AMHVoices:‘Keep away from our football, Chivayo’

I AM really insensed by the confusion and chaos that has been brought to our football by the local flashy businessman Wicknell Chivhayo.

By Gugugu Magorira,Our Reader


Can he respectifully be reminded that Zimbabwe is bigger than him and his flamboyance is not worth emulating at all.

Chivayo has made deafening noise over his Warriors sponsorship and the so-called US$3 000 lunch money for poor Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa and has gone on to insult the innocent journalist who had written a story on the state of affairs in our football, but why does he think he is too rich and licenced to spit vernom on “poor” journalists.

Sorry Wicknell, you seem to be misleading yourself here and getting too bigheaded for your own good.

For your own information, we have been watching soccer since time immemorial, exciting soccer for that matter way back before you were born. Though I was born in the countryside, and now in Zvishavane, though without money, but I am proud of my country and the abundant football talent within it.

However, I got very sick when I read your hollow and misleading piece in one of the papers. You say you were empowered by Zanu PF or President Robert Mugabe when you very well know the origins of your wealth. Everybody now knows.

Wicknell, give us a break instead of waffling and showing off your tokoloshi money — the nation will very soon know the real story behind your wealth. It’s coming.

It is better for you to shut up now and keep your dirty money to yourself.

As soccer fans we doubt your sincerity and commitment to the development of Zimbabwean soccer.

Please be advised adequately that we do not need your money to enjoy soccer. I don’t think we need our soccer to be sponsored by criminals.

Wicknell, we know those bootlicking you for the dirty money, including those in Zifa, the Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association and some reporters. Just keep away from our soccer, keep your cars and just shut up.

Your involvement in soccer is keeping serious sponsors away.

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  1. Well put and well said.

  2. its called football not soccer nxa.

    1. Its actually SOCCER the writer is referring to not all football games.

      SOCCER – a form of football played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball which may not be handled during play except by the goalkeepers.

      FOOTBALL – any of various forms of team game involving kicking (and in some cases also handling) a ball, in particular (in the UK) soccer or (in the US) American football

    2. Tindo it’s soccer man. Football may also refer to rugby

    3. Unodirirei kuzviita muzivi iwe urimboko.

  3. gugu zvaunopenga newewo kunyora tsvina hauna nyaya wena iwe iwe nyarara. Wicknell did best tokoloshi or no tokoloshi he helped ZIFA……………………………………Not people who just say things vasingaite full fill ……………………kana uneyakomari give to the ZIFA simple.kuiba or not kuiba hazvina basa whats important is he paid the money for Pasuwa today.Ipai ka mota dzenyu basa rifambee tione

  4. tell this man to mary first and heavy children.. then support soccar team thanks. he is stipudy ,money is nothing without wife and children. how can feel that you are a man . among man

  5. newe moises pensil kwana zvinei newe kuti haana mwana or mukadzi are you God??? you want him to tell you that he can’t have children nxaaaa,guys what he did is gud hapana hapana nxaaaa


    1. What he did could have been good had he not turned around to tell us of lunches of $3000 yet he had gone for 2 months without paying the coach. We have no problems with his money but trying to hold us a ransom because he is sponsoring soccer is rubbish. It is almost like war veterans telling us we owe them for liberating the country…no we do not owe Winkel/Wicknel or whatever anything, he came on his own and if he feels he has been wronged why not ship out quietly without making people search where his money comes from….Nxaaaaaaaaa mheni. Soccer will always be there with or without him, he can ask ana Cashbert Dube. We need patriots that do not come to show off but to help nationally with all their hearts not to satisfy zvikwambo zvavo.

  6. his wealth is definitely dirty … and he is a front for the other fat pigs up top. He will be held accountable ONE SWEET DAY.

  7. You people gat problems heeeey it doesn’t matte weather his wealth is definitely dirty or not, a front for the other fat pigs up top or not so what ………iwe Amon waitei nxaaaa……….accountable yake one sweet day inei newe the fact remains that he gave mota two, most failed to do such a think saka kana uriwe waita such a thing how would you feeeeeel ndosaka usina hauna hauna nxaaaa

    Itai Imimi tioneee nxaaaa. the best is done lets just thank the man for the best he did period nxaaa

  8. A mouthful from the Wickednail Chiv..o.Kikkkkk

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  10. iwe benzi re zanu shatap u are not a soccer fan chivayo zidumbu rako taka bvira ku supoter bhora ichiri dream team waivepi?nxaaaa shatap

  11. l think Sir wicknel and the writer are of the same level in terms of reasoning and maybe sir wicknell is better coz he is pushed by his money kkkkkkkk, my friend hw many pip ga big good monies but have not even managed to pay for their maintanance or rather to take care or their extented families not mentioning the general pips
    money toks good or dirty boss

  12. we all enjoyed the 4-0 victory and to be honest the guys were motivated coz they knew wat was coming.

  13. He is too fat to be proud, must lose weight

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