Coalition talks gather steam

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai with ZimPF counterpart Joice Mujuru

COALITION talks aimed at bringing Zimbabwe’s various opposition parties under one banner ahead of the 2018 elections have reportedly gathered steam, with Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai expected to come on stream later this month.


Tsvangirai-Mujuru-Mutambara at Opening of Parliament 13-July 2010.
Tsvangirai-Mujuru-Mutambara at Opening of Parliament 13-July 2010.

Sources privy to the development told NewsDay that Mujuru and Tsvangirai were initially sceptical of the coalition deal, hence, their delay in joining other opposition movements in sealing the deal.

Details of the meetings have been sketchy, with various party negotiators keeping a tight lid over the matter.

“There are meetings slated for later this month. Tsvangirai and Mujuru have indicated they will join the coalition talks. Things are looking good and the good part of it is that most opposition parties, especially those seen as ‘small’, have already agreed to work together,” a senior opposition party official, who spoke on condition of anonimity, said.

ZimPF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said his party’s scepticism stemmed from lack of trust and ideological differences, but was quick to say there was scope to work together.

Asked if ZimPF’s refusal to be part of a joint Independence Day statement published yesterday was an indication by his party of its lack of trust with other parties, Gumbo retorted: “To some extent, yes, but, on the other hand, it indicates that there is a lot of work to be done because we are in the formative stages of such discussions.

“Some of the opposition parties have done things which do not fit with our vision, while others just want publicity with nothing tangible to show at the end of the day. We want concrete programmes of action that can give impetus to the democratic agenda.”

Mujuru and Tsvangirai, according to sources, had been wooed into the grand coalition by former Finance minister and Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Makoni said: “Really, there is nothing much I can say other than that we are working hard to find common ground. As you have seen, we found common ground and issued a joint Independence statement. If there are any talks, you will see the results or we will tell the nation.”

MDC-T secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora also did not give much away in his response.

“We have not been approached and as a party we are working on our political programmes. This is not to say we are arrogant, if invited we will be willing to work with others to remove the dictatorship,” he said.

Mwonzora declined to comment on reports his party had given an undertaking to be part of the coalition talks later this month, insisting: “We have not been invited yet.”
A highly placed source recently revealed that the parties were holding talks, expressing optimism for a deal.

The source said talks were being held by the presidents, their deputies and secretary-generals of the respective parties.

Calls for a strong opposition coalition to face President Robert Mugabe in 2018 have been growing by the day amid reports political egos are holding back some opposition leaders from working together.


  1. I suggest ZimPpl First, Mavambo & MDC-T should form the coalition. The rest will bring nothing to the coalition except squabbles for leadership positions, nicknames for Tsvangirai & nothing more. They are simply motor-mouths!

    • True these small selfish egocentric parties will just put spanner into the works. Biti will just bring his 10 executives because that s all he has, Weslh will come alone, so these guys can join the coalition not to be art of the discussions

  2. Tsvangison has got the numbers. The question is what are the parties bringing on the table. Of course its not about being arrogant or selfish but you will find some parties will bring nothing but will squabble and jostle for the best positions.

  3. vanaTsvangirai nanaMujuru ngavatsvage cash vatenge machief nemasabhuku voisa macandidates akakurira munzvimbo izvo zvekufunga kuti vanhu vachanzwa nzara vovavhotera ndokuudzai varume vanhu vakasatengwa zanupf haibvi

    • kuvatengerei! if they have brains they know what to do and if they are hungry they should ask themselves why. No one should be paid for expressing a voting right!
      No to corruption in all its forms.

  4. Coalition the way to go but with Tsvangirai on the driver’s seat.Mangoma and Biti are desperate for relevance.

  5. Before we even get to election time the coalition needs to find solutions for the issue of power transfer from the incumbent administration after an opposition party has won an election, otherwise they can coalesce and choose a candidate who will be overwhelmingly voted for but still fail to take up power. The coalition needs to deal with the following questions: What are coalition/opposition parties going to do when the current administration refuses to hand over power. All the opposition political leaders who are currently preparing for the 2018 elections need to answer these questions: 1) If the registrar general refuses with the biometric voters roll like he did previously, what are they going to do? 2) How will they prevent electoral violence? 3) if election results are withheld for a month like what happened in 2008 what are they going to do? 4) If the electoral reforms necessary for a free and fair election are not effected what are they going to do? How will they prevent vote rigging through gerrymandering, ballot stuffing, misuse of voting slips etc? Otherwise going into the 2018 elections without finding solutions to these questions first is a waste of time!!! These issues must be dealt with before the election dates are even set.

  6. we are sceptical of zimpf’s agenda, ideology and competence. our diamonds also implicates them as they also looted before they were booted out. their use of the acronym zpf smells of zanu nostalgia. also they have got the scrap from zanu which is grossly incompetent – mutasa, gumbo, kunaka, bhasikiti, matonga. the value they bring to the coalition is nil since we are not sure of their numbers as well.

  7. tsvangirai beware mujuru mwana we nyoka. those are the stragety of mugabe to down fall oppositon and you will be finised why did not joint you but they looked down on and formed their part y. so be carefull . they want to use you and your support to climb up and for get about you. they are power hungry so. they have blood in thier hands of mdc people and they want want us to joint hands bandits nowhere. if so you go leave mdc with other people.

