Zanu PF youths gear up for 1 million men march

The Zanu PF youth league has begun mobilisation for a one million men march in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe, who is under pressure from war veterans to act on a faction in the ruling party, which appears to be calling the shots.

BY Jairos Saunyama

Addressing thousands of Zanu PF youth drawn from Mashonaland East province’s 23 constituencies at a rally held at Mbuya Nehanda Hall in Marondera yesterday, youth league deputy secretary, Kudzai Chipanga said one million youths will storm Harare in the first week of May for the march.

“We have individuals in Zanu PF from some affiliated associations, who are saying rubbish things, anticipating President Mugabe’s death to die for them to take power. He (Mugabe) was elected by the people and, therefore, no one will ever dare to remove him,” he said.

“As the youths, we are not going to stand akimbo watching. No, no! We are not going to relax. My father told me that selling out has no age limit and this is why we have people like Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and many others who left. We will stand by our leaders in such situations.”
Chipanga said each of the 10 provinces would mobilise 100 000 youths for the march.

Zanu PF is currently divided along factional lines with one dubbed Team Lacoste and reportedly linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, while the G40 group reportedly has the backing of First Lady Grace Mugabe. Chipanga reportedly belongs to G40.

He also urged ousted War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa to “shut up” as he was not the only person who voted for Mugabe.

“Some of these people have benefited and now have companies, farms and other businesses among other things through President Mugabe. Now they want him to go,” he said.

“What about us, the youth? He is not going anywhere. We all want to benefit as the youths of Zimbabwe. Mutsvangwa should shut up. He is not the only person who voted for Mugabe as we the youths voted as well.

“We have Vice-Presidents Joseph Msika and Simon Muzenda, who died while in power. What is wrong with Mugabe doing that? How can someone say he loves the President, while hating his wife or Chatunga (Mugabe’s son)?”

Manicaland youth chairperson, Mubuso Chinguno accused Team Lacoste of being hungry for power and plotting unconstitutional means to remove Mugabe from power.

“Team Lacoste is hungry for power, they won’t succeed in removing President Mugabe unconstitutionally because he was elected by the people,” he said.

“We, as youths, we are the vanguard of the party and we will mobilise ourselves for the march in solidarity with our President, who is also our 2018 candidate.”

Chipanga introduced a new slogan NavaMugabe, Handei Tione (Let’s rally behind Mugabe). The phrase handei tione (let’s go) was popularised by Moyo as a signature for many of his posts on Twitter. The Marondera rally was attended by national youth political commissar, Innocent Hamandishe, Youth minister Patrick Zhuwao, Minister of State for Mashonaland East province Ambrose Mutinhiri, interim Zanu PF provincial chairperson, Bernard Makokove and a number of the party’s legislators.


  1. Wawata zvako zimuzhangandira mviromviro unodziziva mavambo takaona kare. You are not lost but very lost


      1. WHY NOT GO FOR 2.2. MILLION! !!

  2. on the streets a villain

    didnt they fail to get a million people last time in ’07?


  3. These fools never learn they don’t know what ZANU can do imagine the likes of Jim kunaka Godfrey Gomwe and a bunch of some useless fools who were used and dumped siyanai nazvo vafana nhasi makutaura kuti team lacoste wat not handei tione kuti 1 million movawanepi

  4. Kkkkkkk. In other countries youth stimulate economic development yet in my country youth are deeply entrenched in factional politics. Mr Chipanga, out of all that you said and are doing, does your child’s future benefit?

  5. Concerned Parent

    This is the end result of high unemployment in the country. Our youngsters out of boredom end up hallucinating & daydreaming useless activities. If Chipanga was my son I would lift him by the ears & beat him back to sanity

  6. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    A million man match which exclude females,Jabu organised the same number.A repetition of history.Sad it’s not long before you are in the cold Chipanga, after you have hurled tones of insults to both young and old.It is evident that the clock is ticking towards that fate, to take place when you have created fewer friends if any, than enemies.You have eyes you can’t see,you have ears you can’t hear.

