Zimbabwe rejects WhatsApp ban

Zimbabwe’s government has rejected a proposal by mobile phone firms to ban Over The Top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp and Skype, a minister is quoted in the Herald Newspaper as saying.



The firms requested that OTT services be regulated, arguing they were knocking their profits.

“We did mention that as a progressive government, which promotes access to technology, we were averse to the idea of stifling these technologies or banning them,” Information Communication Technology Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said, the Herald reports.

South Africa’s lawmakers have also been considering a request from mobile phone companies to regulate OTT services, which are cheaper to use.

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    These mobile operators are out of touch with reality. They should know that information is a right not a privilege. We have a right to be informed at no cost. Banning whatspp means banning free flow of information.

  2. Well done Supa. Dont be used by these modern day capitalists. Vakasara

  3. Kubhana up. IIIIIIII, panoita hondo

  4. ngavambozviedze vaone

  5. I bet econet ndoiripamberi nenyaya yacho.. Strive, strive pane zvimwe kwete apa!

  6. I am shocked that the mobile phone firms would even dare request this.

  7. Don’t forget this same Econet, with the blessings of the RBZ used to charge us $100 for a mobile line. guys $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My first mobile phone costs £1,500 and calls were 50 pence per minute. late 80s!! So I guess not that different relatively.

  8. The blood suckers want to make astronomical profits.Well done Supa!

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