  8. At the moment Zanu is struggling to find weapons to use on Mujuru. But it will be a testament of her poor political sophistication and her very political end if
    Joice hobnobs with the defeated MDC

  9. When to idiots combine, their efforts become even more idiotic, hahahaha. let them combine very good for ZANU PF. those who do not like joice and those who do not like chematama, from either side will find their way to ZANU PF, HAHAHAHA!

  10. Machinja,garai makadaro kana musingade coaliation yacho tione kuti zvinoguma nepi ,hamunyengererwe manzwaka..ingawani “teaboy” wenyu aingodyiridzirwa wani kunyange zvavo ma numbers (support) aive nayo.Izvi zvairevei ???..Handiti airara nezamu mukanwa hre.Musazochema kana uncle vadzokazvakare pachigaro chavo nekuda kwe umbimbindoga hwenyu.Joyce ,siyana neavo varikutoona sekunge vatopinda muhofisi kudhara,havasi kuda kuti tisununguke,kuDiaspora unayo kare support ,zvakaonekwa ne protest yeku SA, fight kuti vari kunze vakwanise kuvhota bedzi haungamboshaya…plus uri”Brand” nechakare saka hapana chinotadzisa kuti ushaine..

  11. Coalition yechii nhai.Dont tell me its a coalition to remove Mugabe from power coz that will be the greatest scheming.Mugabe would have won

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  13. there is no coalition to talk about….realistically ZPF will try and come with a big brother mentality whilst the MDC-T would still want to maintain their stance as the strongest opposition in Zimbabwe. HACHIBUDIRIRE CHINHU ICHO especially with Zanu-PF infiltration at its best

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  15. Gumbo’s BIG BROTHER mentality is bothering me. If that is a reflection of ZimPf mentality then I am sorry I have already packed my bags ……back to the only true big tent.

  16. A coalition debate between Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru has been conversed in undertones for some time now although preceeding past conflicts appear a setback. Notwithsanding, people of integrity with the ability to act from a philosophical perspective can converge and formulate this much needed rational judgement. Although the two possess varying political foundations and have paid different prices to reach this far, they can make effective decisions and harmonise their differences. Everything else that has taken place is water under the bridge. Without revisiting or unearthing the genesis of their fall-out, the two political heavyweights can forge ahead together and wage a united war against their political arch-rival President Mugabe, at a time his party is facing factional turbulence. Their respective supporters are equally irritated by past historical injustices but they can start in unity from scratch and everything else will follow simulteanously. Keep this flame burning. Zimbabweans require change now more than ever. Good luck!

  17. vana joice nana biti maivepi tichi macha munodakukowha pamusina kurima win or lose mogen chete ndiye munhu wevanhu,kana bob anozviziva a leader must lead by example Save toda second martch kwaMurewa kuno ndiko chete kuchine problem coalition yei vanoda ngavaita ne zanupf hama dzedu vamwe havana pekugara zvakonzereswa ne the sme pple vamwe havana maoko panopiwa vamwe mbeu neupfu vanonyimwa PAFUNGEI IPAPO ASINA DAMBUDZIKO NDIYE ANONGOWAWATA

  18. A good Political strategy that can work is the Coalition of MDC T party with other small parties ,then the ZPF Mujuru team will do it alone.This will ensure Zanu PF base is dislodged and violence logistics as tool historically applied by Zanu PF will be a huge task to apply .If MDC T and ZPF form a unity that will be to Zanu PF advantage.
    Musazoti mapolitical genius hatina kutaura!

  19. People come to your senses,remember the country lies in the hands of the Army in which Tsvangi has no influence unlike Runaida. Ok ,suppose he is elected today and becomes president,what guarantees him that a coup wont take place to unseat him seing that he is not familiar with the securocrats. A civil war is most likely to take place if people are not united ,and does the guy understand the dynamics of state security. Its true ,of course ,that he is loved by povo,but he should walk along with the others who need to see a change in case of 2morrow..if he wants to do it alone he can do so at his own peril but dont say you have not been advised when things go wrong….

  20. Newsday you are trying by all means to improve Welsh Nube and Tendai Biti’s images. What happened to the coalition of these two which you announced since last year. Any way these guys do not have leadership qualities, they accused Tsvangirayi of losing to Zanu, despite the fact that they were party of the MDC leadeship, and claim to be highly educated. Partly l saw the hand of the European countries in the split of MDC. However those they felt might perform better, failed dismally, hence withdrawal of their financial support. Tsvangirayi is contnuing leading from the front.

    My feeling is Tsvangirayi must not be part of the so called coalition, let them have their coalition. If they remove Zanu we will congratulate them. The BIG problem is Biti, Ncube and Madhuku have this superiority complex. MDC-T please dont be part of this sinister arrangement,trying to breath politcal life for betrayers through back door.Let AMH do PR for Biti and Welsh.

  21. It is best for the parties involved in the coalition to keep a very tight lead on the progress, and pretend that nothing is happening, do not issue statements, rather deny that there are talks about the coalition, because if everything is out in the open and Zanu Pf realizes that there are being threatened they will use every possible weapon to destroy the coalition, rather keep a tight lead and only inform people a few months before the elections Zanu Pf is dirty and we all know that they can use seriously dirty tricks

  22. 2008 proved that Tsvangirai is never going to rule this country. As of mai mujuru imani kancane ngaye aqale akhulume amadiamani wawasaphi. MDC needs fresh leadership besides that Mugabe will win come ,2018. 2008 he got a bite on the cherry 4yrs what did they achieve to level the play field, nothing
    Zimbabwe opposition need fresh faces Tsvangirai thank you for all your effort give abanye a chance

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