  7. nhai Chipanga iZimbabwe ipi yaunogara,tanga tigere sei mugore 1980,ko ranhasi urikuona zvakafanana?Unofanira kuve uri dofo ramandiriri chairo.

  8. These stupid idiot do not know what they want , they brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and all their relatives are starving, and out of employment because of Mugabe , yet they are still organizing the so called stupid million march, who in his right senses will waste time joining such a nonsensical march. I think the organizer is just cursed if not lunatic .

  9. “kkk Chipangayou should be examine by a psychatrist…hanz wats wrong w the president dying in office……wc means u cmftbl w ths agony w are in hanty…….met you 2018 mukoma

  10. I dont think this so called chipanga guy akaenda kuchikoro, according to our national constitution teteguru venyu varobati havachakodzeri kuramba varipo and your reference shows me kuti your brains is totally row tern as youth leader ndimi maifanirwa kuona kuti zvirikuiitwa nemadara edu hazvichaiita lets mobilize our youth kubvisa harahwa iyi, but unotonzwika uchishamatata kuti mutsvangwa akadyawo so lets support harahwa iyi kuti tibewo no no no mayouth changamukai mhen


    dai matoita a million march yekuti mugabe tipe mabasa ndaiti yes! zvamava kuita zimuzhararira dzungu raambuya mhashu kubereka murume mwana achitsva nezuva izvi ka! shame on you stupid youth. foolish in deed

  12. I think this so called chipanga i dofo chaiiro, how do you comment about mutsvangwa uchiti akaba through mugabe and now as youth u also need to support mugabe kuti mube how how how and how nhai chipanga muzenda akafa ari vice saka robati ngaaite the same what our new constitution says about presidential terms, my wish is dei mugabe ambomira kufa ambooona kumwe kutungamirirwa kunoitwa nevana vevamwe, heye mumwe muyouth zhuwau arikurotomokawo nepaside achiti macompany avharwe shame u guys u need God…….

  13. chipanga fokof mune vanhu vapi vamuno mobilaiza,iti tichatora mboma ne matemo kutinha vanhu ndiyo tsika yenyu eliot manyika akazviita nhasi aripi dzungu sandi kungwara

  14. Takagara tazviona kuti hamudi mugabe munomudira kuba bedzi the its about time guys, days are numbered mukangopinda muroad toda kukumamisai isu mapurisa

  15. 1 million is huge huge huge number.

    1 million people will produce 800 000litres per day (normal)

    1 million people will need 1 million liters of water per day.

    1 million people will produce 128 tonnes of faesces per day.

    More money than was raised for the 21st movement will need to be mobilised.

    One person walking comfortably will occupy 1.5 sq m. If our roads/pavements are say 40m wide. If they use 1 road they will stretch for more than 20km. Normal walking rate is 5km/h so it will take 1 person 4 hrs to walk 20km. Due to the nature of people there will be delays so it will take them 6 hours to march from wherever they want to march to.

    Or maybe they will not march but converge at a place.

    Is there a space anywhere in Harare that can accommodate 1million people?

    Will the police be ble to control this crowds considering their inability to give permission.

    Will the city be able to cope with such numbers.

    Kungotaura wo semunhu asati ambotaura ever since factional fights started. kkkk

  16. if the youth were employed they will not have time for that. they are taking advantage of poor and unemployed people. stupid youths who are used as stepping stones. people in in zim will never learn . with the situation in the country u can keep on supporting zanu.

  17. Chipanga is the president of stupid

  18. Kkkkkkk ndopedzisira zvangu ndichiti Pamberi neZanu Pf, pamberi navaMugabe, pamberi nekutonga!!!. Kkkkk zvinonakidza sei kutonga vanhu vasingade kutongwa. Icho!!!

