbabwe as well as that of the war vets.

  8. Cde Humba you think like a pig itself. A president can be removed by impeachment through Parliament if they feel he is unfit for duty, like sleeping as he is doing. Also he is sick and he is always in Singapore for treatment. Anonyepa kuti ndiri kuenda ku India for some cultural function and also to Japan for State visit but before he gets to these venues, he spends 4-5 days in Singapore using State money. The money he wastes can feed 20 000 people among those starving. Verengawo mitemo Humba kwete kungo brain washer nemari naGrace nevamwe vake.

  9. Most Zimbabweans are unanimous on one thing . That is, Mugabe is now a liabilty to his Party, Govt and the Nation and therefore must retire from politics and appoint a successor. If Mugabe can’t do this, then Zanu Pf must call for an Urgent Extraordinary Congress to elect a new leader. Mugabe must therefore outline his retirement and succession plans at today’s meeting. Things have fallen apart In Zanu Pf becoz the Centre can no longer. Mugabe can bribe the War Vets as usual but that will not save him. He must go now#

  10. I will bet my last dollar. These war veterans are not going to say anything meaningful. Am seeing them putting their tails btwn their legs.
    They will quack in their boots the moment they see the slight figure of the geriatric.

  11. Am betting my last dollar, these milksop war vets wont say anything meaningful.
    Once they see the slight figure of the geriatric, they gonna quack in their boots.

  12. they will be fed very nice elephant meat for lunch, promised things that will put pressure on the fiscus and that’s the end of the story. Zimbabwe continues to suffer

  13. Hie you war vets we want bread and butter issue we need i total change of the of new leadership with young blood.

  14. I trust in the war-vets. They liberated us from Smith. I am sure they will do it again

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  15. from what most of us might know these war vets are not representing zimbabwe as a whole rather they are there to discuss ways that can enrich them.they dont have nation’s intrest at heart,they have come to realise that they can not continue to be used for peanuts they now want a larger piece of the cake.do we really have to believe that these good for nothing comrades are going to tell baba chatunga directly that he needs to step down and the majority of the pple are fade up with his policies not to mention his presence at the state house are they even going to raise that subject of failed promise to create 2million jobs..why are their grieviances so important to the president..do they have a strategy to transform our crippling economy?i doubt very very much..we dont care about their agreements during the war we care about the present situation of our country n the future.

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