Zaoga must distance itself from Mugabe

Thank you for your excellent editorial comment, “Mugabe’s obnoxious Zaoga offer fetid.” You have hit the proverbial nail on the head many times in your writing.



I remember after the disastrous 2008 elections reading an article that stated that the South African government had suggested to President Robert Mugabe and his cohorts that violence was not really acceptable and that it would be better to campaign in the churches knowing fully well that millions of Southern Africans follow the Christian faith.

I find this utterly unacceptable and tantamount to blasphemy, but what has become clear since then is that Zanu PF and their head honcho have faithfully followed that piece of dirty advice.

As a Christian, I am rather rattled that Ezekiel Guti would even entertain such a criminal idea. Rather than the rule of law applying, where is the rule of the God we are supposed to serve and follow in the Christian Church? Guti should have immediately stood up and turned down that ludicrous offer. Clearly, we have a head of government who thinks it is right and good to take things without paying and property that does not belong to him. The past 16 years have proved that. As a nation, we have been taught to covet, steal, lie and to take that which we have not worked for!

There is no rule of law in Zimbabwe! Mugabe and his colleagues do not respect even that which is called the rule of law. Zimbabwe’s President is a law unto himself and he knows nothing of knowing better than to break the law. Let us just get down to the basic truth about our nation here.

Guti and his church should rather follow the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ before they follow the tainted due process of the courts of law. I know what the Bible says on uneven scales and an unjust system. If I were a member of Zaoga, I would simply have walked out. As the Church, we are called to be an expression of Christ Himself and not that of an autocratic, dictatorial, lawbreaking, oppressive, covetous and arrogant system and its architects. To him who has ears let him hear!

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  1. Please spare me this clap trap nonsense of noble christians!
    Stealing in the name of the lord -that’s what they all do lol!

  2. DO not be miopic. This is about a University that all Zimbabweans are free to go to. It has nothing to do with politics. Who would you call to do an official opening in ZImbabwe, Tsvangirai or Mai Mujuru? I doubt very much. Mugabe may be bad and all of us agree, but oppenning of a Christian University is something that must be celebrated by everyone. Stop politicizing everything

  3. Kudzwai Makatendeka

    Ndisiireiwo Baba vangu vaGuti. He is above politics and your accusations are full of hate and everything to do with Christ. Nyika nekuzara kwayo ndezva Baba vedu varikudenga. So why buy what rightfully belongs to us? President Mugabe simply gave what belongs to God to heirs(isu vana va Jehovah ).

  4. saka iwe unoda kt zegu iparadzwe here? Bindura twn council allocated that land to zaoga. The businesman was quiet fo 5yrs when zaoga was building. Tel us y. Mugabe is head of Zimbabwe and according to the scriptures which u also believ,we should respect those in government. Rom 13 v1-7. Mugabe was invited as head of state not as Zanu pf member. Al land belongs to the state and twn councils are members or dptments of government hence the name Local Governments. U encourage zaoga members to leav the church ko iwe zvaunenge usingadi president wadii kubuda muzimbabwe yavari kutonga?

  5. I think if the matter is still before the courts then Mugabe and Guti should have given the courts a chance to make a verdict.Other wise Prophet Guti is parteking in an unfair practice, which is unchristian anywhere.

  6. It was never a political event neither was it a church gathering. If you didn’t know, the president has prerogative powers enshrined inthe Lancaster constitution. Dig further before feelings and emotions take over you. Do you know why there’s a new constitution? Zvakadaro, if Professor Guti wishes to support Mr Mugabe hazvina kana kuipa. Jesus came for sinners futi

  7. iwo mazaoga akambonamata kupikoo, mukuru wacho anonamatira zvirema,mapofu pamwechetewo nema down sydrom achipora but iye mumba make vanhu vakadaro varimo asi hapana patakavaona vacxhiporeswa naye


    2. You are sick. U need deliverance.

  8. Without fear of contradiction, the original gospel of Jesus Christ remains in writing but not in practice. What we receive now is a mere derivative of the original gospel diluted and distorted to suit our greed. The emergence of many preachers and churches has compromised the gospel. Many have turned it as a source of livelihood and can entertain anything as long it makes ends meet. Why couldn’t Guti tell Mugabe the truth that will set him free when he talked about the land dispute and the unsettled debt? Mugabe cannot interfere with court affairs to settle personal scores. There should be an independent land commission where not even the president can intervene. I hope Zagoa will revisit the matter and allow justice to take it’s due course. It doesn’t matter what is built where. The prime issue is whether due process was followed. Lets not preach water and take wine.

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  10. ndati unoda zegu idhirizwe here? Zaoga ws not given land by council fo free. It started building and no one complained . Was the complainant not in zim.president ddnt stop the courts dd he? Debt cancellation was announced last friday when the university ws officially opened. And t was a welcome move. Dd Zaoga campaign fo debt cancellation? Bt kana yauya unoiramba here?

    1. Dingani uri dinga

  11. The writer is sick and needs immediate help. U are so limited and lack vision . Your hate for the president is so serious that u can not even even separate good from bad. Zaoga is an indeginous Church which has done so well for the country. What or who has achieved things Zaoga has achieved to date. You need to be prayed for. A lot of people were given farms they are not even utilising bigger than what Zaoga was given.

  12. mwari wenyasha pindirai vanhu vaye vatanga

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