  19. Indeed if only people would learn that there are powerful people who can easily manipulate weak ones for their own advantage, then and only then can they desist from being used in such a manner. Most youths are not employed and they are easily manipulated by being given money to pursue ventures which further worsen their economic situation. Their hands are “greased” only for a very small period of time but later they find themselves at the same position if not worse. Sibanda did the one million march with war vets and it is alleged he got himself a nice car thereafter for following instructions. But where is he? I am sure he regrets ever partaking in the venture. There are many people, young and old alike, who have been used by political parties and they can see that coming but have no power to stop it. When those powerful figures approach you they make sure you execute their wishes, for a good fee [if you lucky] when you do it and some threats if you don’t. Don’t be too too active if you do not wanna be used. It is alleged you can actually be used to kill some one in the name of a political party. Ngozi yacho inouya kwenyu and not kwavo, vakutuma. Most youths are yet to enjoy living in their beautiful country Zimbabwe. Please engage into politics positively and prudently with peace and avoid being used as tools for destruction or hatred.

  20. All the youth members should come with knives, matchets and all defensive tools to defend our freedom.

  21. Traditionally dagga(manje) smoking was a pre-occupation of our elderly, now under the misguidance of Zanu PF our youths have ceased to aspire as future leaders, but to be rags/ruffians of the society, who can be used and later dumped for rubbish; eg Jim Kunaka, Godfrey Gomwe and many others.

  22. So Mujuru was not elected by the people? All the people who were chucked out were not elected by the people? Handei Tione!!!!

  23. mupfana anonzi chipanga handifungi kuti kana pfungwa dzacho dzinotowanikwa mudehenya rake,anofamba achidzisiya muwaredrobe,anoti kana baba vake vaive cio dg achasvikapo,ngaabvunze Muzenda na Msika kuti vakafa vari mapaupers,zvana zvacho zvinongokwangwaya.let him plan for her children,i can not say he.

  24. Zvakatanga nanaJimmy Kunaka zvokuti vaguta mahlaka voita mutambamhuru asi paakazorohwesa naGomwe kuita seachafa akazoponera kuParerenyatwa vana Gomwe vaitiwo hatibviri . Paakazorohwa nezhanhu pahudhlu akadzikama segovo rahlasegwa nembwa . Gomwe aifunga vazhambe asi pakadzikamiswa akaziva ZANU PF haiite inokushumisa sechipfekeso chepabonde chokurasha . Dzikamai vapfana bvunzai Jimmy naGomwe vanokuvudzai kushandiswa kwakaipa

  25. The sell out is Mugabe not Mujuru. These thugs must be stopped.

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  27. who will toi toi in support of this old goon Mugabe. Cann’t you that there is widespread hunger starvation and unempoyment? Chipanga you are a stupid fool.

  28. my Aunty Audrey got Mitsubishi Lancer only from working part time off a pc
    ——————– ◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐ w­w­w.n­e­t­-j­o­b­s­2­5­.­c­o­­m

  29. Chipanga uriduzvi remunhu chairo!

  30. Mugabe is no longer a brand unozvifurina uchanomanya iwe nevana vake vatatu


    This Chipanga boy should be told that politics especially in Zim does not need people ‘vane dzungu’. This man is a bootlicker and he never learn. There is this youth leader who used to bootlick, i mean the one who attempted suicide. Where is he now with his bootlicking?
    Some say, Mnangagwa sympathises with foreign investors. If its true, then povo need a leader like him.
    There are also factions among the youths and that one million men march is just an exageration.

  32. So many times I have had the statement, “Noone is bigger than the party”. Is that true or may be someone somewhere is the party? Kkkkkkk Zimbabwe Zpf never ceases to amaze me. All this 1 million match all done in the name of another mortal. Yaa poverty yakashata this is worse than street begging.

  33. kkkkk, munenge musingazivio zvamunitaura shefu.u r one stupid hu thing being involved in politics means u hv to enjoy d national resources dat are meant to benefit d mases yet dey, r struggling.muri kutotaura zvenyu zvekt mudyeo, ah ah ah, haunyare sure chipanga sure regained timboti handei tione

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